How to Improve Your Facebook Engagement – Quickly!


Your Facebook Business Page/ or Fan Page 

 really needs engagement – for your online business to thrive.

Facebook new ideas


Some recent Facebook Stats:

1.13 billion daily active users on average for June 2016
1.03 billion mobile daily active users on average for June 2016
1.71 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2016
1.57 billion mobile monthly active users as of June 30, 2016
Approximately 84.5% of our daily active users are outside the US and Canada

Curated from  Oct /2016

With over 1 billion active Facebook users as stated above, many studies show that users are more active on evenings and weekends. Business pages could be missing out on quite a bit of activity by not posting & engaging over the weekends. Having systems in place that allow for a more expanded presence like scheduled posts, helps with posting for engagement.  Is your Facebook business page’s reach getting smaller and smaller?



You can do things on your end to increase your organic reach.

  • See below – How to Join the PAC Facebook Challenge.

If your Facebook engagement is declining, you’re not alone. A drop of 6% a drop of 49% since Oct 2013 means YES it definitely is declining.

Why Is Organic Reach Declining?

Reason #1
To avoid overcrowding of content on the newsfeed 18 + million business pages are competing for your newsfeed space. Read that again. That is competition!
Reason #2
2. Facebook needs to make money –  so you have to pay for Facebook Ads to increase your reach.

According to Jay Baer Facebook organic reach declines as it’s stock price rises.

So How Does Facebook Calculate What Show Up On Your News Feed?
Just like Google, no one really knows exactly how for sure.  According to Facebook engineer Lars Backstrom, as many as 100,000 individual weights influence content in your news feed. Wow!

A few elements that are public knowledge:

  • Post types (photos vs. text vs. video) receiving the most interaction
  • Which posts a user hides or reports as spam
  • A user’s interaction with Facebook ads
  • The device and the Internet speed of a user

And in addition, the three pillars of Edge Rank, remain part of the current news feed algorithm:
Affinity – How much he or she interacts with your page
Weight – Facebook places top priority on videos and photos
Decay – The longer your post has been around, the less likely it will be to show up in news feeds

And then there is…..
How User Behavior Affects Newsfeed Visibility of a Post
1. Your previous interactions with the author
– the more you engage with a friend or page, the more likely you are to see their posts
2. Your previous interactions with the post type
– If you often engage with a certain type of post, you’re more likely to see posts of that type
3. Reactions from users who already saw the post
– The more Facebook users engage with a post, the more likely you are to see that post
4. Amount of complaints or negative feed-back
– As more users give negative feedback, the less likely you are to see that post

Focus On Metrics  -They Matter
Reach means very little because it is rarely a good indicator of success.
According to Jon Loomer, there are better indicators of success than reach,  such as traffic and sales from Facebook.

Grow Your Facebook Reach Organically
1. Use strategies by Fortune 500 companies
PR Journal study in 2014 – Fortune 500 companies and non-profits’ top 3 Facebook strategies:
Openness and disclosure
-Showing what goes on inside your company
– Showing availability  – for customers and fans to reach and interact with your company
– To make a customer’s experience  -enjoyable – easy and pleasant.

2. Posting at Non-Peak Times
On the assumption that when there’s little else being shared online, your content is more likely to stand out. Jon Loomer tested this by comparing peak hour posts and non-peak hour posts.
Peak being 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Non-peak 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Which do you think won?

Non-peak wins!

You can find your peaks in Facebook “Insights” under the Pages tab at the top of your analytics dashboard. Shown in your computers local timezone.

3. Share Original behind the scenes photos of you and your team 

When Buffer shared 5 original photos of their team’s trip to South Africa, all 5 reached their top 10 posts in the 2-week period. Buffer has lots of pics of their team  of 79 people  “working together to make people’s lives easier on social media”. Started in 2010

4. Engage your community with questions
Don’t try to sell or promote anything. Your only goal should be listening to the audience. An example:
After testing 5 questions, Buffer received more than 1,000 posts of people in their post reach, which is an above average result from the rest of their Facebook content.

5. Share self-explanatory photos
Valuable information in a digestible format –  a great way to show it like:
– Pictographics and infographics are great examples of self-explanatory photos.

To quickly create beautiful visuals:  – Canva –  (I use – Picmonkey also)

Curated from


So after all this, what else can the average Facebook user do to get engagement on his/her fan page?

This wasn’t included at all in the  Facebook article mentioned  above…

Join a Facebook Fan-Page Challenge.

Get people coming to your page, liking and commenting on your own content. You do the same. This will really make your insights on your business fan pages show a lot of engagement.

The difference is really amazing. PAC Power Affiliate Club runs the PAC Facebook Challenge… It’s at no cost to join, anyone can participate..

NOVEMBER FAN PAGE SHARE: PLEASE USE THE ROTATORS  …and *** WATCH *** the *How To Use the Blog Rotator* video! See Welcome Email.
1) If you are a PAC Community Blog Member, use this rotator link –> not posted here
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You CAN use both rotators, you’ll see more Fan Pages. But to be listed on the PAC rotator you have to be a member of the PAC Community blog (

NOTE: *** If you want to be added to the PAC Fan Page Share Group Rotator, Request to be added by posting your Fan Page  in the group and Lesly Federici will add you to our group rotator..

To go to the membership sign up page see link >  Power Affiliate Club

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Building Blog Alliances

Building Alliances and Friendships

…takes  time, effort and patience online. Just like offline relationships.

