Become a Lifetime Scholar


Life Time Scholar

 We all have many paths that we take in life. Some lead to success,  or some lead nowhere, and some… you regret taking.

What should I go to school for ? – If one of your regrets is not going further academically,  no matter if you are a stay at home mom or  an older person you may want to consider the many continuing education options available today.

Life time Scholar


Simple Definition of Scholar
: a person who has studied a subject for a long time and knows a lot about it : an intelligent and well-educated person who knows a particular subject very well.

-Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

I consider myself a lifetime student. I went back to school as an adult to finish my high school. Because I wanted to be there my marks were very high. My favorite subject was English.  When I worked in the Canadian Government as a secretary we were always going on courses to upgrade for work.  I decided I wanted to change my career and when to a Community College and took Horticulture for a 2 year program and worked in the field for several years. After my son was born I wanted to return to work and took a 6 mth Government sponsored program back-of-house Cook  and worked for a few years as a cook. Now I am working online with a group of bloggers in a group called PAC Power Affiliate Club learning about blogging. I am always learning.



While your children are at school or napping, you can take an online class or two. You can even work toward a college degree from home. Many people don’t realize how many options there are when it comes to continuing education. In addition to the traditional classroom settings, most colleges offer a variety of online classes that are perfect for stay-at-home moms or the older generation.

Online classes are one of the great things about continuing education. The internet has so much to offer now.These classes usually consist of lectures posted once or twice a week, along with assignments and tests. You can read the lectures as your schedule permits during the week.

Then you can submit your assignments to your instructor online as you complete them. The tests are usually timed and many are created so that they’re open book.

Online classes are one of the great things about continuing education. These classes usually consist of lectures posted once or twice a week, along with assignments and tests. You can read the lectures as your schedule permits during the week.

Community Centers

Other continuing education options exist in addition to colleges. For instance, some community centers are now offering online classes you can take. If you want to get out of the house, some of these centers even offer child care while you take the classes.

To avoiding becoming overwhelmed or discouraged as you pursue your continuing education goals, set a realistic schedule for yourself. You may decide that one class a semester is all you can handle. That’s fine. It may take a few extra years, but you can get through college this way The important thing is that you stick with it.

Online Communities 

Many courses are available online, you can learn many subjects. One of which is blogging on websites. PAC or Power Affiliate Club is a community on facebook that welcomes students wanting to learn about blogging or affiliate marketing.  Both the newbie as well as the seasoned blogger.  Free to join and upgraded levels are available.  Always learning.

For Older Students

If  anyone ever told you that you are too old to go back to school and pursue continuing education. Tell them that they are terribly old fashioned! A 93 year-young woman was recently on the news for finally graduating from college. She never gave up on her dream of continuing education and eventually succeeded in her goal, even though it took almost eighty years to do it but,  – She Did It!

You are never too old to learn something new. Learning does not have to stop once you graduate high school or college: it should keep going until you move on from this life. If you do not use it – you lose it!

That is the case for your brain as well! Pursue continuing education and find that you have the capacity to learn something  new each day.

Search on the World Wide Web for courses that interest you.
They can be ones that require very little of your time and energy, and college scholarships may be available. However, if it will get you interested in learning, it will be worth it.

Be a lifetime scholar, and … never stop learning.
About Kathryn R. Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified
Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and
Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as:
Expert Author & Welcome Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club.




The Road Not Taken


The Path not taken

The road less travelled brings innovation – (something original and more effective) – Wikipedia

The Road Not Taken
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost


Direction in Life

The path I took led from a love of  drawing  and painting in art in high school. I  enrolled in a  very  prestigious commercial Art course that I had to apply to attend  by showing my portfolio of art work. I really loved it, as it was such a change from the secretarial course I started out with in grade 9.

Unfortunately, I never was able to finish the 4 years. I was very ill and had to leave school.  I later went back to school as an adult but it was not the art course I loved, only plain academics.

