5 Reasons for Taking Action with your Business




If you take action…

You will be in the category of the 5% of the world who take action towards their visions and their dreams.

The other 95% of the population do not realize their dreams. Only that 5% have the ability to set goals and opportunities, to move forward with their lives. If you find yourself floating between the 0% – 95% of the population you need tools  that you can use to help yourself to be in  that positive thinking 5%.

Taking Action

1. So what does taking action really mean? It means taking one constructive step towards your envisioned picture of what the future looks like, and then another and another. Taking these action steps doesn’t have to be bold, if your not completely ready yet. If you are just starting out as we all did, at one time take it slow but be persistent.

Learn from someone who has already succeeded

2. Someone who has been successful at what you wish to accomplish.  Make sure that they have  real documentation to prove that they are indeed successful in their field. I feel that I need to take a very large action step.

I am feeling stuck. I have done a good job in the past 10 years or so learning all I can about marketing on my own. I started out learning the basics and ended up taking so many courses online. I am in the 95% I I feel like I need to take the next big self-improvement step if I want to become one of the successful 5% who are making their lives count and being successful online with their businesses.

Learn with GROUPS

3. I have joined many different groups online. When I started online I needed a lot of help because I didn’t know anything about marketing or what went with it. I was lucky to find great people who taught me a little here and little there. One guru marketer told me I should have a website. Not being familiar with hardly any websites other than the free ones I had tried, he created and  sold me a website with a price tag that was quite a lot and pointed me to hosting for the site. My first WordPress site. I vowed to myself that I would learn how to create websites and spent a long time learning how to create WordPress sites. Now it’s part of my business. I love creating and maintaining blogs.

From that beginner’s group, in particular, I learned quite a lot. Then I became friends with someone who was in a different type of  group. This was a teaching company on marketing.  I stayed with these people for many years. I bought almost everything they put out. I also took a 4-month intensive course on Social Media. Excellent training with videos and group coaching, also one on one business planning. They also set up a membership site of the successful Social Media Specialists, with a page about each graduate. I  received a certificate icon and a signed and framed certificate of completion. I am a certified Social Media Campaign Specialist. This was several years ago, I keep up with new platforms for social media.

The Power Affiliate Club

4. Another group I am affiliated with is the Power Affiliate Club PAC for short. I knew the Director from a previous  group, I was involved with. I became friends with Lesly Federici the head of PAC and I started sending her items I came across that I thought she would like to read concerning PAC. After some time  she asked me to join PAC as an admin member. I am now the happy “Welcome Lady” for new people starting a membership with PAC. I enjoy the admin hangouts we have and do as much as I can to help this blogging community  in my spare time.


5. I have learned from all my time online, over 10 years, what I love to do, and just what I don’t like to do. What my strengths  and weakness are. I am moving towards my big vision of being successful with my own business online. I own a business of 10 years offline as well. I have come a long way on my own but feel that I am at a crossroads now. I have been presented with many different choices of direction and for the first time in a long time, I feel stuck.

So how do I get back into the 5% again?
How do I get my wheels turning and get back on track?

I feel that getting together with a coach is the right thing to start moving forward again. The right coach that understands what I want  for my business and can show me how to get it. What will happen if I stay where I am? If I am still on this path 2 years from now? What would that mean for my self-confidence? My bank account? My happiness?

What will happen if nothing changes?

I still haven’t achieved what I want – that indicates I am doing something wrong. No one has ever succeeded on their own. I want to find a solution and be among that 5%. I am doing the scary thing, I am going for my dreams and will start gaining momentum by hiring a coach.

I hope this article is a wake-up call and reminds you to start changing things today, to stat taking action and becoming someone who is going forward toward your own vision in life.

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