Bloggers are a very friendly group of people.  They want their articles to be read, after  spending a long time researching , writing, them and publishing them on their blogs. They want people to comment and share their work.

Allianced & Friendships with bloggers

So,  they tend to be an optimistic  and up beat type of person.  Some one who complains all the time or is hyper critical doesn’t seem to do well in blogging.

Just starting a blog online, there is so much to learn
A business blogging plan will be unique to you and unlike anyone else’s.  Let your blog be the place where the world will come to meet you and get to know your passions  as well as your unique style. After getting to know  like and trust you , buy from you. Your blog can create ravings fans, and it can be a very impressive tool that brands your own particular style of blogging.

Let your blog be the place where the world will come to meet you and get to know your passions  as well as your unique style. After getting to know you they  like and trust you.  Then they are ready to  buy from you. Your blog can create ravings fans, and it can be a very impressive tool that brands your own particular style of blogging.

Blogging takes skill. That means, the more you do it, without  giving up, the better blogger you will become. I think it’s very important to have realistic expectations so that you have a clear understanding right from the beginning. What is it that you want to accomplish? Having people help you do this is all part of the plan.

As a blogger, I do try and be  honest  when dealing with people related to my business. Telling it like it is without all the hype.  I try and give honest value to my readers. One of my friends is a professional blogger, in that she makes a living from her blog. We have become friends in PAC, Power Affiliate Club over the past three years. I read practically everything she writes. She also does Face book live  videos and  hangout videos. A very busy blogger and I like her personally as well. Some people you just love, she is one of them.

She shared a Janis Joplin video recently and I just loved it. I thanked her for it and shared it to my friends.  I put the video  on one of my facebook pages   How wonderful that we both love this wonderful singer. She also has shared my articles as well. Recently on LinkedIn and  I was very surprised to see my article that she had shared there. I thanked her on the post of course. We have developed a relationship apart but  also including our work with blogging.  One of her best articles that I liked is here   Donna Merrill.

Dog Lovers

Another woman I have met on Face Book is another extremely good blogger and I do like her writing. We  have become friend.s  Adrienne DeCell Smith because of our love of dogs.   <A link to one dog post.

I am always sharing her videos on my dog’s facebook page. Yes, my dog has a facebook page! I have found that this is good way to meet people who love dogs as much as I do. Something in common to talk about as an ice breaker.

Ways to Reach People

There are a number of ways to engage with people online. You may talk to someone in a variety of ways, in person – speaking to them on the phone would be an offline communication  or online using private messages on Facebook or  emails to  communicate. More and more video is being used as well. Facebook live is really becoming popular.

Many other people I have met in the blogosphere….

” (The blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that blogs exist together as a connected community or as a collection of connected communities or as a social networking service in which everyday authors can publish their opinions.)”

Welcome Coordinator

People I have met online have become very good friends.  As a member of PAC  as the welcome coordinator, ( the welcome lady)  I meet all kinds of people from all over the world.  People interested in blogging. Some are new to writing and some are experienced bloggers.  I am very happy to help them enter PAC as the welcome person.

Experienced bloggers know how important it is to connect with other bloggers. You can learn so much from each other’s experiences creating blogs and maintaining them, advertising,  blog problems etc .

I work with the best people in PAC. Our Admin leaders are a constant source of encouragement and support. We all want the same thing,  PAC’s success in the blogging world.  We try and give honesty and value to our members and want the best for them. You can visit the PAC page here to learn more. I will see you there!bg-basics-badge-02


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About Kathryn R. Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as: Expert Author & Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club. Also the welcome coordinator for PAC.


Having A Mentor

 Mentoring Relationships that are Effective

The role of a mentor is basically to aid people looking for guidance  in reaching their goals. This usually pertains to business goals. The decision to move forward getting support with your business you should hire a business coach.

Most business coaches are life coaches not  with any or little training or experience in business improvement, that shows results.

I recently hired a business coach for the first time. The mentor or coach can certainly learn a lot from teaching and leading others. The relationship between the mentor and the people she is mentoring is mentee-centered. The mentor/coach  should listen, guide, and even challenge the mentee’s to do their best in their job. Mine did just that.  I had not completed an exercise .She told me ” we can not move forward until you get this done”.


The mentorship program requires frequent contact between the mentor and the mentees for the communication lines to remain open.  My teaching sessions were  an hour every two weeks with supplemental 20  min sessions in between. Mentoring is an interactive relationship, where both parties can contribute to each other’s growth as a person.

Note: Mentoring is far different from  counseling  because mentoring is a tool that is used for personal and professional development.

Formal and Informal Mentoring

Anyone can be a mentor or a mentee without joining any mentoring  type of program. For example, just chatting online with a stranger can be a form of mentoring if you learn something important from him or her; this type of mentoring is known as informal mentoring. Informal mentoring usually just occurs even if you don’t plan it, this can be just as important as a formal mentoring program.

Formal Mentoring

On the other hand, formal mentoring is having an acknowledged relationship between the mentor and the mentee. Formal mentoring would require the commitment of time and effort between the two parties so that they can share and learn from each other. This type of mentoring program can be for a specific project or for a specified time period.

Finding a Mentor

Having the wrong mentor can be even worse than having no mentor at all.  Some are  just  not a good fit for the two involved. For this reason, everyone should take the time and effort to look for a mentor that will suit their needs, personality, and learning style.