From there I ended up taking secretarial jobs for agencies, working all over town. It was a job, and it paid the bills, but it was not the path I had chosen for myself. I had a new computer and thought I could find a job online. I only found work as a transcriptionist after taking college courses for medical transcription. Another path I wished I had not taken.

My husband had started a business and I agreed to help him with it. We owned and operated a  Property Management business and I worked with him for 10 yrs. Currently, I am working part time with this business.

I still had not found my path in life. I decided to take a different direction. The road less travelled …

The path that I have chosen was perhaps not one that most would have chosen.  Rather than a safe job with a guaranteed pay cheque I chose to invest in myself and I  learned something new. This has made all the difference to me.  How will my life grow article

I started taking lessons about marketing. This was something I loved, so I learned all that I could for several years, taking many online courses about creating websites,  social media platforms. One at a time until I had a real understanding of each platform. I invested in a 4-month course on social media with a very well known marketer. I graduated with a certificate of  Social Media Campaign Specialist.  Instagram article 

I  had learned  marketing over many years,  I started a website and called it  Marketing Offline Online. I  created websites, several for myself and I started doing them for family members, three wedding sites and a business site for my brother’s gas station  business  and then for some clients. Marketing Definition article

I joined a blogging community to learn all that I could about blogging. After getting to know the owner Lesly Federici, she asked if I would like to join PAC as an admin. It will be a year in Aug that I have been the welcome lady and  a coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club, with three other admins.

I am taking another road less travelled, a new direction soon, and will be working with a business coach to make my brands irresistible, profitable & simple to run. I will get help with building my social media, marketing, business growth and digital strategy. This will give me confidence, so I’m not just successful, but authentic. I will be able to measure  my business success path.

Taking the  road not taken, is perhaps not for everyone, but it is  your own that includes these new discoveries along the way. It is the only way to be certain you took “the road less travelled, and it has made all the difference.”

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Focus On Your Life’s Goals

Never give up. If you do you will not realize your dreams  and your goals for your life.


Everything you do is based on your thoughts. You get  ideas like  programming at a very young age from well-meaning parents, and teachers. You should do this or that. Only you know what is right for you.

Never give up. You only get one life. Go for it!

-Richard E. Grant

You know  this idea of doing things  all by yourself, learning through the school of hard knocks.  It may take you longer than you thought it would  to see any success.   The concept of not asking for help, that maybe you were not deserving of someone’s help, is not the way to look at it.  It’s just that we were not taught to ask for help, just plod along doing your best. There is a better way.

I have been reading books lately having to  with things that are holding me back. Things that I now I can do better, that I deserve better . If others can do it , why can’t I?

Visit my Facebook page for a video by a very famous person who talks about not giving up…..
“only you know what is right for you”.

Never give up, and be confident in what you do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your objectives and to win against all the odds.

Have you made mistakes?

Of course, we all have made many mistakes along the way. If you’re not making mistakes your not trying. It took me many years of trial and error to learn to create websites and blogs. If I had given up after the first time I messed up a website, I never would have learned how to do it. Now I can put up a WordPress site with hosting  with a paid theme and add interesting content and plugins to it practically in my sleep. I have done it so often now.  That is how you learn from your mistakes.


Asking for help is not something we are supposed to do.  However , wouldn’t it  be amazing to have someone who would show you where you  messed up  and how to do it better? Do more with other people, than trying to do it on your own.

You can read books and watch audios etc then  try to put them into play, but it doesn’t work.  You need someone with  skills that they have learned and experience in the subject of what you are trying to learn.  So that they can point out to you your mistakes and then show you how to do it better.

If you really believe in what you’re doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up.
-Laurie Notaro

If you are always doing it all by yourself, always quitting, program after program. Find someone to help you get results, you need. Doing it by yourself is not smart. Join a group of like-minded people.


The best thing I have ever done is to get encouragement and be inspired by a coach and focus on writing articles.  Lesly Federici is the director of a program called the Power Affiliate Club. PAC for short.    This is a program for bloggers and affiliate marketers who support and encourage each other to be successful in their businesses.  I am the welcome coordinator  for PAC. You many join as a free member and upgrade to  “Expert Author”  like the  members of this Blogging Carnival.

