Types of Business Organization

With the start of a  New Year! People are looking for types of business organization.

I hope that this is YOUR year to shine with your business online.

Organizing your business

My husband asked “How was your day?”  I replied  “I don’t know, but it sure was busy though” Ok he said.

Can you relate to that?  Sometimes owning and running a business can feel like you are running a zoo, a  very busy one! That busyness rarely leads to productivity unless it’s grounded in a plan.  It’s very easy to get knocked off that plan with facebook notifications popping up, the cat meowing to go out,  the phone ringing,  kids interrupting, your best customer wanting to chat. All that going on!!

So what types of business organization  can you do?

I have found a great person online that has managed her own particular zoo, a Mom blogger who has set up a great organizational system.  I am trying it out, and so far it’s working well in combination with some other things I have found.

Such as breaking down your goals into action plans. Instead of focusing on accomplishing all of the goals at one time, break them down to what is most important. I have created a step by step action plan for my goals for 2017.

See the recommended resources at the end of this post.

Build The Habit First

“Something happens as you start to build your ridiculously easy habit. You start to feel good about it. When you feel good about it, you start to enjoy it. When you enjoy it, it’s easy to do.”  Like anything else, you learn how, and it becomes a habit.

Notice  These Important Elements of Building the Habit:
“The habit is ridiculously easy.
You’ve only agreed to a week at first (because that’s ridiculously easy), and you’ll do a month if that works out. You have no way of knowing if the habit will serve you beyond that….
You’ve pre-established a time and place to perform your habit. This makes it harder for your habit to slip away.
Whenever possible, make the habit every day. If it’s every day, it’s harder to put it off.”
– Ryan Holiday

Weekly Routines, Not Daily Routines?
“Your energy levels and mind state changes throughout the week. You should work accordingly.

For example, I learned to make Monday and Tuesdays (especially late mornings) my prime creative time on my most important projects. Later on in the week, as my discipline wanes, is for meetings and administrative stuff.”
– David Kadavy


This shows my blog weekly standard  of work. The activities are colour coordinated by roughly how much time it will take me to complete them.

Morning, after I arrive home from my offline business that my husband and I own.

  • Orange Things I can not change appointments- PAC work
  • Turquoise for things that will take about 1 hour  -USING MY TIMER.to focus.
  • Pink for 2-hour sessions -writing a blog post or doing research for one.
  • Lime green 15 mins

This helps in setting realistic expectations and helps to attain my goals for the week and so I don’t get stressed out.

My Work Schedule
I print out a weekly work schedule (2) sheets that I keep for reference.(a paper trail) to what work was done.

Research is done early in the week. Getting items together. Thursday or Friday to post my weekly blog for my site or Research for my monthly more extensive blog post for PAC. ( Power Affiliate Club  See tab on my site for more info on this blogging community) Promoting Frid, Sat.

Create a Blog Vision Board with An Editorial Calendar
I colour coordinate my categories so I can easily see how many of each type of post I have when I move them over to my editorial calendar. For information on that you can read a previous post here.*

Monthly Blog Post Ideas
Going to include them on a spread sheet   One theme for the month on the blog. Open up Google docs and start your spread sheet with …

Day and Date: These are pretty much self-explanatory. I decided to add the day of the week.

Category: Is your post a sponsored post? Personal post? I  will be trying to do one sponsored post a week so this column helps me see that.

Topic: This is just a short description which usually ends up being my SEO title.

Blog Title: Again, self-explanatory. This comes in handy when my Blog Title isn’t the same as my SEO title.

Description: This is what I will put in my SEO description and will come up as my “blurb” on Facebook and other share sites.

Keywords: With some sponsored posts, the sponsor will provide certain keywords they would like you to use in your post. This is one of the first fields I fill in after I confirm the post with the sponsor. I will also consult Google Keyword Tools for some other  SEO keywords for my post.

Published URL: Once my post is complete and scheduled, I grab the URL and put it in the spreadsheet. This acts as a reminder to myself that the post is completed and scheduled for promotion.

Syndication: Type of networks used:

  • Twitter 1 or 2 , Tweets: I’ll plan out some tweets for the week and place them in the column before scheduling.
  • Pintest,
  • Facebook 1 or 2
  • Instagram 1 or 2
  • Facebook Groups

I have been consistently drafting out posts two weeks in advance with the help of the editorial calendar.

organizationpost its
Blog Writing Processes, Publishing, and Promoting
I use a separate board with post -it’s for this exercise    30% writing and 70 % promotion.

Tools I use are:

Buffer, Post Planner, IFTTT, Instagram, (personal and business) Twitter (personal and business)

Google + I have several accounts,  A Youtube account.  LinkedIn (several groups with blog posts posted)

Pinterest Business Account with over 35 boards

Facebook (5 business pages,  1 profile page) (1 Private Group of mine.)  Women in Business

Facebook Groups Promo Schedule
If you are like I am, you’ve joined multiple Facebook Groups. All to help be visible and drive traffic back to your blog right?

