Business Plan

Do you have a business plan?

Having a plan dramatically increases your probability of success, makes sense. You would never build your dream house by having some lumber delivered and just start hammering away, would you? Of course not.

You would first meet with an architect have some plans drawn up and contact a professional builder to go over what you want to be built. I watch a lot of fixer upper type shows on tv so this is an analogy I like.

Defining your Business Model – Building your Foundation

A business plan can have hundreds of pages, with charts and graphs, projections and even more added. These are suitable for a large business. A business model is simply a plan for  – how do you make money?  There is no right or wrong way.  Think of the business model that a very creative real estate company created – that went against being traditional and re-branded their business plan to offering home visits – AirB&B, just for a nightly rate to travelers. A great way to bring in extra cash for people renting out their homes. Or look at what  Uber has done to the Taxi industry, re-invented it completely.

Business plan


Small to medium business, usually only need something simple,   – what you know to say no to and  – what you will say yes to.This may change over time, but the plan is intentional and by design. It is a solid foundation,  without it the walls would crumble. You don’t want that.  You want a strong business. A lack of clarity brings goals that are not supported, misdirection ends ups as chasing after money without any guidelines.  Total chaos ! So let’s look at a marketing business plan.

Business plan

Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner

The Marketing Plan

“If you want to be successful you need to start by paying attention to expanding the things that give you the most leverage. – (“Influence or power used to achieve the desired result ”

The biggest leverage point in any type of business is marketing. < (Another article of mine on marketing.) That is where the money is. ” – Lisa Lartner  -Top marketer.

-Define your business model and get clear on how to create multiple streams of income including passive income.

An organization creates and captures value. A Marketing Business model includes basic building blocks. Like what is the objective? < for more on setting objectives, my article.

( Only one focus at a time) Either…(each has different steps)




Basic questions that need to be considered:

  • Who are you creating value for?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What value do you deliver to the client?
  • What are your services or products?
  • Which needs of the client are you satisfying?
  • What keeps them up nights? How can you help?
  • What bundles of products or services are you offering to each client segment?
  • What channels do your client segments want to be reached? Are they mostly on Pinterest? Facebook? or Instagram?

How do you define your business model?

Make a list of all the things you sell and or your services

Where else can you sell your services and products?

Generate passive income just by sharing info about the services you use. Example, I am an affiliate for my hosting  company >  Site Ground.

How are your channels integrated?

Do you use IFTTT or Desktop tools like Hootsuite or Agora Pulse? (<Affiliate link) Which work best? IFTTT is totally free and some Dashboards are free with a paid upgrade.

What type of relationship does each of your client segments expect you to establish and maintain with them? A professional relationship based on mutual respect.

Marketing Strategies and Tactics

The strategy’s you use in your business plan to get your ideal client to Know, Like and Trust you, so that they become a customer, should be included in your plan. Your call to action should be compelling enough so that the prospect does something specific,  like sign up to your email or click thru to a sales page.  Whatever it is, your specific value packed offer should compel them to take the next action step.

Your next action step could be getting together with me to see if we are a good fit, and what we can do together to get your business plan started. Contact me on my “about me page” to set up a free 15 min discovery call.


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