Another of my articles along the same niche as this one  “What do you want?”

One of our PAC members  Jacs Henderson wrote about “Personal Challenges Excited Today


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5 Reasons for Taking Action with your Business




If you take action…

You will be in the category of the 5% of the world who take action towards their visions and their dreams.

The other 95% of the population do not realize their dreams. Only that 5% have the ability to set goals and opportunities, to move forward with their lives. If you find yourself floating between the 0% – 95% of the population you need tools  that you can use to help yourself to be in  that positive thinking 5%.

Taking Action

1. So what does taking action really mean? It means taking one constructive step towards your envisioned picture of what the future looks like, and then another and another. Taking these action steps doesn’t have to be bold, if your not completely ready yet. If you are just starting out as we all did, at one time take it slow but be persistent.

Learn from someone who has already succeeded

2. Someone who has been successful at what you wish to accomplish.  Make sure that they have  real documentation to prove that they are indeed successful in their field. I feel that I need to take a very large action step.

I am feeling stuck. I have done a good job in the past 10 years or so learning all I can about marketing on my own. I started out learning the basics and ended up taking so many courses online. I am in the 95% I I feel like I need to take the next big self-improvement step if I want to become one of the successful 5% who are making their lives count and being successful online with their businesses.

Learn with GROUPS

3. I have joined many different groups online. When I started online I needed a lot of help because I didn’t know anything about marketing or what went with it. I was lucky to find great people who taught me a little here and little there. One guru marketer told me I should have a website. Not being familiar with hardly any websites other than the free ones I had tried, he created and  sold me a website with a price tag that was quite a lot and pointed me to hosting for the site. My first WordPress site. I vowed to myself that I would learn how to create websites and spent a long time learning how to create WordPress sites. Now it’s part of my business. I love creating and maintaining blogs.

From that beginner’s group, in particular, I learned quite a lot. Then I became friends with someone who was in a different type of  group. This was a teaching company on marketing.  I stayed with these people for many years. I bought almost everything they put out. I also took a 4-month intensive course on Social Media. Excellent training with videos and group coaching, also one on one business planning. They also set up a membership site of the successful Social Media Specialists, with a page about each graduate. I  received a certificate icon and a signed and framed certificate of completion. I am a certified Social Media Campaign Specialist. This was several years ago, I keep up with new platforms for social media.

The Power Affiliate Club

4. Another group I am affiliated with is the Power Affiliate Club PAC for short. I knew the Director from a previous  group, I was involved with. I became friends with Lesly Federici the head of PAC and I started sending her items I came across that I thought she would like to read concerning PAC. After some time  she asked me to join PAC as an admin member. I am now the happy “Welcome Lady” for new people starting a membership with PAC. I enjoy the admin hangouts we have and do as much as I can to help this blogging community  in my spare time.


5. I have learned from all my time online, over 10 years, what I love to do, and just what I don’t like to do. What my strengths  and weakness are. I am moving towards my big vision of being successful with my own business online. I own a business of 10 years offline as well. I have come a long way on my own but feel that I am at a crossroads now. I have been presented with many different choices of direction and for the first time in a long time, I feel stuck.

So how do I get back into the 5% again?
How do I get my wheels turning and get back on track?

I feel that getting together with a coach is the right thing to start moving forward again. The right coach that understands what I want  for my business and can show me how to get it. What will happen if I stay where I am? If I am still on this path 2 years from now? What would that mean for my self-confidence? My bank account? My happiness?

What will happen if nothing changes?

I still haven’t achieved what I want – that indicates I am doing something wrong. No one has ever succeeded on their own. I want to find a solution and be among that 5%. I am doing the scary thing, I am going for my dreams and will start gaining momentum by hiring a coach.

I hope this article is a wake-up call and reminds you to start changing things today, to stat taking action and becoming someone who is going forward toward your own vision in life.