You don’t want to miss the promo days that each may have. You need a system./
Use the promo days to promote your own blog posts so you never miss another opportunity to share your hard work.
You want to build a brand so connect with the admins and also check out their blogs. Say thank you for adding you.

In conclusion -So now if my husband asks “how was my day “I can show him in great detail what I was doing, I think he is impressed with my type of business organization.! He says so! lol

Recommended Resources

Suzie’s Book Blog By Number E-Book
Step by step Guide to How to Start A Blog for Moms. Suzi Whitfield  Her book  <click

.A video on the inspiration for this article

About Kathryn Maclean http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club – PAC Welcome Coordinator.


Disclosure: From time to time, we will include links in the emails that would include promotions for our own products
or affiliate products that could generate MarketingOfflineOnline (our company). In the case off affiliate  recommendations, most of the products are  products that we have purchased, used  and recommend honestly. Regardless of  compensation, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the product. These opinions are our own.
Any claims, statistics, and quotes should be  verified with the manufacturer or service  provider.



7 Ways To Further Your Business Brand in 2017


“Your Business  Brand has the exciting potential of being the operating principle for everything your organization every does”  – Ted Matthews

Business Brand

You need to be YOU, creating unique recognition as well as a reputation for yourself. Your brand encompasses everything you do in the business  sphere such as …

  1. Your website is a communication platform where your branding matters. A branded blog means it is distinctive. It stands out in both the look of it, as well as the content and how it affects your reader. If you have a  custom theme for your blog, it gives a unique look or identity to it.

Branding yourself means that the public will recognize you as a Brand. Simply, your Business Brand is your promise to your customer, informing them what they can expect in terms of your services or products. Your brand identity is your message and online presence. Not your company’s logos or the companies perception, because that is subject to change. Your own brand will always be yours alone.

2. Understanding your clients, their needs and wants, their demographics, in their own type of language that they require for their businesses. A brand is reinforced through repetition of consistent messaging, the ongoing value of your offerings and a clear understanding of your audience’s interests and preferences.

3. You must promote your blog. Effective blog promotion can happen in many ways:
. email marketing
. guest posting
. commenting
. eBooks
. social media marketing platforms

Many other ways to promote and track your Brand  in my FREE RESOURCE LIST

– get my free (Click >) Resources List

  • Wishlist  – membership app
  • 135List – This app provides a simple and elegant way to prioritize your daily to do list
  • Airtable –  is a hybrid spreadsheet and database. Editorial Calendar
  • FTTT- IFTTT lets you automate certain processes
  • Marinara Timer– Research shows that taking breaks while working can improve productivity
  • Unroll.me – Use Unroll.me to save time spent in your inbox
  • Rescue Time – If you want to be more productive, you need to know where your time is going.

Two huge Teaching  blogs for Moms  or  Seasoned Marketers  and much more.

4. SEO in regards to keyword research, the writing of your articles with targeted keywords as well as your site’s loading time and it’s implementation of social share buttons to get social signals. It is  very  important to be found in the search engines.

5. Ways of organizing your  Business Brand blog
Brand is derived from who you are, who people perceive you to be, and who you want to be in the future. Your customers or prospects are initially attracted to your business because of the emotional impact of your brand. First impressions do matter on line  every bit as much as they do in offline life. How your brand makes people feel & how they react to it are the key drivers of your  brand’s perception.

So when a design company says they can re-brand your brand….
You need to ask them:
– if they will interview your team?
– they know your companies mission statement?
– do they know what are the benefits and or features of your services or products?

To Read more…  on the PAC site


This is YOUR chance to learn how to use these 7 steps to discuss your Business Brand . 

Contact me, for a discovery call ….  to set up a 15 min chat and we can discuss what you and your business needs and wants. See my ” about me page ” on my site. Find out more about Kathryn on PAC’s  Top Member site 



What do you want in 2017?

 What do you want ?

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs…. The future can be better than the present and I HAVE TO POWER to make it so.

What do you want in the new year?

It  may take many years to figure out  “what do I want?” Is the time wasted while you are searching for that “what I want to do with my life?” No, it brings you closer to finding out -what you don’t want to do!

I spent many years in sales. I  learned to be good at selling. However it just wasn’t something I really wanted to do.   I spent many  years  as a cosmetician, esthetician, doing home parties or  standing in high heels for hours -all day. I even trained and worked as a cook, because I liked cooking.  It ended up to be the worst job experience I ever had.  Very hot kitchens in summer, managing a kitchen staff on 12 hr shifts! Extremely hard work. Also very low pay!

Do you have  goals that you want to achieve?  You  will do  better  if you are happy now, not trapped in  a job that you hate. Life can be short, we are not promised a long life, any of us. If you do not enjoy what you do, you are wasting your time there. If you have to start a business while working outside the home, you should do so. Many people suffer in a job but also start a business on the side and that makes such a difference.

What You Can Do To Start Your Own Business.
All those paths I mentioned led me to what I love to do now. When you love what you do, the future can be amazing. I am now a  successful small  business owner with a 10 year business as a property management company manager – owner. I also have an online  business  for small businesses who want to connect their businesses to the internet.  I named my company  Marketing Offline Online.