You need to look with-in yourself and the environment around you and ask yourself what you really want to learn. You  may need to consider the following questions before deciding on a mentor:

• Would this mentor provide me  good  accurate information?
• Would she support me in reaching my goals and objectives?
• Would she respect my dreams,  and my goals in life?
• Would she challenge me when it is necessary?
• Can the mentor actually be trusted?
• Am I willing to listen to this mentor’s ideas and suggestions?

Fact Marketing, profitability and conversion optimization turning views into customers – are specialized, learned skills that take years to understand and apply in real time. Especially in business.

Ask Questions

Asking these questions before you commit to a mentoring program is essential  to reap the best possible benefit. It is also important to have a clear communication line between you and the mentor.

Even at the start of the mentoring program, you  need to specify your expectations and your goals so that the mentor will know which direction to take. She or he can then help you attain those goals.

One of my mentors sent me this in an email and I loved it.

“I’d love for this to be a game changer for you because I’ve spent 7+ years helping literally hundreds of small business owners, bloggers, coaches, photographers and creatives build stronger businesses that jump out to their best customers. But I haven’t got that experience because I’m special, or I was an overnight success.” – Kyla Roma

I struggled to create a business that was profitable and balanced, I worked 60+ hour weeks (don’t recommend this!) and went down what felt like a million dead ends trying to figure out wondering how anyone really made business work.

As I figured out the answers that worked for my business and for my clients, I fell in love with figuring out exactly what really moved the needle for business owners and bloggers. I’m going to share all of that with you here, in short and actionable emails.”

 5 big questions everyone should ask to make sure they hire the right  business coach for them
My business coach  Kyla Roma  her article.

Ending the Mentoring Program

All good things must come to an end. You cannot continue with the mentoring program forever, you can still communicate with your mentor from time to time but being in a commitment to be each other’s mentor and mentee can become more like a burden rather than a privilege after the mentoring program ends.

Both parties should acknowledge what they have learned and thank each other for the time and effort that the person has spent for another’s well-being. Even after the mentoring program ends, the mentor can still support the mentee and be there for the mentee when she is needed.

Relationships such as these are a good way to build a business for both the Mentor as well as the mentee.

Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos. net


About Kathryn Maclean
I am a long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting for web development. I am a certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + Also an Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources such as Power Affiliate Club   I am the welcome coordinator for PAC


Excellent Social Media Practices For Your Business


Using Social Media online is something every business owner or entrepreneur knows is the way  to connect with consumers today.  It’s a  quick  way to  go to appeal to prospective clients and customers.

Excellent social media practices for your business

However, if you just post randomly with no direction, it can be a recipe for disaster. You need a social media  strategy or a campaign that plans out every step of the way.  You must look at this as a long -term – type of strategy. This is for  daily content for your social media plan. This is an effective means for management of your business.

Social Media Marketing is a necessity for today’s small business owner. You need to be where your customers are, and you must reach out to them with your offers. Forget what your competitors are doing, as their customers may be different from your customers. You need to integrate internet communications into your normal routine of business networking.

No matter what stage your business is at, you can re-invent your online presence. With only a few tweets you can shift your use of social media and get improved results. Facebook ads are the most popular way to get potential eye balls  on your content for a reason. They are the best at doing this.

Social Media Strategies
1. Establish Your Plan

What is your social media marketing plan?
It can include:
– objectives, goals, key success indicators …

First question – What are you hoping to achieve?

You must answer this question first before you start to use social media to market your business. You really need to understand your purpose as the steps from that purpose or objective will  lead to different paths.

2. What do you want to put into that plan?

You need to supply your business with content. Establishing an editorial calendar will keep your posting consistent. Finding a creative space to organize thoughts and capture ideas is a necessity for anyone eager to simplify the writing process. Also to eliminate the stress and aggravation centered on and around content creation.

To find out how to use an (click goes to another of my articles)  Editorial Marketing Calendar
Creating an editorial marketing calendar will act as your daily content guide. Writing goals strategically that are outlined in your overall campaign program. While you can create your Editorial Calendar on Google drive, a word doc or excel.

A simpler way is to have it on your blog as a plugin. I use this on  my blog and I find it very handy to plot my weekly posts. The plugin is from WordPress.

The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog.  Version 3.4 | By Colin Vernon, Justin Evans, Joachim Kudish, Mary Vogt, and Zack Grossbart

3. Social Media Networks
Know the HOW, WHAT and the WHY behind each social network. When you have a basic understanding of each platform, you will be able to see which of them will work for your business.

A. Find Your Facebook Market
Facebook is still THE most active social network with over 1.3 billion users and growing fast every day.
What is your target market? Do you understand the demographics ( eg Women 20 – 60 married with children $?.00 Bloggers) What are the results you want to achieve?

B. Is your objective to: (only do one at a time)
Money – short or long term.  Recruit potential sales /
Traffic / Increasing /to you Website or Blog traffic
Your Brand or Brand Equity /Establishing Your Brand /

When you understand your  WHY  -you can create a strategic action plan that supports it.

C. How will you:
– Connect with consumers talking about your product or service?
– How your product or service solves the  problems of your target market?
– Interact and educate your fans on a daily basis?
– Create content that elevates Social Media conversation?


With a business or fan page on Facebook. This can be done for you by a third party or by you.

Create your own Group – has advantages over a fan page. Can contact members.

If you check out the insights tab on your Facebook Page, it tells you about all that has taken place with your page. You see male vs female their ages and location. Very interesting to see your content over the past 30 days.