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I am Passionate

Is this your Passion – starting a company? How can you do that? Or how to connect an existing business to the internet.



What I am passionate about – Starting a company.

By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, WE CREATE IT. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired”
– Franz Kafka


Social Media Day
Thursday June 30th World Wide Social Media Day.

I am a Certified Social Media Campaign Creation Specialist.

 How did I become an expert? I took many courses, I read just about everything I could find on the subject. What I learned over many years, I  have implemented what I learned. I got results. I  have social media platform accounts on:

FaceBook – 5 Facebook pages of my own. Members of many groups including PAC Power Affiliate Club. Instagram – 1 personal account, setting up another as a business account. Google+  I have 3 accounts, Pinterest – a business account,  and a Tumblr  account.

social media certification


I share items about my subject that would be related, not just the business of social media.
I provide as much  value I can. I am the welcome lady for Facebook Community – PAC I meet new members and help them out where I can. I do birthday cards for PAC members. Campaign strategies for Fan Page Campaigns – images. I am a friendly supportive member of the PAC community.
It’s all about how you positioning yourself differently than anyone else.

What You Should Know About Social Media
Work your plan by understanding your audience first – their needs, their wants, and their pain. Put together your ideal avatar of a customer. Who are they, where do they live (country) what do they need?

Use Keyword Research – (which is about knowing your audience.) What is your story to share with your audience that they would be searching for? Use Google’s keyword search tool.  Log into your Google page first. On the site: tools then keyword planner. Find new keywords window type your data.
Get search value – button
See a list of keyword searches – this is gold for anything you want to sell online, or use these keywords in your blog articles. This tells you how many searches for each keyword phrase.

What Social Media Platforms are you be sharing on consistently? Why are you using those particular platforms? Where is your target audience likely to be? Do you know the difference between using Facebook  (Ads) or any other type of platform? Pinterest primarily for  Woman or  Instagram for younger audience etc.

Why are you using those particular platforms? Where is your target audience likely to be? Do you know the difference between using Facebook  (Ads) or any other type of platform? Pinterest primarily for  Woman or  Instagram for younger audience etc.

Do you market on Facebook? Are you looking to have better reach for your posts on Facebook? Facebook is all about connecting with people.

Many businesses start posting on Facebook without a plan! As a result, your posts don’t often address the needs of their audience. So…. not much interest.

1. Creating a road map for posts covering various subjects
As an example, fitness tips, if you are in the fitness industry. Blog marketing, perhaps healthy recipes if you are in the health niche, you get the idea. Write out the content you could use in a list. Use it daily or weekly depending on your analytics.

2.  A Content Calendar
After choosing your topics, create a calendar. A content calendar maps out what to post each day. When you have a schedule, it also helps you build in enough time to create your social media images to go along with your posts. Use Canva or Pickmonkey, both have  free levels or paid memberships.

3. Your Written and Visual Content
On Facebook, there are 4 types of content. Links –  images – videos and text updates. Every post should have an image. Something you have created or an image you have paid for.

4. Facebook Post Descriptions
When you post a link,  on your fan page, it fetches the metadata automatically. You can then edit it, removing the url  on the post altogether and the pic below stays put. You then have a larger area to post your message. Remember that Facebook posts are now searchable, so this is an excellent opportunity to add your keywords, too. The same with Facebook notes feature. You can post an article on a note page from your website  ( use HTML ) and it appears in the post feed of your page, but stays permanently in the notes section.

5. Best Time to Publish
If you dig into your analytics you will discover the ideal days or times to post. Not a good idea to simply post when your content is ready. You can schedule the post for a certain day and time. You want to post when there are more people on Facebook  at a certain time.

According to  in their article, the best days to post on Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays. But do check your  own analytics. I have checked mine and I would say they are right for me.
To maximize your engagement,  use tools like Facebook Insights and Bitly url shortener (has a tracker) if you post links. These are helpful if you don’t want to invest in an analytics tool.