“You might be in the right place at the time, but if you don’t grow quickly as a person to that higher level, your income is going to come back down to the to the level of who you really are. In the end you only get to make what you are.”  – Eric Worre  (A top marketer  online.)

After listening to many successful marketers, for several years. I have concluded that the way to be successful in business is to first be successful as a person. Are you a prisoner of your mind? Have you have been there for some time? You need to break free. You need to do it NOW.

Your Vision Of What You Want Your Business To Be.
It begins with what your vision is for the life you want. Goals alone are not enough. They won’t get you past the tough days. Yes there will be tough days!  The same for your “why”. Your vision of who you truly want to be is what makes all the difference in the world to your attitude.  This is what will keep you going when the going gets tough and you feel like giving up.

Start a vision board, this makes it real for you. Either an actual board or something online such as a Pinterest board. Add all the things that you want in your life onto the board. Where you want to go in the future. What you wish to obtain for yourself and your family. When you have fully understood this, and truly believe  it. This  WILL totally change your life.

First Step
 1.You have to believe that your life can be better  -than where you are currently.

Second Step –
2. Is something holding you back?

Third Step –
3. Lack of knowledge?

You can learn whatever you need to learn online today. There are so many training courses, webinars,  helpful groups. Training for whatever you need to know, for personal growth, education, business know how, spiritual enlightenment.

Fourth Step –  
4. You can get there despite any excuses as to why you haven’t have made it – yet.

Excuses like:  why you haven’t have made it – yet.
no money – people in worse situations that you have found the money they needed to buy what was necessary to move forward.
no time – we all have the same 24 hrs. You will make time for something that is vital to your future.

What Kind Of A Person Do You Want To Be?

  • It will never happen if you don’t see it first
  • Tell yourself where you want to be in the future
  • What do you want?


Do you want a new car?


( My new car! A  White Toyota Corolla) I really love this car!!

What color is it?

Where will you go in it?

  • Do you want to loose weight? Put a slimmer YOU pic on the refrigerator. Join a weight loss group.

Do daily exercises at a gym. What will the loss of weight enable you to do? Better health.

  • Do you want to retire? What will this enable you to do?

What would your Mondays look like? Would you travel? Where?

How Do You See Yourself  In your minds eye?
Imagine your dreams first. Know what you want in your life.  When you know what you want,  then work hard, put all your heart into what ever you do.

You will get what you want.  You will be successful.

“You must expect great things of yourself.”
Micheal Jordon

You have greatness within you. Allow yourself to show it.
I AM the type of person that can succeed!
I AM someone of value!
I HAVE a story that needs to be shared.

The 3 most important questions to ask yourself
How do you want to grow?

  • Experience
  • Growth
  • Contribution

Tony Robbins says that without Growth and Contribution Experience doesn’t count for much. He also says…
“If you find yourself saying ‘I can’t do something,’ but you know it in your heart of hearts that if you do it, you’re going to grow, you’re going to be a better person, it’s going to contribute to your family or to your kids or to something that matters, and you keep saying ‘I can’t do it,’ there is no question — you MUST do it! You don’t discuss it anymore. You just take immediate action… You do what’s necessary.”

Sometimes you need to take a drastic leap to do something that you know you have to do. Anything that seems difficult is probably going to be worth it. – Tony Robbins

In conclusion

It’s not about goals, or how you are going to meet them. It’s really about growing to become the person that can accomplish the goals that you see and actually meet them.

If you would like to chat about your goals for 2017. See my contact page for 15 mins chat, free with me  to discuss “what do you want” in 2017 concerning business online. I use Facebook to contact you. All the best in 2017!


About Kathryn R. Maclean http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
Long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources such as:  The Power Affiliate Club – Expert Author & welcome coordinator for PAC.


Goal Setting Strategy

 Goal Setting is a  process or strategy of setting goals to help you choose where you want to be in life, who you want to be and precisely what you want to achieve in the certain amount of time with a solid direction and your desired outcome in mind.

setting goals

The biggest challenge most people face when setting goals is simply setting too many goals.
This leads to feelings of  overwhelm from the start and usually leads to giving up on them relatively quickly.

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future. Motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into a reality. I searched for tips from some of the well known people in marketing online to help with this strategy.

Dr. Ivan Misner
Chairman of BNI the world’s largest networking organization

Dr.Misner has written 16 books including the New York Times bestseller Truth or Delusion?

Misner is a columnist for Entrepreneur.com and Business Insider and has featured in the L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and other publications.

“I always set goals and objectives before the end of the year.” – Dr. Misner.

 I set three levels of goals.
#1. A high goal that I can shoot for – if everything goes perfectly, and the low goal if everything went terribly wrong. Then the target goal, a number goal.

#2. Reverse engineer your goals – in 3 mths where will you be? 6mth to 9 and 12 mths.

#3. Monthly work out what you need to hit your target.
Action is part of attraction, use bullet point action steps to specifically hit your target.

Have it all planned out before the year starts. Set yourself up for Success in 2017.


