Business Focus Dealing with Overwhelm

Ideas for business focus and overwhelm

Are your distractions self-inflicted? Do you do it to yourself every day?  Are you easily distracted?

Start Today
Below are several things you can do today to start being more productive by using  business focus  dealing with distractions.  A few simple things and you will immediately feel more in control of your environment.

Having a clear path of action helps you develop your strategy for reaching your long-term goals. What is the difference between a dream and a goal? It’s the reality of planning that turns your wishes into a reality.

Business focus


There are many ways to deal with overwhelm here are a few…

  • be a little less available
  • set some rules of engagement
  • stay in the zone
  • work in a quite environment
  • music that scientifically helps with focus
  • use a timer and schedule 20 mins work and 5 mins break

Schedule a set quantity of time for the week

Once that time window is full, do not take any more requests for your time that week.

Stop wasting precious time in the morning frenetically running around like a crazy person trying to get things completed in order to get to work on time. Even if you work at home… Do whatever you can to get ready the night before.  Have your list of three things you want to accomplish tomorrow on your desk at the end of the day. Set out your clothing, and your kids’ clothing. Have the coffeepot launch it’s self automatically by using the timer. This is a favorite of mine. Love smelling the coffee first thing in the morning.


So you have business ideas. No need to write it down, you have it all in your head! This is one BIG NO NO! If this is what you are telling yourself, it’s incomplete at best and it will lead to chaos! It’s not organized. You need to make a list then it moves off your mental to-do list. Good to do before bed.

Instead of focusing on accomplishing all of the goals at one time, break them down  into chunks to what is most important at the top and less important down the list.

For example, I learned to make Monday and Tuesdays (especially late mornings) my prime creative time on my most important projects. Later on in the week, as my discipline evaporates, for meetings and administrative things, or creating images for projects in large batches.

4 Tips for Business Focus

Tip #1

Treat yourself to a very pretty notebook. I do this every January , and a new wall calendar.
Write down everything. Include diagrams, highlights. For pictures and articles – Do you have All stored in the cloud.  Check it out it’s free and you can store content electronically as well as in your pretty notebook.

Tip# 2

I use a cork board next to my desk with post-its to stay on track.

Orange – Things I can not change appointments- PAC work
Turquoise – for things that will take about 1 hour -USING MY TIMER to focus.
Pink  – for 2-hour sessions -writing a blog post or doing research for one.
Lime green  -15 mins  Chats on facebook with potential clients

This helps in setting realistic expectations and attaining my goals for the week and so I don’t get stressed out.

Tip # 3

Have you actually written down your brilliant ideas?

I have a note pad by my bed as I do my best thinking in the morning before getting up. Also a small pad in my purse for anything I think of when I’m out. Any articles or pics I save in Evernote.


  • When you look at your calendar put in RED the things you need to do this year.
  • Next, things that need to get done in the next 60 days written in GREEN
  • Next to that, things that need to get done on a monthly , weekly and daily basis.

Continue to plan all the way down to the month and even the week. This is my main way to stay  organized. I also use Google calendars for keeping track of webinars or other content etc and a printed calendar as well. I use a weekly print out to keep track of all my work so I can look something up quickly. I keep these for reference.

It’s also a good idea to put in Dr.’s appointments, any family activities, shopping and do schedule time off for yourself. When you schedule estimate double what you think it will take. This gives you wiggle room, building your buffer zone.

So go ahead and schedule what you need to do. THIS WEEK .  and each day!

  • If you can delegate it – do it. I have my husband in charge of the laundry, shopping, and cooking. That works for us, everyone is different.

Tip #4

Write down  for various lists

Under Important

  • Deadlines
  • Last min prep

These would be urgent

Under Not Urgent

  • Relationship building
  • Personal development

Under Not Important

  • Some emails – phone calls
  • Under Urgent

Time Wasters

  • Excessive TV
  • Excessive social media


Block your time into sections

  1. Turn off your phone and close all browser windows.
  2. Put a sign on the door  -Do Not Disturb!!!
  3. No social media when you are working!

At least one hour per task. Then take 15 mins for a break. Set a timer to help you focus on the time allotted. Give your brain a rest and give your body a stretch. Shorter 15 mins with 5 min breaks.

Focus on your business when you need to. Completely disengage when you need to too.

“You must have long term goals to keep from being frustrated by short-term failures.” Charles C Noble

Be consistent, and persistent when dealing with distraction and business focus. Join a group of like-minded people such as PAC (see below) to help you with building your business and live the life you have always dreamed of.


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