It can be a challenge to build your online presence.

Who is it that you’re looking to connect with?
Your profile should be optimized with keywords used by your target audience.
You can design a custom header consistent with your brand look and feel across all your online properties. You are able to connect your Twitter with your facebook posts if you wish, I do.


Creating a powerful online presence through social media takes commitment. A daily plan,  and a weekly  tab as well done on on a monthly basis. To organize your system, you will need to identify the tools and services you will need. How to track and measure your success as you focus on your target. Don’t lose sight of your objective when you hit the  bumps in the Social Media road.

To find out more about social media check out my free report


Referenced from:

About Kathryn Maclean

A long time blogger using domains & hosting with WordPress.
A Social Media Campaign Specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +  Twitter and Instagram. Also an Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources such as  PAC  as an Expert Author.


10 Exciting Pro Blogger Tips on Social Media Marketing

What is the best way to combine content marketing + social media marketing + SEO? Learn how to blog and become a….

PRO Blogger
Pro Blogging

Did you know that 82% of marketers who blog  consistently (at least on a weekly basis) -acquired a customer  from using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog  sporadically or only  monthly?

Businesses that blog get 97% more inbound links – And since social media and blogging are so closely tied together, you’ll also want to track which of your posts are being shared the most on social media. More on this …

1. Do Your Homework – Keyword Research
One of the biggest benefits of blogging…it brings organic traffic from the search engines. Having your site seen  much more  is relevant to your industry.  Google loves this. One of the first steps in the process of getting more search traffic through blogging is by doing your keyword research well.

So What Is Keyword Research?
It is the process of finding the different search phrases and terms that your customers would use to find your website.  So write blog topics that target these specific phrases. If one of your keywords is “social media branding.” That might inspire a blog post called ” Ultimate Guide to Personal Social Media Branding.”

Most marketers start with Google AdWords Keyword Planner as their keyword tool of choice because it’s  free and produced by the leading search engine. You will need a Google AdWords account to use this tool, but all you need to do is create the account — you do not have to run any ads, you just use the research tool for your keywords. Some keywords I chose for this article – blog  1M-10M Low  / how to become a blogger  1K – 10K Medium / pro blogger   1K – 10K low

2. Learn From Your Competitors
If your competitors are blogging, and they’re successful, then you should spend some time examining what they’re doing. Try to implement similar strategies on your own blog.

For example, if you notice a lot of your competitors’ blog posts are lists, and they’re getting shared heavily on social media, then it’s probably a good idea to start creating some “Social media…” list posts for your own blog. eg. 8 ways to…. Or if you see that they’re marketing heavily on Facebook to push traffic to their blog, then you ought to be getting more familiar with Facebook and it’s Ads using the Power Editor.

3. Let Your Own Personality Shine Through
There’s nothing worse than reading a  bland, boring  blog post. In a world where companies tip-toe around saying the wrong thing, many businesses are afraid of being a little edgy or entertaining with their content. However the companies that are really seeing the most success with their blogs are the ones that inject humor and fun into them. FUN! Think of the commercials for Bud Wiser with their horses. Some imagination used in those ads.

4. Remember to Grow Your Email List
Building your email list is HUGE. Setting up an email subscribe form on your blog should be your #one priority. If you come up with an irresistible gift, people are happy to join your list so you can have them get to know who you are and what you can do for them. More on this below.

While people will find your blog through the Google search engine, social media or links from other sites, if they leave your site after getting their information, well you just lost a lead. Give something away: Create a free report, offer a coupon code or make a free guide to entice people to sign up to your list. Get their email address by offering something of great value that they won’t refuse.  Give them your best info for FREE. They will be interested in what else you have and buy from you later on.

That is why there is a HUGE focus being put on getting people to follow you or your company on Twitter, or like your Facebook Page. Rightfully so!

Social media marketing is VERY important, but email gives you an even closer way to connect with your audience because you can contact them directly. There are 3x the amount of emails out there as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined. Be sure to stand out with your email titles.

Here Are Some Tips On Growing Your Email List:
Make a strong CTA -Call To Action: People are  very understandably protective of giving out their email address. Make your call-to-action so appealing that they can’t resist. Offer something irresistible.

Experiment: Try placing forms as pop-ups, in your sidebar, before/after blog posts, the top of the screen and other locations to see what converts the best. SumoMe It also comes as a plugin, for WordPress.

Keep In Touch: If you’re only sending out emails once every three months, your list won’t pick up much traction. Try emailing a few times a week, or at least once a week.

5. Create a Blogging Schedule
Being consistent in blogging, it keeps people coming back. Not only that but publishing blogs on a regular schedule can even lead to more subscribers. They get to know like and trust you and enjoy visiting your blog on a regular basis.

From  (Be a Better Blogger), the company tested the difference between posting five days a week versus once a week. Here are the results:
. Social shares increased 84%
. Comments increased 119%
. Traffic increased 46%

Posting five days a week can be a challenge,  I posted on a regular basis for a PAC Challenge for a few weeks. The banner is in my sidebar. The Blogging Carnival.  So remember, promoting your content is equally, if not more important than just creating it. Ideally you should push for two to five new posts a week. But if you can publish at least one a week, you’re still doing better than companies that only blog once a month or less.

6. Don’t be all about the Sale
While your blog is a promotional tool. Blogging does generate leads, how ever that is not the purpose of the blog. If you want people to know about your services, they should be able to go to your services page and read about them there. I am just getting started doing this. See my service page. Cute video there.

