Harmful Stress In Your Life Now And What To Do About It

Stress at work


Have you ever felt so much stress at work that you just wanted to scream?

Occupational stress is stress related to one’s job. Occupational stress often stems from unexpected responsibilities and pressures that do not align with a person’s knowledge, skills, or expectations, inhibiting one’s ability to cope. Occupational stress can increase when workers do not feel supported by supervisors or colleagues, or feel as if they have little control over work processes.  -From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many people experience different types of stress at work, at home, with certain situations.  Like when you are driving and someone cuts you off, dangerously close. Your hands sweat, your heart suddenly pumps , you feel the  adrenaline. You know that feeling,  probably very well.

I experienced stress in the workplace.

An example would be having to deal with a crowd of people at my desk all talking at once, wanting my attention. I was doing flight scheduling for a government office of military officers. I yelled at them  and told them  -one at a time!  I drew numbers on some post-its and had them come to me one  at a time to book their flight plans.  I was working as a temp for an agency and had come into the department as a replacement clerk during a strike.  So things were rather up side down, and they needed someone to book back logged flights asap.

I experienced quite a lot of stress being an agency temp.

Every office I stepped into, I had to quickly learn my way around.  I do recall one of my very first jobs,  I was not too familiar with computers.  I remember going home and being scared to go back, because I was not sure if I turned off the computer correctly, and may have lost all the days work? Another time I was working in the evening and the owner of the business had to come in because I wasn’t sure if I had set the alarm properly. It went off of course.

In another job I had back then was I worked as a baker.

I had to go in to work at 4:30 am to get started making the bread and opening up the store.  The restaurant has an alarm system that you had to put a code in. If I didn’t remember the code exactly, the alarm system when off and it was LOUD!!!  I had to try and talk to the alarm company as the sirens went off. It would shake me up for the rest of the morning.

All the different types of jobs I have had have been stressful. Having to get up every morning and pick out what to wear for the job,  pack a lunch,   commute on a bus usually, or some times drive and find parking down town. Not to mention dealing with office politics. I finally said enough.

Does the  idea of skipping the morning commute, sitting at your laptop and having tea breaks  when ever you please appeal to you? Those are  some of the obvious perks when working at home. But according to a  new study,  remote working can be good for your health and productivity as well.

I found  in some separate research that those who work from home do say that they get better work satisfaction and that they suffer less from “work exhaustion”. They enjoyed better sleep too. When it comes to gender, studies have found that  women were the workers who were likely to perform better in a  work at home environment, but it depends also on the person’s personality as well. Working from home can be a lonely existence.

To find out more about what you can do about stress in your life.


Now I work from home and my life has changed.

I am a blogger and a small business owner.  I am also connected to a blogging community, which is a great way to not be a lonely working at home. If I wish to not work for a day, I can take the time off. I don’t have to ask anyone for permission. My change of  lifestyle works for me.  I can’t say that I experience  the  stress that I was used to working outside the home,  working at home definitely has reduced my stress.


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