How $10 MBomb Works…

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So What Is the $10 Money Bomb About?

Basically, it’s a better way to get in front of your audience without using Facebook  or Google Ads, because they are expensive.  I partner with people who have the attention of your ideal buyer but don’t have a digital product. With a digital product such as an e-book,  geography is no longer a  factor.

You make $money over a long period of time.  I  give you the ability to make $money without setting it up yourself.  I Ghost write your report. Your name is in LARGE font,  On the Top of the Cover. The co-author (me) in small text at the bottom.

I collect the $10 payments and then write you a check at the end of each month. The only thing I would require from you would be a virtual meeting on Skype to tell me what you would like in the e-book. Simple.

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A Number of Money Bombs are Available

Any profession that wants to help clients basically with more info about them.

Charities are only one idea…

In this case the Human Society

Using the program that the Kimberly Cizek Allen from Kitsap Humane Society USA.

Caitlin Jill Anders wrote this dodo article
Shelter Takes Dogs Out For ‘Puppuccinos’ To Help Them Get Adopted

The shelter’s dogs to the local Starbucks for a delicious Puppuccino. (It’s on the chain’s “secret menu” and is just a small cup filled with whipped cream.)

The dogs LOVE the shelter breaks, and they adore the Puppuccinos,” Kimberly Cizek Allen, events and outreach assistant coordinator at the Kitsap Humane Society, told The Dodo. “You can see it in their little eyes as they lick the whipped cream out of the cup.”  The ‘puppuccino’ is simply a small cup filled with whipped cream.

Even if a dog might not be a good fit for a Puppuccino outing, the shelter makes sure that they still get their treat — and the exposure.

“That way the Puppuccino Pals dog can enjoy play yard time, or quiet room time, or whatever is most appropriate and still be featured in our program.”

The shelter also features each Puppuccino Pal dog on its Instagram account, to give them a little extra attention. This can be done easily on my own Instagram account  or yours.

The Puppuccino Pals program is a great way to get shelter dogs out in the community and to remind people as they grab their daily coffee that hundreds of amazing dogs are still waiting, every day, for the right home.

I create a digital ebook or  pdf  for each Puppuccino Pal with a picture of the dog and a link on that particular dog for more information.  The  $10 would go to the Human Society, and Starbucks would benefit from the free publicity!!!.Not the mention help the shelter dogs get forever homes!!!

In connection with Starbucks in Ottawa  We are currently checking to see if one of these Starbucks would like to particpate.

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