Setting Your Business Goals – The Rule of 3  -Marketer Jo Barnes

“We’ve all heard how important goal setting is right?
With 2017 almost upon us , we’re all set to reflect on the past Year, and set our intentions and goals for the year ahead.” – Jo Barnes

What is your Big Picture? Have a very clear picture of what you want your business to look like in a year, 5 years even 10 years.

Step 1
List 3 Specific Goals for the next 12 mths
Written in present tense such as:
1. I am earning $5,000 a mth
2. I have 5,000 people on my customer email list
3. I get 5,000 hits a mth on my blog

Step 2
Daily goals
1. I must sell 16 products a day at $99 or 32 products at $49.50 or 8 at $199 etc
2. I must get 137 people a day onto my email list
3. I must get 1650 hits a day on my blog

Step 3
Take the 3 measurable goals and add them to a calendar or spreadsheet to look at every day on your computer or on the wall in front of your desk.

Step 4
Take a day every week to reflect on the actions taken that week and what you need to do next week to get closer to your goal numbers.


So many people live in hope that the new year will be their best yet, but many of them simply fail to plan for it. I stopped making new years resolutions, instead, I start goal setting before the end of the old year.

Business goals are goal setting,  something that you write down and then get very clear about what you need to do to achieve them. All the best to you and your strategy goal setting in the new year.

If I can help you, see my contact page to book a free 15 min chat.


About Kathryn Maclean http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club – PAC Welcome Coordinator.


Social Media Marketing Plan – Use An Editorial Calendar

 Planning for your business in January 2017

Stay organized with a Social Media Marketing Plan using an Editorial Calendar

( Yes it’s a Plugin!)

An editorial calendar lets you plan ahead for the new year!

By planning your posts ahead of time. Most of us are so deep into our daily to-do lists that we forget to share the powerful, big picture  – your vision of how we help our readers and customers. How can you do that? By planning ahead.

social media marketing plan

An editorial calendar encourages blogging as a habit, wards off writer’s block, and ensures that you never miss another deadline.  Organizes your  key-words for  Social media. Share the big dream we have for our customers early and often.

It’s a small, subtle thing, but you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in your mindset, to have everything organized.

The Editorial Calendar

I’ve installed the Editorial Calendar plugin on this site and I encourage you to add it to your site. This article was pre-scheduled. This is a really helpful item.

I write on multiple sites regularly, but this plugin has definitely made my life easier. I have also added a note on my regular calendar to add content going out on other platforms.

Perhaps my favorite feature of the plugin was the cool way you could drag and drop different stories around the calendar, and it would update not only the calendar but the post itself. It was a huge help for keeping all our content organized and our team in sync.

An editorial calendar is just a fancy term for a publishing schedule.
Did you remember to write a post for next Tuesday?

What about the Tuesday after that? WordPress doesn’t make it easy to see when your posts are scheduled. The editorial calendar gives you an overview of your blog articles, and when each post will be published. You can drag and drop to move posts, edit posts right in the calendar, and manage your entire blog!

(There is a video that shows just how this works)< click

The Editorial Calendar WordPress plugin seemed to do the trick  It grabs all of your scheduled posts and drafts, and it placed them on a neatly organized calendar so we could see at-a-glance what content was coming up. This is SO COOL! Add your keywords there or separately in notepad.

See a month’s worth of posts at a glance.
Juggle your calendar by simply dragging and dropping posts from day to day.

  • Quickly edit your posts’ titles, contents, and publishing times
  • Publish posts or manage drafts
  • Instantly see the status of your posts
  • More easily manage posts from multiple authors.
    And you can do all of that right from the calendar interface itself. It’s simple and intuitive.

An Editorial calendar is simply a plan for your blog. It is thinking about ahead of time about what you are going to write. There’s a detailed explanation of editorial calendar at the Easy-to-Use Tool that Helps You Build a Breakthrough Blog from Copyblogger.

See   http://www.copyblogger.com/editorial-calendar/

Keeping track of your articles in a simple way with this plugin.  Get organized for the new year with  your social media marketing plan using an editorial calendar.

About Kathryn R. Maclean http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as  Expert Author & Welcome Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club.


Wonderful Online Affiliate Programs for the Holidays

It is early for online affiliate programs, but your competitors already have snow, Santa and holiday shopping  income on their minds. Time to start your affiliate advertising for the holidays…

Affiliate Marketing

The Internet industry has been around for a while now, affiliate  programs are  very popular business models for generating income online. It allows you to get products together quickly for your online business  and cheaply.

As an example. If you are looking to increase your holiday sales do keep these shopping holidays following the US Thanksgiving in mind. I have a RECOMMENDATIONS   page on my site for upcoming specials on various products that I am an affiliate for.


Made just for holidays promotions such as:

  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Cyber Monday and of course

Chanukah and other celebrations could be added as well.

Holiday Celebrations

Your online affiliate programs for the holidays marketing efforts should include an investment in the power of social media to increase commerce and strengthen brand reach.  Socializing commerce, on Instagram and tapping into user-generated content on Pinterest are two options  Facebook remains the king in social media in 2016.

Despite the rising popularity of other networks. Most people, from the research I have found, will PLAN ON using  Facebook during the holidays. It’s where your customers are.

