7 Ways to add Social Media with Pinterest and Instagram


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas.Find and save recipes, parenting hacks, style inspiration and other ideas to try.

People come to Pinterest looking for ideas for everyday life.Someone might go to Pinterest looking for recipes, then they come upon kitchen ideas and then they’ve found a new backsplash or a wall colour appeals to them. That’s the magic of Pinterest.So visual, it’s easy for people to spot ideas they love.

1Join as a Business
Set up Your Business Account
Confirm your Website and add the Save button

2. Pinterest PDF Guides
. Make your website Pinterest-friendly
. How to make great Pins
. Pinterest Ads Manager
. Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas. Works like a search engine.
Find and save recipes, parenting hacks, style inspiration and other ideas to try.

3. Pinterest is not magical. Just like anything worth doing in the business world, you just can’t throw
together a Pinterest account and hope it will drive traffic to you. You do need an intentional strategy
with some advanced planning to make Pinterest work for you.

Pinterest Instagram

4. I have found a very good 5 day Pinterest power E-course that is strategic in getting traffic, paying clients and leads from Pinterest.  Ready to ROCK your Pinterest strategy?  by Summer Tannhauser

“I’m super excited to announce my FREE 5-Day Pinterest E-Course: PINTEREST POWER. I teach you my exact blueprint for turning Pinterest into a powerful marketing machine for your creative online business”  (did I mention it’s FREE!?)
https://freepincourse.com/register   Also has a very good Canva 101 Course, Also FREE.

5. Pinterest is full of quotes. Create your own. I use Photos of mine or a solid background for Pinterest and Instagram images that are done on Canva. KMacleanRacicot on Pinterest

6. Most popular posts on Pinterest?  Today

7.My boards  Visit my Pinterest boards here 




Instagram focuses on more Engagement on this platform, even more than Facebook and Twitter. I have a personal account on Instagram and a NEW Business Account for Insta as well.

Businesses should really consider a strategy to get on Instagram and engage with millennials.

Like to be a better marketer?

Tools for small business owners can save you time and money.

To see a  number of tools for small business owners on my page about INSTAGRAM here. <Click

Are you using social media to reach new customers?
Have you tried using Instagram? Instagram boasts 15 times more engagement than Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Is there a place for Instagram in your marketing plan?
Instagram is more than a fun, photo-based social network.

Do you know how to connect with others on Instagram?
Instagram can reinforce your relationship with current followers while giving you opportunities to meet new fans and influencers. Discover four ways you can create deeper connections with followers and industry influencers, generate leads and get customer feedback using Instagram Direct.

Instagram Tips…

If you don’t measure your results, how will you what’s working? And how will you know what to post on Instagram in the future?

7 easy ways to monitor the most important metrics – Instagram
1. Likes – easy to count Likes
2. Comments – pics that get the most – post more like it
3. Followers – take note of how many followers you have today
4. Engagement – What % of followers engage with your posts. Divide the number of Likes and Comments by the follower count.
5. Clicks – are people clicking thru your IG link on the page? Use a URL shortner to track this metric or Google Analytics. Create a landing page -track conversions there.
6. Mentions – Are people talking about your business on IG?
Search for different Instagram hashtags to find out  Hashtags  Another tool on the above page  Websta Shows the most popular hastags
7. Hash tags that are the Most Popular-

1. #Love More than 696 million Instagram posts have the #love hashtag
2. #instagood Has appeared on 314 million posts.
3. #me More than 297 million posts have this
4. #tbt For those how to market on Instagram

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