Communities or Groups on Facebook
Joining a community on Facebook to help you understand this complexity of information is a smart way to go. I belong to two such communities. See more information on my websites for links to my facebook pages for these communities. PAC with several groups within it  has several individuals with their own marketing communities within it. This article is  for one of those groups The Blogging Carnival with PAC. by Mandy Allen.

PAC or the Power Affiliate Club has several groups within it. PAC  has many individuals with their own marketing communities within it. This article is  from one of those groups  -The Blogging Carnival with PAC. by Mandy Allen. We write an article a week for 5 weeks on a certain topic and link it other people’s articles. See the banner below for a connection.


Campaign Objectives of Your Business

Remain focused on your campaign level objectives.

There are three major objectives – you can only focus on one at a time. FOCUS is individual time spent.
They are: ( each has a specific campaign around it. )

More Traffic –

More Exposure –

More Money –

So basically, a social media marketing document or plan is just an in-depth, text-based format of your mind map. It just takes a lot longer to write and expands on all the finer details.

Another blog on passion would be  by: Lesly Federici < “Somebody has a passion for something – Pac’s infectious mission.”

For small and medium-sized businesses, visualizing a social media marketing campaign as a flow chart or mind map is usually  a great way to achieve the planning objective. Please contact me to strategize about your social media for your business.

For More Information on PAC the Power Affiliate Club that Lesly and I and all the Carnival Bloggers belong to go here  Power Affiliate Club. Free to join

How do you view your passion for your goals?  Please contact me if you are passionate, and wish  to strategize about  starting a company or using social media for an existing business.

Kathryn Maclean


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Blogging for Business

Business Blogging

Do you use blogging for your business? Most people do today. If you don’t you  certainly should. Your new blog is one of the best online assets you will ever have, for years to come.

It’s the central hub where people can learn about you and your business. Like your home where you invite people in to visit with you. When prospects check out a business opportunity there is usually a blog or website that they go to to find out more information.


Blogging for Buisness

Do you know how to set up your own self-hosted Word Press blog?

Key aspects would be, -what plugins do you need to install? Do you know how to configure them?

Most people fail to do this on their blog and it sets them up for failure, right from the start. By doing it the right way the first time, you save yourself time, energy and a lot of money. I know because I did it the hard way. Learn from my mistakes by paying close attention to this blog.

You will want to stand out from the crowd with your new blog. This is called Branding.

A simple branding effect will set you apart from all the other marketers online. Do you know how to set up your blog to ensure that you not only get sales but ensure that you will get leads, like all the top earners do?

Business owners want results, that means – they want more customers. Simple but doing it is something else. If you are considering using blogging as your marketing strategy for your business…

Here are 3 things you should  consider:

  1.  Your blog has all the information they are looking for. They find it when doing a Google search.
  2.  A business blog has to have a promotional strategy to get the content in front of the right buyer.
  3. This takes time, you do need to consider hiring someone to do this type of marketing for you. It’s long term results.



You should optimize your blog for business  by using an autoresponder to keep your name and products top of mind. By offering a gift or coupon for their email addresses.  Your email series should be easy to read, short to the point and personable. The more they get to know you the more they get that Know Like and Trust factor and that is huge. They open your emails and they buy what you suggest because they like you and they trust you.

One type of email autoresponder that is  free Mail Chimp
Email Marketing will grow your business faster than any other marketing medium! I use and recommend MailChimp The service is excellent!

Do you struggle with content creation ideas?
You will need content for your blog, there are many places that you can get inspiration and content that you are free to use. PLR rights where the work is already done for you, you just have to tweak it.

Pinterest has great ideas that will give you inspiration. Also, a great place to link  your articles to. Great traffic tip there!

Curation is taking a piece of someone else’s work and adding your own thoughts to it and giving credit where credit is due. With Google search for ideas you are never limited in ideas for content. Content is King, they say that for a reason.

You must optimize your content to get interaction on each and every blog post. This is traffic to your blog posts and can generate massive lead flow.