Brand your social media on Facebook with a holiday theme, incorporate holiday hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and  you can even create a  contest in the spirit of the season or support  a charity. Other tactics include using time-limited offers to create a sense of urgency  such as the day sale specials  Black Friday or Cyber Monday that  inspire customers to visit your  site or Facebook business page.

Use the end of the year to your advantage.

It’s a perfect  time for your fans to get to know you and your business a little better. Post pics of your celebrations on your Facebook profile page as well as your FB fan or business pages. Make sure your content is worthy of paid reach. You may want to boost a post or two so make sure they are boostable. Each piece of content you publish should pass your “is this boost worthy” content test.

Before publishing, (on any social media platform) ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this post potentially unique enough to stop someone in the feed? I create my own images using Canva or Picmonkey so they are special.  Grum to post on Instagram from my PC.
  • Does it capture their attention enough to read/watch/ engage/or share the post? Most shared images are quotes or subjects done on a holiday season theme.
  • Is this post a warm personal story /fun video? Visually does it still stand out? Family pics are always unique and if you add text to them they stand out and look very special.

Affiliate programs for you…
This is one of the most profitable ways to make money on the internet. Particularly during the holidays. There are so many discounts and  extra special prices around days like Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, Christmas,  etc.

Finding which  program  work for you can be  pretty overwhelming. Which online affiliate programs  should you promote? Which products do  you use?  Clickbank, Shareasale, JV Zoo? You could be an affiliate for Aweber, GetResponse or Constant Contact? The list goes on and on. It depends on experience, find what is right for you.  I have a previous  article  you can read “10 Things About Affiliate Marketing”  Affiliate programs here.

The Affiliate Program with Power Affiliate Club

 To learn more about these types of programs you can go here.

An  affiliate program that will allow publishers the chance to earn revenue listed on  the Power Affiliate Club Network. Working with our own member’s publishers and encouraging them to bring as much content as they can, we have a better chance of using  niche content for our advertisers as well. There are most definitely lots of competitors out there and this differentiates us from the rest of the blogging clubs online. We want to bring more value to our members by offering an additional site for their affiliate products.

Join us at PAC as a free member  and upgrade when you want to. I am the welcome coordinator at PAC.

About Kathryn Maclean http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club



Your 5 Step Process for Successful Social Media Strategy

You know Social Media Strategy can be a very successful marketing tool

social media strategy

Particularly,  if you are a marketer, entrepreneur  or small business owner.
But did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to use social media? With no plan, it  can have a negative impact on your business…  It could end up costing you prospective customers and your brand awareness. You have to know what you are doing – so you can be successful.

How to run a Social Media Campaign or Strategy

  1. Work your plan by understanding your  target audience  – who are they, what are  their needs, wants, and their pain? Put together your ideal avatar of a customer.  Where do they live (country) what do they need? How you can help them.
  2. Use keyword research – What is your story to share with your audience, that they would be searching for? Doing your keyword research with the Google keyword tool will show you what people are actually searching for. https://adwords.google.ca/KeywordPlanner You want to use keywords that people are searching for in all of your blog posts as well as ads etc.


What Social Media Networking Sites? 

3. Where is your audience likely to be found? – Do you know which platforms to use for specific types of marketing? Will you be sharing content consistently?  Do you have a schedule to do this ? Some of the platforms I use are below.

Facebook unquestionably the largest of the social network platforms worldwide.
Over a billion and a half monthly active users and over a billion daily active users.

With a business / fan page on Facebook. This can be done for you by a third party or (by you for free).

Create your own Group – has advantages over a fan page. Engagement! You can contact members.

If you check out the insights tab on your Facebook Page, it tells you about all that has taken place with your page. You see male vs female, their ages and location which pic did well for clicks. Very interesting to see your content over the past 30 days.

This is an older established  social media site. Linkedin is the place to be for business.
No longer just a job-hunting site, LinkedIn is an online community full of fabulous places to connect with decision-makers and executives who may be looking for your product and services.

Connections on Linked In are valuable assets for your social media presence. Having a full profile that includes your projects, and awards, as well as being able to get traction for your blogs via LinkedIn Publisher is important for the serious networker. You may also publish your articles there.

On Twitter, you have 140 characters to get your message out to your followers. Being on this fast-paced platform can be a huge boost for your business. Of course, depending on the type of business.

The ability to post photos, share quality links, participate in focused Tweetchats and follow the movers and shakers in your industry is key to showing off your expertise while developing quality relationships. Tweet often. 10 times a day is common.

Being able to upload original content to this highly visual social media site will solidify your brand, encouraging other pinners to check you out. Attracting a loyal fan base via pinning visual content is a huge advantage of Pinterest.

The secret is in the backlinks and where you are directing your followers – hopefully to your own sales funnel.  Linking your articles on your blog with a beautiful original pic specific to Pinterest image sizes. See my Pinterest boards and all my social networking sites that are listed in my free report when you sign up to my email.

