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For help from a blogging community I recommend joining PAC Power Affiliate Club.

What Is PAC?

Recently I was very luck to find a community of like minded bloggers.

The Power Affiliate Club know as PAC is a group that has taken shape as a powerful entity online, in a very short period of time. In less than a year, launch was in April of 2014.

What makes this a community of pride and accomplishment is due to the owner  Lesly Federici

It started out as an idea of a friend and as good ideas do, it blossomed with Lesly implementing it. The idea came from a discussion and the question arose about Affiliates coming together to buy from each other.

The first PAC website started in mid-April was to test this idea and see if there was interest from others. After a couple of months, it became very clear that yes, this really could work, and they created the new website now the official Power Affiliate Club as the domain with a secure IP address. And they were rocking!

With the membership software program in place. Adding a wishlist and adding a calendar of events for members and visitors to view. They added more social media and share plugins to promote what PAC does and they were ready.

Now is the time to share PAC’s mission which they have done, creating a community of the woman bloggers ( also some very good men bloggers ) who are also Affiliate Marketers, promoting and supporting and shopping from each other.

I have been a member for several years, and have been elevated to Expert Writer, something I am very proud of.  I have enjoyed participating in many workshops on the PAC site.  

We represent a professional, unique and informative  & fun blogger community that attracts readers on the net and potential new members. Our purpose is to elevate YOU and contribute to building your own unique presence online. Great things will come from this… PAC is accepting new members at this time.

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