Are Blogs in Your Future?

Blogs are seen everywhere online now, for a very good reason.

They can be very profitable! Though it has only been the last 5 to 10 yrs that they have been in existence as we know them now. I have an example of a very successful blogger below.

If you are new to blogging I know a step by step program to grow your blog, how to get traffic and how to add email subscribers and make an income. In some cases, blogging can be used for advertising. If you own a business, you can make use of blogs to promote your products or services. The usage of blogging in businesses is gaining popularity because it can establish a business’es credibility and name recognition fairly quickly.

Just imagine how far you will be in a years time if you start your blog today!

Are Blogs in your future



The first thing a blogger usually thinks of is who will be reading the blog, or in other words, your target audience or niche category. Mine is women like me, with a business to run who may need help with marketing. My business is attraction marketing, social media campaign strategies and website creation for the women in the business blog niche. All I might add, I learned online.

What Sets Blogs Apart?
Blog posts are not the same as say a newspaper article. A blog is written in the individual’s voice of the author, the personality of the author is what keeps you reading, letting the reader get to know you.

Generally, the personality shines forth from the style of the site, the images used, even the layout, font and colors used makes it personalized for the target audience.

What are the reasons for starting a blog?

  • a creative outlet, use your passion in a new way
  • pay off debt is a big reason
  • adding to your families finances

Some even make it a goal to bring that hard working hubby home to work with them.

This is Suzi who has an excellent video on her last years and her first year’s business blogging.


Many people are now into home-based businesses

There are certain advantages in putting up a home-based business online, such as lower capital requirement, freedom to work anytime and anywhere. You can spend a lot of your time with your family and work your business around them. If you want to establish a successful online business, make sure that you use blogging as your main anchor with connections to social media like Facebook or Pinterest.

You don’t have to be an expert blogger. You simply have to know the basics of blogging and you’re on your way to success. Through blogging, you can create a priceless platform where you can demonstrate your expertise, your experience, talents, and your business to the whole world. Now, you have a more effective way of presenting your business to the world and most especially, to your customers or clients.

If you can post blogs regularly, prospective clients and customers can be kept informed. You can create a buzz so that your business will become more popular. Often, readers who are interested in your blogs will also pass the links to their friends, colleagues, and family members. This way, you will have a wider audience.

If you can blog appropriately, your business can be among the top ranked in search engine results. If you can achieve a top rank in any search engine, your business will become more popular and much more profitable. With more readers and subscribers for your blogs, you can increase the traffic to your business’ site. You will then be able to reach more customers so that your business will earn more profits.

What type of blogs?
There are many free blogs online, but you do not own them. They are like renting. Because you do not own them you can not monetize them. Using blogging platforms such as Blogger and and Squarespace, are good for personal type blogs. If you are serious about turning your blog into an online business, you need a self-hosted site with your own unique domain name. You have full control of your content and you can install plugins to optimize your site and customize your blog any way you like. Your site will be unlike any other site because you show your own personality. If people know like and trust you it is the basis for your blog business.

How to go about setting up your first website.

  • Go to SiteGround and click on start up
  • Choose your plan – start with the simplest
  • Site Ground staff help you set up your site

Site Ground

Site Ground levels


Site Ground customer service

Site Ground set up

Click on the image below to visit Site Ground  and set up your blog

Web Hosting

Great Blogger

I have found a very good blogger online and I am an affiliate for her programs. Suzi Whitfield. She was an engineer ( like my step-daughter is now, and has little kids but works ) but Suzi decided to stay at home with her two little girls.  (Now expecting a third baby) The growth of her business has just been fa nominal. From her email to me Mar 27th, 2017.

“I will be publishing a 4K wordpost and a 20K ebook on her journey from $0 to $17,000/month in my first year.”  Right now you can get her   Blog By Number E-Book – Step by step Guide to How to Start A Blog for Moms. You will be impressed with this Mom Blogger, I know I am. Wonderful blogger! Click pic.

Blog By Number e-book

Suzi will also co-host a webinar April 5th on how to grow your email list to 1,000+ She says her email list was one of the big reasons her income grew so quickly. If you would like to register for this webinar you can message me at kathrynmaclean476 on Facebook and I can give you the link when I get it, no problem.






I have been blogging for many years. I have not done it all on my own. I was very lucky to find a large group of like-minded  bloggers online named  The Power Affiliate Club or PAC 

From my experience with PAC, and for any blogger starting out, it’s a great platform to learn more about blogging, enhance your writing skills, and participate in a community that promotes what you do and you’re marketing and blogging skills  Here is what I have experienced with PAC.

What Is PAC?
The Power Affiliate Club know as PAC is a group that has taken shape as a powerful entity online, in a very short period of time. In less than a year, the launch was in April of 2014.

What makes this a community of pride and accomplishment is due to  Lesly Federici the owner.

It started out as an idea of a friend and as good ideas do, it blossomed with Lesly implementing it. The idea came from a discussion and the question arose about Affiliates coming together to buy from each other.

The first PAC website started in mid-April was to test this idea and see if there was interest from others. After a couple of months, it became very clear that yes, this really could work, and they created the new website now the official Power Affiliate Club as the domain with a secure IP address.

With the membership software program in place. Adding a wishlist and adding a calendar of events for members and visitors to view. They added more social media and share plugins to promote what PAC does and they were ready.

A new feature is an Author’s “Spotlight” to increase visibility as they grow so authors a can reap the benefits of all this great growth. An e-book is to be released around May or June of this year.

Now is the time to share PAC’s mission, which they have done, creating a community of the woman blogger (also some great men) who may also be Affiliate Marketers, promoting and supporting and shopping from each other.

I have been a member for several years, and have been elevated to Expert Writer, something I am very proud of.  I have enjoyed participating in the groups  We represent a professional, unique and informative & fun blogging community that attracts readers on the net and potential new members.

I can recommend the various groups very highly if you need accountability in moving forward with your business.  Our purpose is to elevate YOU and contribute to building your own unique presence online. Great things will come from this… PAC is accepting new members at this time, FREE and Upgrades. Contact me on Facebook messenger if you would like to join us.

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