Your blog is where you provide helpful information that they can benefit from somehow. So offer your audience and your potential customers value through your free content, and once you have built up that know like and trust factor, then the sales process doesn’t feel forced it will seem very natural.

7. Make Your Blog Posts Look Good
Too many blog posts are huge walls of text. Reading a blog post shouldn’t be like reading through a college research paper. What do you like to see on any blog?  Images that are beautiful or interesting ?

Your blog posts should be visually appealing.
That means:
Using lists
Using images
Using bold and italics
Using headings
Using a nice sized font (preferably 16px)
Keeping paragraphs short and sweet (two to four sentences)

If You’re Having Trouble Coming Up With Great Blog Post Title:
You can use tools like HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. Simply enter up to three of your keyword phrases, and HubSpot will start by suggesting some good titles.

Or you can use CoSchedules Free Headline Analyser.

It gives you a list of what you try.

61 -10 Exciting Tips Pro Bloggers use in Content Marketing
62 – 10 Exciting Tips That Pro Bloggers use in Content Marketing
65 -10 Exciting Tips That Pro Bloggers us in Social Media Marketing
69 -10 Exciting Pro Blogger Tips on social media marketing
63 – 10 Pro Blogger Tips on content and social media marketing
54 – 10 Pro Blogger Tips on content marketing + social media marketing + SEO?

8. Track Your Efforts
The only way to judge whether or not your blogging efforts are actually working is to have some type of analytics installed to measure your ROI. Google Analytics is free and you can start seeing which posts are the most popular, which posts people are staying on the longest and even which posts are performing well.

9. How to Optimize Your Blog Post for SEO
As mentioned, blogging is a very good way to get some organic search traffic. In addition, your blog posts should be optimized for search engines. There are step by step ways to do this if you want to know how to become a blogger.

How to optimize
. Put your main keyword in the post title
. Include related keywords in the content
. Use appropriate subheadings h2, h3
. Optimize images –
. Include internal links
. Link out to authoritative websites
. Include your main keyword in the URL

10. In addition to your on-page SEO you will also want to make sure that you’re sharing your blog posts as much as possible through social media. Use blog comments or anywhere else you can to get the word out. The more people that find out about your content, the higher chances of them linking to it.

And since social media and blogging are so closely tied together, you’ll also want to track which of your posts are being shared the most on social media. A quick way to do this is with the Quicksprout social media analysis tool.

Just paste in your site’s URL, then click on the social media analysis tab. You’ll see a list of the social shares each of your posts has organized by social media site.

Never sacrifice the quality of your blog. People want quality content, not a poorly written fluff that doesn’t provide any type of value. Take the time to create thoughtful content that has a purpose and you will have much better success with your blog like a Pro Blogger.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles with Free Digital Photos. net

Researched information from

About Kathryn Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting for web development. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + Also an Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources such as: the  Power Affiliate Club. PAC  Expert Author and Coordinator for  Power Affiliate Club

Start a Facebook Group

We all join groups, especially on Facebook. I know I have, how many do you belong to?

Face book groups

Private Facebook Groups are easy to join, just the  click a button. It’s much less threatening than being on an email list that we don’t really want to follow. But these groups are only good for us if we respect everyone. What should be #1… Rule be?…. NO outbound links. (Yet, isn’t that the first thing people so often do the moment they join a group ?)


How is your Facebook fan or business page fairing?

My Facebook fan  posts were rarely seen these days. Facebook groups brought me a much better return on (time) investment. I’m part of various groups, some of which have daily promotion threads, others have weekly share days that I make sure to take advantage of.

Before you start a Facebook Group, do your research. Find out about all the different types of groups there are. The best  groups are the well-established groups.

After many years on Facebook, I have found the best way to really connect on a higher level is with groups that have been on facebook for years. They are successful for a reason. They really make a connection with people and that means they build real relationships online. They have real engagement and meaningful communication between the admins and the members.People make life- long friendships in these successful types of groups.

One of these variations on a group – Master Mind groups.
If the idea of meeting  a few people once a week feels daunting to you, there are all kinds masterminds, they come in all shapes and sizes.

I can tell you that, from my personal experience, there is nothing more transformational than getting together with a group of other entrepreneurs, on a regular basis, discussing what works for your business and what doesn’t. The regular meetings also create great friendships.  When you show that you care and are not just interested in wiifm “what’s in it for me” people can tell that and you do make good friends in a community.

Groups in General To Avoid

There are good groups that help their members and are generally helpful. However, there are also the terrible groups, plain  spammy types  of groups. You know the ones, all they are, are link fests.

People join  a Facebook group… they join many groups.Why because they want help.

And they get SO EXCITED about their opportunity they’ve just joined and they think that they need to tell everybody “look at what I’m promoting!”…

Everyone screaming “buy my product,” with an outbound ink. Some use bots that will post to hundreds of groups. They just don’t get it! The Group owners or admin seem to have disappeared because they don’t want to look at that either. It can take over a group quickly if the admins don’t stop it.

Google does not like this at all! You should not be putting outbound links in a group. Period. No one gets anything from them. Make an effort to know the people in the group.

Middle Types of Groups

In the middle are the groups that are just well… ok or good. They may have a lot of people signed up to their group, but are they engaged with the members? Is there a real sense of community?