A little known traffic strategy is called native advertising. The term “native ads” refers to online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. At the supper bowl the Imagine Dragons performed or so it seemed, it was actually a commercial, that many did not see as such.

The more thoughtful and targeted the advertisement, the more effective it is. Creating super targeted ads straight from your content is sure to get you results. Facebook loves this and is moving to do more with this model. To improve the user’s experience.

What works today is that you market with good, solid content that they find both valuable and worth sharing with others. And when they do, they’ll share it as a result that naturally attracts lots more eyeballs to your posts and product pages. Exploding your sales and profits at the end of the day.

Isn’t this what you want from your business blog?  Contact me for information on doing so. See my sites contact page.

Curated from Mark Herbert’s sales letter for Blogging Academy and from his video for the same product.  Blogging Academy

About Kathryn Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + Also an Affiliate Network Marketer using resources such as PAC – Power Affiliate Club were I am the welcome coordinator.

Best Facebook Posts

Improve Your Facebook Page Posts



How can you  have the best posts on Facebook?

If you market on Facebook, you are probably interested in having better reach for your posts…RIGHT?

Many businesses start posting on Facebook without a  plan. As a result, their posts don’t often address the needs of their audience. You have seen Facebook pages that have been abandoned with nothing on them for months well here are some tips that will help you with what to post, how often to post, and the big one, get engagement!


1. Create your road map for posts -covering various subjects.
As an example,  for a health type of page -fitness tips, if you are in the fitness field. Blog marketing, healthy recipes,  anything you can think of along those lines.

Write out the content you could use in a list:
Fitness tips
Blog marketing
Healthy recipes
Nutritional value of foods
Healthy living tips
Correct postures, exercises
Different exercises for different people according to the need

2. Content Calendar
After choosing the topics, create a calendar. A content calendar maps out what to post each day. When you have a schedule, it also helps you build in enough time to create your social media images to go along with your posts. Pinterest images are different sizes to Facebook ones etc. These take time to do.

Start to schedule your content a week at a time in advance. This gives you the flexibility to keep up with timely topics. Using Google Adwords  <Click ( You pick what you want delivered to your email inbox)

Your Written and Visual Content On Facebook there are 4 types of content.

  1. Links
  2. Images
  3. Videos
  4. Text updates.

Analyze your business and audience before choosing content types for your posts. If Engagement to your blog is your objective, the link format likely would work well for you. See link for my article on this.

If brand awareness is your main goal, images and videos are a better bet. If you want to drive attention to a link in the description in the post you should include an image along with the link. A video keeps people on your site longer than any other media. See a previous article with the link brand awareness.

So the takeaway is that the content type you choose effectively helps to drive attention to the link. Do be sure to check your analytics to see if you are choosing the right content types. Track your links as well.

4. Hashtags
A recent Scientific Study on Hashtags : How many, which ones, and where to use them. Visit  Hashtag.

The value of hashtags  and a few neat ideas on how to find some to use in your social sharing. If you’re looking for a simple rule of thumb for hashtagging posts, I think there’s a lot of truth here in this advice from The Next Web:

Rule of thumb: 1 – 3 tags is best over all platforms.

Twitter: to categorize
Pinterest: to brand, and be specific (tags are only clickable in pin descriptions)
Instagram: to build community, and be unique/detailed
Google+: to categorize; autogenerates tags based on what it thinks your post is most relevant to
Tumblr: to categorize interests, can be specific and general (has a “track your tags” feature)
Facebook: sort of a hashtag fail – if your audience is very business-minded, follow Twitter rules; if it is community-oriented, follow Pinterest/Instagram rules

5. Facebook Post Descriptions
When you post a link say on your fan page, it fetches the metadata automatically. You can then edit it, removing the url all together and the pic below stays there. You then have a larger area to post your message. Remember that Facebook posts are now searchable, so this is an excellent opportunity to add your keywords, too.