Video marketing, Owned by Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. You don’t need fancy video equipment to make a statement. Your smartphone or web camera will do just fine. Your customers want to hear and see you. Think about what a difference a 90-second video, recorded weekly, or daily will do to your fan base.

Social Media Campaigns
4. Do you have an image in your head about how your campaign should look? -Try laying it out on a large piece of paper. This is the basics of blue printing. You can do it online as well, using a mindmap. You can do this yourself or hire me, it is part of my service setting up your social media.

This is a perfect method of planning a social media marketing campaign. Each major segment of your social media marketing campaign should highlight areas that require front-loaded investment, ongoing routine activities and  using  measurements based on your business analysis.

It’s effective to visualize data in other formats than just text, such as graphs or charts, so that trends, as well as opportunities, can be more easily identified. As on the insights on your Facebook page.

5.  Planning your Objective –

A. Most of the time spent planning a social media marketing campaign is really spent looking at each segment of your campaign. Mapping and thinking through how it’s applicable to your business and audience. This branches into frameworks and guidelines, while remaining focused on your campaign level objectives.

B. What is your objective: (only do one at a time)

  • Money – short or long term. Recruit potential sales /
  • Traffic  – Increasing /to your Website or Blog /
  • Your Brand or Brand Equity /Establishing Your Brand /

When you understand your WHY -you can create a strategic action plan that supports it.

C. Strategic Action Plan

How will you:
– Connect with consumers talking about your product or service?
– How your product or service solves the problems of your target market?
How will you:
– Connect with consumers talking about your product or service?
– How your product or service solves the problems of your target market?
– Interact and educate your fans on a daily basis?
– Create content that elevates Social Media conversation? To see more of this type of planning you can read more here  another of my articles.

So basically, a social media marketing document or plan is just an in-depth, text-based format of your mind map. It just takes a lot longer to write and expands on all the finer details.

For small and medium-sized businesses, visualizing a social media marketing campaign as a flow chart or mind map is usually more than enough to achieve the planning objective.

Campaigns that look great on mobile aren’t a luxury anymore, they’re a requirement. Increasing numbers of people are using the internet exclusively from mobile devices. You need a service that builds campaigns that are responsive, look good and function smoothly on smartphones and tablets in addition to looking good on a desktop these days. Instagram now has Business Instagram -all on smartphones.

In Conclusion

Putting together a Social Media Strategy can have a lot of moving parts. If you would like some help with marketing your business online,  <see the link here and you can contact me for a 15 min  free chat to see if I can be of some assistance with your social media. Also get my Free Report “10 things every business owner should know about social media” gift to join my email newsletter, top right of site.


About Kathryn Maclean  http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +.  Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club – PAC Welcome Coordinator.


Social Network Messages At Your Fingertips


Social Media Sites.  If you post more than once  a day on social media, do you think that you get bigger results? How about 3 times a day? When is the best time to post? Which platform works best? Lots of questions about this….

Proven Research from 10 studies answers these questions. How often should you  post on social media? And what is the most optimum time for each of the social platforms?…

CoSchedule wrote a very good article about this. I have simplified it here with a link to the entire article at the end.

Do you keep a Social Networking Media Calendar? I do…

A social media editorial calendar can be anything you use to plan your social media messaging. It can be a printed template or a calendar app. I make my own weekly calendar and just print it out.

4  Good Reasons to use a Social Media Editorial Calendar

  • Organization – managing multiple social media accounts
  • Efficiency – helps you make the most of your time
  • Accountability – calendars help  setting deadlines
  • Effectiveness – scheduled at optimal times

Build a social media calendar in a spreadsheet. Try using a cloud-based spreadsheet such as Google Sheets if you use a calendar with a team to share it easily.  Then everyone on the team can see what needs to be done. Enter your social media messages in each cell.You can delete rows or add as needed for whatever social media platform. For a Social Media specific calendar, but you can also add your blog posts with publishing dates and keywords used and where you published the article.

Simpler still is a just a Paper Calendar
Print out a printable calendar template for each week or month. Mark off what networks you’ll be on and when .  It helps to use multicolored markers to differentiate the different social networks.
Free Excel Workbook listed link at the end of this article.

From 16 studies,  this is what CoSchedule found …

80% of the US is in the Central and Eastern time zone.

Best Times To Post
Saturday and Sunday 32% higher engagement.
with Thursday and  Friday 18%
Best times to Post 9 AM  1 PM – most shares  3PM – most clicks. Use analytics to  track data and see when your audience  is online..

B2B 16% better business hours
B2C 17% better on weekends
Best Times Post
12PM  3PM  5PM
Use Twitter Analytics to track data on your own followers to find your best time.

Best Days to Post
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Best Times to Post
7-8AM  12PM  5-6PM
Best times to post are before and after work. Most likely –  read in the morning.

Best Days Saturday Sunday
Best times to Post
2 PM 9 PM 2AM
Best Times to Post
8 – 11 PM Sat
Do include a Call To Action  80% of people during peak times won’t interact otherwise

Best Days to Post
Best Times  to Post   8 – 9AM
2AM  8-9AM  5PM
Posting a video at 9PM get 34% more interactions.  Post content more during off-work hours than during the work day aside from peak times.