Note: Manually share your posts to Facebook, instead of using a scheduler because Facebook penalizes anything that comes from places such as CoSchedule, Buffer, or Hootsuite so it’s less likely your followers will see it. Post only manually.

Well Established  Groups

I have found the best way to really connect on a higher level is with groups that have been on facebook for years. Really making a connection with people and building real relationships with real engagement and meaningful communication. People make life long friendships in these successful types of groups.

Just be real, be a person who genuinely cares, and makes an effort to build real friendships. You will genuinely want to learn about your new members and there may be something you find that you personally are interested in. When you show that you care and are not just interested in WIIFM “what’s in it for me” people sense that and can tell that. You do make good friends in these types of communities.

If you ask the right questions, you might find that many of the community members are struggling and they need your help. Someone they can trust to help them. You find something that you may have in common which is always pretty great, just talk to them as you would any friend offline.

Create Your Own  Group

Using  another social media platform is a great idea  because of everything that Facebook offers in the way of communication. If you direct people from Instagram to a group on Facebook you are able to get to know them in your group much more than you could on Instagram for example.

A really exceptional group might have the desire to succeed, this doesn’t end when money of any amount is obtained.  Growing your desire to succeed, to better your life. It could be the opening for an incredible life style, with spiritual and personal growth. Build your community, step up and stand out.

When you have a Facebook group you are removing the barriers. Rather than someone opting in with their precious email addresses (we all have way to much email)! With a group – They just click to join. It’s  faster and far easier.

You get to know them personally and they are much more likely to join your business than just someone in their email box that they don’t know. It’s so much more personal.

In your group you can add files, interesting things from blogs, sections or pages and you are able to contact them.  A real community. It starts slowly, one person at a time.

People will comment and build you up. Those who don’t like it just vanish. As it grows, so do you and your knowledge. So, your goal is ALWAYS going to be the same …you want to build : K LT (know  like and trust) with your members. If you are sincere and genuine, this will happen very naturally. Once that happens, your members will become more active in your community and maybe, just maybe…they will also want to work with you outside of your community. They may join your business or buy your products or  your services… People buy from people they know, like and trust.

I have been lucky enough to find some really great groups on Facebook.

First I started with:

Gavin Montford’s group “Networking Superstars” a marketing teaching type of group. The people I met there ended up having their own groups that are now very successful.

The PAC or”Power Affiliate Club” for bloggers and affiliate marketers. PAC has different types of groups you may join. A Mastermind group and several others on blogging and affiliate marketing. I am happy to be the welcome coordinator at PAC. This Group is not an old community (three years, almost as I write this) but a vibrant and exciting one with successful bloggers and marketers. Headed by Lesly Federici.

Each group is unique and very specialized in helping it’s members success online. They have become my very good friends and colleagues and I am so very grateful for having met them, and hope to continue with these excellent Facebook groups.

So, I encourage you to start a Facebook group today and reach out to people and you will be happy that you did. Successful groups show that this is the way to succeed.


About Kathryn Maclean

My Facebook Group  for Women in Business.

A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + Also an Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources such as PAC-Power Affiliate Club


Harmful Stress In Your Life Now And What To Do About It

Stress at work


Have you ever felt so much stress at work that you just wanted to scream?

Occupational stress is stress related to one’s job. Occupational stress often stems from unexpected responsibilities and pressures that do not align with a person’s knowledge, skills, or expectations, inhibiting one’s ability to cope. Occupational stress can increase when workers do not feel supported by supervisors or colleagues, or feel as if they have little control over work processes.  -From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many people experience different types of stress at work, at home, with certain situations.  Like when you are driving and someone cuts you off, dangerously close. Your hands sweat, your heart suddenly pumps , you feel the  adrenaline. You know that feeling,  probably very well.

I experienced stress in the workplace.

An example would be having to deal with a crowd of people at my desk all talking at once, wanting my attention. I was doing flight scheduling for a government office of military officers. I yelled at them  and told them  -one at a time!  I drew numbers on some post-its and had them come to me one  at a time to book their flight plans.  I was working as a temp for an agency and had come into the department as a replacement clerk during a strike.  So things were rather up side down, and they needed someone to book back logged flights asap.

I experienced quite a lot of stress being an agency temp.

Every office I stepped into, I had to quickly learn my way around.  I do recall one of my very first jobs,  I was not too familiar with computers.  I remember going home and being scared to go back, because I was not sure if I turned off the computer correctly, and may have lost all the days work? Another time I was working in the evening and the owner of the business had to come in because I wasn’t sure if I had set the alarm properly. It went off of course.

In another job I had back then was I worked as a baker.

I had to go in to work at 4:30 am to get started making the bread and opening up the store.  The restaurant has an alarm system that you had to put a code in. If I didn’t remember the code exactly, the alarm system when off and it was LOUD!!!  I had to try and talk to the alarm company as the sirens went off. It would shake me up for the rest of the morning.

All the different types of jobs I have had have been stressful. Having to get up every morning and pick out what to wear for the job,  pack a lunch,   commute on a bus usually, or some times drive and find parking down town. Not to mention dealing with office politics. I finally said enough.

Does the  idea of skipping the morning commute, sitting at your laptop and having tea breaks  when ever you please appeal to you? Those are  some of the obvious perks when working at home. But according to a  new study,  remote working can be good for your health and productivity as well.

I found  in some separate research that those who work from home do say that they get better work satisfaction and that they suffer less from “work exhaustion”. They enjoyed better sleep too. When it comes to gender, studies have found that  women were the workers who were likely to perform better in a  work at home environment, but it depends also on the person’s personality as well. Working from home can be a lonely existence.