6. Best Time to Publish
If you dig into your analytics you will discover the ideal days or times to post. Not a good idea to simply post when your content is ready. Remember you are working with world time zones  here.
According to HubSpot article, the best days to post on Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays. But do check your analytics. I have checked mine and I would say they are right. Best time to post.

Think about it: Is your audience spreading their time spent on social media equally throughout the day? Of course not. Every social network has higher and lower traffic times through out an average day and an average week.  They don’t have schedules as to when they visit, it can be rather random. Check your analytics for a while and you will see a pattern.

Posting strategically at higher traffic times will help drive traffic to the content you’re sharing on social. Infographic for all social media best times to post. For me it’s 3:00 pm generally.

It’s Important to check your analytics.
T o maximize your engagement, tools like Facebook Insights and Bitly if you post links. Or other link tracking programs I like ClickMeter . These are helpful if you don’t want to invest in an analytics tool. They are  all free tools.
For more information, there are paid tools available to give you more detailed analytics. Fanpage Karma gives stats on each type of content.  Free 14 day trial For more on Tracking see this previous article.

Today with businesses striving to get more and more attention on Facebook, which has 1.5 Billion monthly active users.  Using the right strategy can get you more success from your Facebook business posts.

Joining a community on Facebook to help you understand this complexity of always changing information is a smart way to go. I belong to two such communities. The Power Affiliate Club and also Life Mechanics University. See more information on my website that link to my facebook pages, (I have six of them).

Please feel free to contact me on any of my sites on the contact pages to arrange a free 15 min chat on what I can help you with using social media for your business.

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About Kathryn Maclean

Long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as  Expert Author status and the Coordinator for PAC the Power Affiliate Club.

Keys to a Successful Business

What are the Keys to a Successful Business?

Every Business Owner or CEO of a business has  keys that unlock closed doors.

Door keys

How can you tell a CEO business owner from a sales person?

A CEO of a company always talks about the future of their company. They have a vision of where their company is going. They have a mission statement . Mine is “connecting your business to the net” They are passionate at what they want to accomplish. I am too, I want to help people achieve their business goals.

If you don’t have that – you are only a salesperson. “Buy my product”, or “check out my comp plan”. Think of  a car salesman, and you get the picture.

The Keys to Success

#1 You have to WANT to be a business owner, and I mean really want it. No excuses,  you take action right away. You are consistent, and move your business forward Your passion will show in everything you do. Your website/blog is constantly updated with content. You advertise  regularly  and use social media.


#2. You have to believe YOU CAN DO IT. You believe in yourself and have a positive attitude. If your mentor could do it, then you can too. Sacrificing is not a key. That is not the right mindset. You want to be a business owner  and this  affords a great lifestyle.

#3. Find a GREAT MENTOR .  There are many coaches out on the internet. You want to find one that is documented.  Someone who can show you and teach you how to be a great business owner. Someone who has been there and done it many times over.

#4. Take action

If you want to change your life, you can! Learn about this opportunity to change your life from  pushing sales to being your own successful business owner with business goals.

About Kathryn (Kathie) Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Google + & Instagram. Also an  Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as  Expert Author &  Welcome Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club.

Website Writing Content

 Tips On Website Writing Content For Your Blog Posts


Having a problem  with website writing great content for your blog, your Facebook account or other Social Media ?

You sit down in front of your computer – there is your empty screen staring at you.  Writer’s blog ensues. You panic, what can you write, no inspiration appears…

Does this sound familiar to you?

I write an article once a week, without fail. I have found is that it’s much easier if I have some resources at hand to help me out with the dreaded writer’s block. Content is king …

1.  Be Crystal Clear About Your Goal.
If you are selling an item,  -whether it’s an idea, or your company’s product or your  own service. Writing content that  adds email subscribers to your list is the way to go. Each email is a potential client or sale.

2.What Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your Traffic?
Post  somewhere, and then link it back. Social email and direct traffic will form your basis for a consistent traffic stream. However, the best way to attract a large number of new readers is to post on other sites with more traffic than your blog and  then it link back. Bringing in new readers is critical, without  traffic  your business will  just lie there on your screen -alone!

