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How can you  have the best posts on Facebook?

If you market on Facebook, you are probably interested in having better reach for your posts…RIGHT?

Many businesses start posting on Facebook without a  plan. As a result, their posts don’t often address the needs of their audience. You have seen Facebook pages that have been abandoned with nothing on them for months well here are some tips that will help you with what to post, how often to post, and the big one, get engagement!


1. Create your road map for posts -covering various subjects.
As an example,  for a health type of page -fitness tips, if you are in the fitness field. Blog marketing, healthy recipes,  anything you can think of along those lines.

Write out the content you could use in a list:
Fitness tips
Blog marketing
Healthy recipes
Nutritional value of foods
Healthy living tips
Correct postures, exercises
Different exercises for different people according to the need

2. Content Calendar
After choosing the topics, create a calendar. A content calendar maps out what to post each day. When you have a schedule, it also helps you build in enough time to create your social media images to go along with your posts. Pinterest images are different sizes to Facebook ones etc. These take time to do.

Start to schedule your content a week at a time in advance. This gives you the flexibility to keep up with timely topics. Using Google Adwords  <Click ( You pick what you want delivered to your email inbox)

Your Written and Visual Content On Facebook there are 4 types of content.

  1. Links
  2. Images
  3. Videos
  4. Text updates.

Analyze your business and audience before choosing content types for your posts. If Engagement to your blog is your objective, the link format likely would work well for you. See link for my article on this.

If brand awareness is your main goal, images and videos are a better bet. If you want to drive attention to a link in the description in the post you should include an image along with the link. A video keeps people on your site longer than any other media. See a previous article with the link brand awareness.

So the takeaway is that the content type you choose effectively helps to drive attention to the link. Do be sure to check your analytics to see if you are choosing the right content types. Track your links as well.

4. Hashtags
A recent Scientific Study on Hashtags : How many, which ones, and where to use them. Visit  Hashtag.

The value of hashtags  and a few neat ideas on how to find some to use in your social sharing. If you’re looking for a simple rule of thumb for hashtagging posts, I think there’s a lot of truth here in this advice from The Next Web:

Rule of thumb: 1 – 3 tags is best over all platforms.

Twitter: to categorize
Pinterest: to brand, and be specific (tags are only clickable in pin descriptions)
Instagram: to build community, and be unique/detailed
Google+: to categorize; autogenerates tags based on what it thinks your post is most relevant to
Tumblr: to categorize interests, can be specific and general (has a “track your tags” feature)
Facebook: sort of a hashtag fail – if your audience is very business-minded, follow Twitter rules; if it is community-oriented, follow Pinterest/Instagram rules

5. Facebook Post Descriptions
When you post a link say on your fan page, it fetches the metadata automatically. You can then edit it, removing the url all together and the pic below stays there. You then have a larger area to post your message. Remember that Facebook posts are now searchable, so this is an excellent opportunity to add your keywords, too.

6. Best Time to Publish
If you dig into your analytics you will discover the ideal days or times to post. Not a good idea to simply post when your content is ready. Remember you are working with world time zones  here.
According to HubSpot article, the best days to post on Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays. But do check your analytics. I have checked mine and I would say they are right. Best time to post.

Think about it: Is your audience spreading their time spent on social media equally throughout the day? Of course not. Every social network has higher and lower traffic times through out an average day and an average week.  They don’t have schedules as to when they visit, it can be rather random. Check your analytics for a while and you will see a pattern.

Posting strategically at higher traffic times will help drive traffic to the content you’re sharing on social. Infographic for all social media best times to post. For me it’s 3:00 pm generally.

It’s Important to check your analytics.
T o maximize your engagement, tools like Facebook Insights and Bitly if you post links. Or other link tracking programs I like ClickMeter . These are helpful if you don’t want to invest in an analytics tool. They are  all free tools.
For more information, there are paid tools available to give you more detailed analytics. Fanpage Karma gives stats on each type of content.  Free 14 day trial For more on Tracking see this previous article.

Today with businesses striving to get more and more attention on Facebook, which has 1.5 Billion monthly active users.  Using the right strategy can get you more success from your Facebook business posts.

Joining a community on Facebook to help you understand this complexity of always changing information is a smart way to go. I belong to two such communities. The Power Affiliate Club and also Life Mechanics University. See more information on my website that link to my facebook pages, (I have six of them).

Please feel free to contact me on any of my sites on the contact pages to arrange a free 15 min chat on what I can help you with using social media for your business.

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