Best times to Post

9AM 11AM  12PM  1PM Best Day to Post Wed 9 – 11AM
Avoid early morning or late evenings. 90% are lurkers and will not interact with your content. Use Timing+ and  track when your audience is online.


How Often To Post On Social Media According To Constant Contact

Email newsletter provider Constant Contact also did some research and came up with their own recipe for daily social sharing. This recipe is calculated on a weekly basis instead of daily.

Twitter Schedule 35 tweets a week: Constant Contact describes Twitter as a “high volume low value network” meaning you can post a lot, and have to, because the firehose is always on. They suggest a minimum of five posts a day,  (I counted weekends and used a seven-day week, since Twitter is active outside the work week too.)

Facebook Schedule 3 Facebook posts a week: Constant Contact describes Facebook as a “low volume high value network” meaning that posting too much is a bad idea. They suggest a minimum of three times a week, and a maximum of ten times a week. Quality social posts is the key here.

LinkedIn Schedule 2 LinkedIn posts a week: Similar to the volume/value of Facebook, this recipe calls for a minimum of two posts a week, with a maximum of five times a week. Most LinkedIn users are professionals, so maximize the work week when you schedule.

Google+ Schedule 3 Google+ posts a week: Similar to Facebook, in terms of how the network operates, Constant Contact recommends a similar approach. Post a minimum of three times a week, and no more than 10 a week.

Pinterest Share 35 Pins a week: Constant Contact calls Pinterest a “high volume high value” network. Post lots and get lots. They suggest a minimum of five times a day (35 times a week, including weekends) and a maximum of ten times a day (70 times a week)

These recipes may or may not be to your liking based on how well your followers engage with it combined with how well you can keep up these frequencies and still create great social posts.

Other Tools

In order for your social media to stick, you’ll need to find  some level of consistency. You need to keep at it. Planning your  own social media posting is good idea.  Using tools to help you do it easier and save you time  is key. Using natural posts with this is also a good idea.

Post Planner  (<click My choice of scheduler )

Starting at $9.00/mo

More than 200,000 social media marketers use Post Planner to find amazing content and boost engagement.  Very good blog on marketing as well. http://www.postplanner.com/blog

 Post Planner makes it easy to find, plan, and post content that is scientifically proven to increase social media engagement on Facebook and Twitter.
What I like best about Post Planner is Using Canva inside Post Planner. It makes it very convenient you can click the link above to learn more.

Any social media tool can help you schedule posts. Post Planner is  built for engagement. 



Integrate With the Tools You Love. Along with the optional WordPress plugin, CoSchedule integrates with the tools you love, giving you powerful options for editing content, tracking your success, and more!

  • Evernote & Google Docs: Write your content in Evernote or Google docs and instantly convert to your WordPress blog!
  • Headline Analyzer: Grade multiple headlines within your CoSchedule calendar; optimizing them to increase clickthrough rates and social shares.
  • Google Analytics: Track improvements to your website traffic with GA link tracking!
  • Chrome Extension: Curate content to your calendar from around the web with our Chrome Extension.

Pinterest: Plan your Pins right on your editorial calendar with the rest of your blog and marketing content.  14 Day trial Get Started for FREE


Create images with the perfect size and format for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest.
One social media account each Free. I found it very difficult to connect Instagram and Pinterest is only a seven day trial.

So now I have a schedule that I am going to follow using several tools to post my social media  in a much more effective way. Having a planned schedule is the way to go whether you use a scheduler like  Post Planner or some other type of system, and there are many more than I have covered here. Planning is key in succeeding with  your social media sites  scheduling.


How To Build A Social Media Editorial Calendar The Easy Way (Free Template)

About Kathryn R. Maclean http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + & Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as: Expert Author & Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club. Also the welcome coordinator for PAC.


Instagram business



Now there is Instagram Online Business

Instagram has more than 300 Million active users. It’s not just for pretty photos anymore

Instagram business

If you are using Instagram online for your business you may want to start using Business Instagram.

Posting Strategy
If you are using Instagram to promote your business you will need a plan to deliver content consistently – that is the key.

First Do you have the new Instagram business profile?

It provides  the Instagram viewer with analytics so you can see when most of your followers are actually online. See the insights icon top right. They look like skyscrapers.

Instagram for Business blog
Businesses of all sizes are inspiring people around the world with their stories.

Did you know that INSTAGRAM is a community that is built on visual storytelling?

For Businesses using this social media platform, it is a way to showcase products and services and in a whole new way.

Instagram lets YOU bring YOUR business to life on mobile. Business tools now give you the ability to stand out, learn about your customers and followers and supply what they what they want, when they want it.

Creating Your Instagram Business Profile

I found this a little tricky. Here are a few tips to help you set up a second IG account.

Getting Started on Instagram online  This is my second IG Account
Choose an account easily tied to your business. My company name was a long one so it cut it off a bit. It wouldn’t take just my initials MOO So my account is: marketingofflineo

To act as categories for your content. This makes it easy for non followers to discover you.
They recommend up to  3#

Photos & Videos

For the Instagram viewer  it’s visual storytelling for consumers as well as for businesses. Your account tells your story.
As you explore Instagram for your business think how you can use your own photos and videos to help your business tell a visually compelling story. Followers see one pic or the whole board.