To find out more about what you can do about stress in your life.

Now I work from home and my life has changed.

I am a blogger and a small business owner.  I am also connected to a blogging community, which is a great way to not be a lonely working at home. If I wish to not work for a day, I can take the time off. I don’t have to ask anyone for permission. My change of  lifestyle works for me.  I can’t say that I experience  the  stress that I was used to working outside the home,  working at home definitely has reduced my stress.


About Kathryn R. Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as: Expert Author & Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club. Also the welcome coordinator for PAC.




Solopreneur Ways to Become Visible in Business When You Are An Introverted Marketer



I am an  introvert Solopreneur, there are only some ways it works for me to do Marketing. You too?





Public speaking right off the bat is NOT one of them! I have done it…but hated doing it. But there are other ways to go.


I want to ask questions to help you understand this very interesting and loaded subject. Marketing.

If you sign up to my newsletter you see on the right side of this article  -I will be asking a few questions to find out:

  • What questions and problems entrepreneurs are facing online now?
  • What things do you love to do with marketing?
  • What do you want to learn about social media?

I want to know -not guess at it. What YOU need not what I think you want. You also get a very nice gift. My report Tips on Social Marketing –  “10 things a business owner should know about Social Media”

A previous article of mine about  what I am passionate  about  – social media   

What I am thinking is  -the biggest struggle whether you are an introvert or not  is being visible and getting yourself out there. Am I right?
I have seen that there are three ways to be more visible.

  • Through your Blog Writing
  • Through  your Audio
  • Through  your own Videos

Of the three, of course, my choice is writing.

I am an Expert Author with PAC. Power Affiliate Club.  I am also the welcome Lady.

I just celebrated my first year anniversary as the welcome Lady for PAC.
You will find more about PAC on my  page here

I hope these tips help you in your marketing if you are an introvert solopreneur  or even if you are not.

If you would like to contact me see my about-me page for a free 15 min chat.

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About Kathryn Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + Also an Affiliate Network Marketer using resources such as PAC – Power Affiliate Club.Welcome coordinator for PAC.


Branding You and Your Business

Branding -a very important aspect of your Business

Branding yourself  -before your business, is the positive experience your customers have with YOU,  first and  then your company. Your company’s brand represents your market identity …… who you are, what you do,  the  important  quality you provide,  adding up to your reputation for trustworthiness.That “know like and trust” ( NEW Facebook Group for Women – see below)

  •  “Most people suck at marketing. Why? Because they’re too focused on the big picture.
  • And I get it – the dream is what drives you. You see it all the time, marketers, who want to see using the tactics that have traditionally worked for them. ”  – Gary Vaynerchuk


Brand yourself before your business
Woman doing Christmas e-shopping via laptop and credit card on the background of Christmas decorations. She likes you and your company!

When you think of the word ” Brand”, it likely brings to mind something about ownership. Right?

You want to attract the right type of clients or customers to your business. Your want to stand out and have a message that resonates with your ideal client, right? Of course.

  • “Online you must also project your own uniqueness and show heart to stand out and be a winner, ”  Gary Vaynerchuk

So how to you go about showing  “your own voice”?

You want to speak from the heart and represent the authentic you. Not your company, it is YOU that people will be attracted to. The message that will resonate with your ideal client should have that WOW factor as mentioned before with Gary.

  • “The bottom line is what if you want to be a better marketer, you need to put in the work, or you’re going to get left in the dust by those who do. It means downloading whatever new ap is exploding the market and taking the time to really understand it.”  – Gary Vaynerchuk

You want your ideal customer to feel as though you are talking directly to them

And the only way to do so is by being VERY SPECIFIC on how you want your brand to feel. This is the message that resonates with your ideal client. What they feel about YOU is branding.

This evokes the feelings and emotions that your ideal client wants to feel and it hits on your ideal client’s deepest desires. So what do you need online to achieve all of this?

  • “Sometimes, it even means dedicating a few years to learn a new skill. You become successful by being willing to put in the work and then executing on it”. So how to you go about showing your own voice?Your website, your hub that everything is directed to from your social media online. Offline it is the website url that is on your business cards and advertising media and the fact that you meet a prospective client face to face.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Branding Your Site
The objectives that a good brand will achieve are:

Is Your message clearly delivered?
What about your credibility and that of your company?
What connects with your target prospects emotionally?
What  motivates  the buyer to buy?
Your Website/Blog – your home for reaching your buyers.

I recommend a hosted Website with a blog, on your own domain name.  Also an autoresponder. I recommend  Constant Contact, as the best in customer support. It’s your business, so treat it like your professional business.

Your Content

It can be a landing page, blog, social media posts, to find a specific solution to a problem or need, the average person visits a site once,  too many times.With the content installed, we then tried different themes. Some themes are Premiere themes with better design and have their own support. Also, free WordPress themes. Add some pictures and the site is up. But…and that’s a BIG But…

Branding is more than just a visual representation of your business. It’s the personality that supplies the WOW factor, it is truly the message, your message! When someone lands on your site or landing page, blog article, even your social media posts, what you say to them leaves them feeling that you are competent, you can help them solve their problems  and  meet their needs! Isn’t that why you have your business? Money is not first reason!

The message, what you are saying to them, must strike an emotional cord. Are you  leaving them feeling that  WOW! A person that understands and truly identify with them?

