Do You Blog for Business?

Blogging for Business

Does your business either offline or online make use of a blog? Are you blogging for business? If you haven’t considered doing so, look over this post to see what you might be missing out on.  Most people today make use of social media to attract people and that can lead directly lead to your blog. If you don’t blog you certainly should. Your new blog is one of the best online assets you will ever have,  and for years to come.


Blog for business

Your blog is the central hub where people can learn about you and your business. Google “shoe business in Winchester” and various links are shown.  Most will lead to a website, a blog or a website with a blog. Maybe even a video, with links back to their blog.  A blog is updated regularly with information. Articles about the subject of the website. A site has static pages such as a home or contact page.  Your blog is like your home where you invite people in to visit with you. When prospects check out a business opportunity there is usually a blog or website that they go to to find out more information on the opportunity they are interested in.


Setting up your own self-hosted Word Press blog

There are two kinds of WordPress blogs. One is .com owned by WordPress. WordPress is free but you pay for the hosting of the site.The other is .org and you own that property. Most bloggers prefer to use the self-hosted You are able to use a theme with it and add plugins to add diversity to your site. My hosting is with SiteGround. An article on this.

Key aspects  -what plugins do you need to install? Do you know how to configure them?

Most people when blogging for business fail to do this on their blog and it sets them up for failure, right from the start. By doing it the right way the first time, you save yourself time, energy and a lot of money. I know because I did it the hard way. Learn from my mistakes by paying close attention to this blog.

You will want to stand out from the crowd with your new blog. This is called Branding.

A simple branding effect will set you apart from all the other marketers online. Do you know how to set up your blog to ensure that you not only get sales but ensure that you will get leads, as the top earners do?

Business owners want results, that means – they want more customers. Simple but doing it is something else.

Here are 3 things you should  consider when blogging for business:

  1.  Your blog has all the information they are looking for. They find it when doing a Google search. Use keywords.
  2.  A business blog has to have a promotional strategy to get content in front of the right buyer. Targetted market.
  3. This takes time, you do need to consider hiring someone to do this type of marketing for you. It’s long-term results.


You should optimize your blog for business by using an autoresponder to keep your name and products top of mind with your best clients or customers. Offer a gift, a checklist, ebook or coupon for their email addresses.  Your email series should be easy to read, short and to the point as well as personable. The more they get to know you, the more they get that ” Know Like and Trust ” factor and that is huge. They open your emails and they buy what you suggest because they know you and y trust you and they like you.

One type of email autoresponder that is free is Mail Chimp. Email Marketing will grow your business faster than any other marketing medium! I use something more than a free process I recommend  Active Campaign, the service is excellent!

Active Campaign  -Set up a welcome email that will send to any people who join this list after its activated. Creating an email in an automation will push you to the email designer. Personalize your email through Active Campaign. Can also select to create your template from scratch. Saving the email will bring you back to the automation. See the site for more. My affiliate link.

Do you struggle with content creation ideas?
You will need content for your blog, there are many places that you can get inspiration and content that you are free to use. PLR rights where the work is already done for you, you just have to tweak it and make it your own. I get my inspiration from …. Pinterest has great ideas that will give you inspiration. Also, a great place to link  your articles to.  My Pinterest boards are here.

You must optimize your content to get interaction on each and every blog post. This is traffic to your blog posts and can generate massive lead flow. Many ways to add content upgrades to your articles.  I use something called…

MissingLettr that will take my article and add #hashtags to it. It also spreads parts of your article to social media you have specified. I have several Facebook business/fan pages that I automatically share my blogs with using this.

Whether you want the Personal plan, Business Plan or Small Team, you can get it for 6 months, at just one month’s payment. Half a year no further payments. After the 6 mths is up you’ll receive an email asking if you want to continue with
a monthly subscription and if you do you get it with a 20% discount.  My affiliate link for  MissingLettr See my link below for my Facebook link to see how it is shared there.

Another content upgrade I use with my articles is a Video service called Lumen5  that takes my blog and makes a video, with a little of my help. They email you after you publish your blog and tell you your video with ready. You add music and tweak the images or add your own.Lumen 5 is a video creation platform Easily create high-quality videos Enter your article link to turn it into a video. The system creates a storyboard. It finds perfect audiovisuals. Adds your branding and call to action. Download and share the video.

Lumen5 is a video creation platform Easily create high-quality videos Enter your article link to turn it into a video. The system creates a storyboard Finds perfect audiovisuals. Adds your branding and call to action. Download and share the video. There is a paid version or the FREE version. Affiliate links will come later.  Google Lumen5.

A video about MissingLettr by Lumen5


The more thoughtful and targeted the advertisement, the more effective it is. Creating super targeted ads straight from your content is sure to get you results. Facebook loves this and is moving to do more with this model. To improve the user’s experience.

What works today when blogging for business is that you market with good, solid content that they find both valuable and worth sharing with others. And when they do, they’ll share it as a result that naturally attracts lots more eyeballs to your posts and product pages. Exploding your sales and profits for your business.

Isn’t blogging for business what you want from your business?   Contact me for information on doing so. See my sites contact page.


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