– use words /bio & photos
It  starts with what they want & ends with how you can help.
Stand out visually by creatively directing your online magazine.

Invite us into a brand story with your intention,  your words &  your visuals.

Shopping Comes To Instagram

Shopping has changed with mobile. So much….
Where do you browse while waiting? In line at the grocery store, the doctor’s office,  or in the car . Not if you are driving!!! I tell people to put their phones in their purses when driving.

More than 84% of smartphone users in the US browse on the web or via a mobile app.

To test this new experience Instagram tested 20 US based retail brands. Each post having a tap to view at the bottom left of a photo. When tapped, a tag  appeared on various products in  the post, up to five products and their prices. Then, if the consumer taps the ShopNow  link from the product details  go directly to that product on the businesses website, making it easier  for them to buy the product they want.

How To Create an Instagram Business Profile

Tap – business profile ?
I didn’t see it on my account so…
I  upgraded my app -version 7.15

Set up a second account inside IG.

I didn’t see my facebook account that I wanted –  so checked to see if it had me as admin. Hard to see this on your phone,  on PC  check  ( settings)  top right next to help

Finally got my 2nd account set up. I didn’t save my profile the first time with all my emogies, and had to do it all again. It’s great as you can as a business  check your insights. They are very eye opening. You can see women – age – location etc. See the video.

Getting started

Business Instagram

Three Videos from Instagram on Setting Up Your Business Instagram.

  1. Video Create a business profile
  2. Business Insights
  3. Promote Directly from IG

Instagram Business Shopping Comes to Instagram

Tell a story with your paid advertising – Identify your business point of view that you want to share.

Your campaigns need to be well crafted so they stand out to the Instagram viewer. You don’t need to build additional content you just need to put as much love and care into the ads to inspire as you do in your business. Ensure that  the quality of your content with Instagram online, is a reflection of the quality of your  business.


About Kathryn R. Maclean http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + &  Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as:  Expert Author & Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club. Also the welcome coordinator for PAC.


Membership Sites

Why Run a  Website Membership?

Starting a Membership Website, is an idea that many people are looking for today.

 Membership with a community of like-minded people might be in Your future.

Member ship sites


What do you want to see in your life in the new year? What do you want to create in the new year for you and your family? You can see your dreams come true – if you have the money to do it with.  Right?

What is in store in your life concerning money? What income do you want to create? Do you see fun times ahead traveling or vacationing with friends or family? Would that even be possible?  Do you want to make money online?

How do you want to create a difference?
How can you contribute to your community? Contribute to  a charity? Personal growth or maybe more spirituality? What would you like to see happen? What can you create? What career goal images pop up?

See your self-achieving those goals already.

How are you going to add more fun and excitement to your life?
What things would you like to do? See yourself as healthy, vibrant and alive. What would you like to do to make that happen? What do you see yourself doing?Do you see yourself on stage, or in your own successful business?

Wake up each morning feeling alive, positive, and feeling grateful for all that you have.
– Write it all down with a date deadline. Tick them off as you achieve them.

It is the ultimate way to make money online. The dream is to be self-reliant, work from home

and base all of their business online. In theory this  is a great idea, and it can be done.


One of the ways people can achieve this is through the creation and running of a membership site. By running a membership site you will obtain a reliable monthly income and a large group of people that look forward to what you have to say and who trust what you do online.

For these people, you are an expert in your field and a person that can be relied on, and that is what every Internet marketer is looking for,  an expert who can help them.


The Benefits of a Membership Web Site

It is every internet marketers dream to have a large group of people who know like and trust you. You can achieve this through a website membership. Once you have created these bonds, then you can market your own products or affiliate products to these members, so not only do you get the residual income from the fee you charge, but you also sell other products to your select group of people. Having an affiliate component where others can sell to members and receive an affiliate pay is the ideal.

As your membership grows, so will the opportunities that come your way. People will see you as the expert in your field and other people will want to join, as well as marketers who will want to advertise with you, have you promote their products and you will also earn a commission from those products. This means you will receive bigger and better business opportunities.


Learn More…

This type of membership site are obvious in that you produce a residual income and because almost 70% of your members will be recurring members, then you don’t have to focus so much attention on  attracting new clients.


What are the benefits of the Free Membership site?

So how does the free membership site work? Obviously, if you’re not charging a fee then you can’t be making any money from your site.  But not necessarily so! Remember when I mentioned before, that a membership site produces one of the most sought after goals of any Internet marketer, – that is KLT know like & trust. You have established yourself as an expert in your field to your membership group. You have done this by offering quality information they can use, and information that your readers are looking for.

To read the rest of this article you can find it here



For an example of an excellent Website Membership  that created a membership website for free &  a paid membership websites for Top PAC members  go to PAC <here


About Kathryn Maclean
I am a long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting for  web development. I am a certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. An  Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources such as Power Affiliate Club (where I  am the welcome coordinator)