Your message is NOW what defines you. This is what people are looking for. You can help them with their problem. You must build the foundation of your business, if you skip this and start with only the strategies that are not tied to a brand or message, you will end up chasing the techniques, which will not support your business in the long run.

1. What is your main objective?

( it can only be one at a time )
* More Money
* More Exposure
* More Traffic

There are steps that go with each of these choices : Choose only one objective and I will create a solid campaign around your choice. Next, we determine, after some stats comparisons, ROI and evaluation. Your plan of action. Mapped out on your own business mind map. Rinse and repeat or switch gears to attack a different objective.

Example –More Traffic
Define what “Traffic” means for this campaign.
(Clicks to a site/Landing Pages, Social Community
Building, Seats at an Event, etc)

What ACTION do you want to take?
(Optin to a List, Make a Purchase, Attend an Event/Promo ( Live or Virtual) Get a Coupon/Redeem Promo, Join a Community, Share – Tell a Friend.

What will happen once you have taken the action?
(Follow up with email marketing campaigns, SMS text messages, phone calls mailings, etc)

AN EXCELLENT BOOK  on Brand  Click link to read more

It Ain't the Brand It's YOU

Go from concept to completion -then evaluate the results.
“How the customer views the Brand is in fact what the Brand is.” –
Brand: It Ain’t the Logo* (*It’s What People Think of You)

— Ted Matthews, Andris Pone

You have a business and your goal is building a tribe of people who are able, willing and ready to buy from you or are willing to introduce you to  their audience because they know like and trust you. KLT.

Discovery Chat

I offer a 15 min chat (Free) to learn more about you and your business.  See if we would be a good fit for each other. Visit my site’s About-Me page  below see the link -to access my calendar and schedule your 1-on-1 time with me. I look forward to chatting with you. Thanks

Kathryn R. Maclean A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as: Expert Author & Welcome Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club.

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If You Can Write A Blog…

*News* PAC  New Rotator System for Blog syndication (You must be a PAC member for this one)

Life time ScholarIf you are thinking of writing a blog, or you may already have one. I have some great news for you. Blogs are everywhere online now, though it really has only been the last 5 to 10 yrs that they have been in existence as we know them. They have good advice on many different subjects. My blog is about Women who are in business on line.   I have two such women that I am writing about in this  article.

The first thing a blogger usually thinks of is who will be reading the blog, or your target audience or niche category. Mine is women like me, with a business to run who may need help with marketing. My business is attraction marketing, social media campaign creation and website creation for the women blog niche. All I might add, I learned online.

What Sets Bloggers Apart?
They are not the same as say a newspaper article. A blog is written in the individual’s voice of the author, the personality of the author is what keeps you reading, letting the reader get to know you.

Generally, the personality shines forth from the style of the site, the images used, even the layout  the  font and the colors used. Creating sites has been a passion of mine for several years. I really enjoy it.

As a blogger, recently I was very lucky to find a community of like minded bloggers.  The Power Affiliate Club or PAC

From my experience with PAC, and for any blogger starting out, it’s a great platform to learn more about blogging, enhance your writing skills, and participate in a community that promotes what you do and you’re marketing and blogging skills …

Here is what I have experienced with PAC.

What Is PAC?
The Power Affiliate Club know as PAC is a group that has taken shape as a powerful entity online, in a very short period of time. In less than a year, launch was in April of 2014.

What makes this a community of pride and accomplishment is due to the dynamic duo of Lesly Federici and Monna Ellithorpe.

It started out as an idea of Monna’s and as good ideas do, it blossomed with Lesly implementing it. The idea came from a discussion and the question arose about Affiliates coming together to buy from each other.

The first PAC website started in mid-April was to test this idea and see if there was interest from others. After a couple of months it became very clear that yes, this really could work, and they created the new website now the official Power Affiliate Club as the domain with a secure IP address. And they were rocking!

With the membership software program in place. Adding a wishlist and adding a calendar of events for members and visitors to view. They added more social media and share plugins to promote what PAC does and they were ready.

Recently added is an Author’s “Spotlight” to increase visibility as they grow so authors a can reap the benefits of all this great growth.

Now is the time to share PAC’s mission which they have done, creating a community of the woman blogger ( also some men) who may also be Affiliate Marketers, promoting and supporting and shopping from each other.

I had been a member for several months, and was elevated to Expert Writer, something I am very proud of.  I have enjoyed participating in the DO IT Workshop  as I write this, (We help other bloggers and entrepreneurs with our businesses.) We represent a professional, unique and informative & fun blogger community that attracts readers on the net and potential new members.

PAC Do It Workshop

The DO IT Workshop

I have been a very focused member of PAC. I can recommend it highly if you need accountability in moving forward with your business.  We can help!

Our purpose is to elevate YOU and contribute to building your own unique presence online. Great things will come from this… PAC is accepting new members at this time, I am the welcome coordinator for PAC.

Check out PAC here …

Participants in the first PAC Author’s night hangout were:

Lesly Federici and Monna Ellithorpe,  William OToole, Dawn Blumetti Golden, Dr. Elise Cohen Ho, Donna Merrill, Deborah T. Ten Brink, Joan Harrington, Dr. Erica Goodstone, Emi  Koul  myself- Kathryn Maclean

About Kathryn Maclean

I am a long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting I am a certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + and Instagram. Also an Affiliate &Network Marketer using resources such: Power Affiliate Club, PAC.