3. Life Time Marketing Tools – Your BLOG or  your Facebook Page (s)
It doesn’t really matter what you may be selling, you should design your content to guide potential customers through a buying process. This is referred to as a buying funnel. Educate your customers about a product, cultivate people as an expert and convince them to buy your product or service and close the sale internally right on your site or re-directed people to your blog in the case of Facebook.

4. Resources – How To Find Awesome Content Sources
For Facebook posts  try checking  out Tumblr with its tons of content. The search tool helps find content using hashtags. Such as Most Popular, Most Recent, or sort by Text, Photos, Quotes, Links, Chat or Audio. Always  remember to cite your source. Give credit where credit is due.

5. A Marketers Group
Another source to use is A marketer’s best friend. Content on the website is based on votes from users. You can receive email daily or weekly to your email box. Subjects on Inbound such as Marketing tools, Search, Social Media Tips, Content Marketing, Conversion, Analytics, Mobile and Startup Marketing.

6. Photos or Images
I use Free Digital – With a very large inventory of pics that you can use. It has paid photos or a pic free if you site the source including the artists name in your post. Also can use Flickr for photos or I use a lot of my own photographs.

7. You Can Also Use PLR
It’s a great thing to buy pre-written articles, ebooks or even full scale courses. You don’t have to start from scratch, most of the work is already done for you. However it’s still a good idea to always re-write your PLR, chop it up into smaller articles, change the title, and graphics. Also use these newly re-written articles to post on others blogs, when you guest author.

There are all kinds of ways of writing website content for your posts and blogs. Next time you have articles to write, gather these resources and you  will find it a much easier way to write your content.

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About Kathryn R. Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as The Power Affiliate Club – Expert Author & welcome coordinator.

New Site Needed

Do you need to make a site from scratch or just re-do it?

Let’s see if your website is promoting you & your business or do you need a new website ?

Creative Market


Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you think maybe
yes  -you might need a new blog or website.

-You do have a particular affinity for your site, after all you designed it and for most small business owners, you picked all the elements that went into creating it. So admitting  it needs a major overhaul may be difficult to admit.

I hear you, I design sites for others and still I ask myself if my three websites could be better.

Here are some items to look over to help you decide….

  • Are you branding your marketing to YOU  and not to your business?
  • Let’s talk about small business for a moment.
  • Do you brand through your Logo
  • Do you participation in events locally, use newspapers or low cost tv ads, radio or word of mouth?

Branding is more than just the visual, it’s how you represent your company or business. It’s the core functions, – it’s your message that you put out into the world .

Today it’s your message that is your brand. The visual representation of your brand such as, a logo,  just reinforces your brand, it is not your brand per se.

When someone sees your website or your  landing page  or a /squeeze page, blog article, social media post or what ever, it gives them the feeling that you are someone who can help solve their problem or help with a need that they have.

Your message defines you as that  it is what people are searching for. In the offline world, you identify with what a person’s brand when you ask them “What do you do?”

Messaging and branding are now about building in the mind of each prospect,  -how you can make a difference for them because they have related to you online.

Here is the process that clients go through
What specific problems are you looking to solve?

  • What is your major objective to work with – money – traffic – exposure
  • How is your product or service a solution – what outcome is perceived?
  • Is your website responsive? People want  a seamless optimized experience today.
  • Do you feature a clear call-to-action above the fold?

So do you need a website?

Are your social profiles easily accessible? Y / N

Is your content easily shareable? Y/N

Do you share content about your business? Y/N

Are you building an email list? Y/N

If you went through these questions and answered -No to the majority, it might be time to start considering a website re design or get a new website launched.

Here are some beautiful site themes that I am an affiliate for.

Image from Creative Market   <click to see the site

The web moves at lightening speed, it can be hard to keep up. What works today may not tomorrow. If you would like to discuss the development of a new website, or would like to know more about building a new site, feel free to contact me today.

About Kathryn R. Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as: Expert Author & Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club