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Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy has a lot of moving parts.

There are quite a few thing to include. It can be a written strategy about how your business can achieve its goals.  It also could include how to obtain your competitive edge by taking into account the expectations of customers or prospective clients and how they will be met.

Your blog or website is one part of your business strategy online. Creating a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated.  Help in the form of tools makes the work much easier. You can create a marketing strategy to include the tools that you will be using to reach your goals.  I have listed the tools that I am using with my blog. How to set up your own strategy using tools is easier than it ever was.

You should adopt a strategy that sets your business apart.   You will need to rethink your business often to stay ahead of the competition. New strategies are required on a consistent basis.  If you have been in business for any amount of time you know that the way you have always done business in the past,  may not be working as effectively as it once did.

Today our socially-oriented business world knows that it pays to be likable. In fact, it is essential. This has become a well know saying “People do business with people they know like and trust.” The KLT factor.

To be successful in business you must be involved on all levels within your company. You can delegate but you should know how the basics work such as Social Media and Social Business Strategies. Social business strategies create the big picture for the business.  Mind mapping or flowcharts provide a step by step process.  Smart companies who create positive engagement from the top of the business with the CEO on down,  have customers willing to be advocates of your products and services. This ensures that your business will thrive, in this changing time of this marketing revolution.


Blogging is all about providing value to your readers, so understanding what they want is important.   Delivering what your visitors want on a  consistent basis in an easily digestible format is key to the success of your business. How do you know what they like and want? How can you provide it? After a period of time, you can check your blog posts on your site to see which are commented on the most and are the most popular. Write more on these types of subjects.

Asking your visitors what they would like to learn more about on your site with a survey is also one way to see what people are most interested in.   I do have a quick survey that I created using Typepad on my about me page at the bottom. If you could go there after reading this blog post and answer 3 questions, I would appreciate it.   Speaking with your visitors about what you can help them with is even better.I use a messaging system for live questions or email responses to questions on my site.

Writing your article is a creative process but blogging for business is not creative, it’s all about using a marketing strategy that suits your own business. How do you extend the reach of your blog posts? What social media platforms suit your particular blog’s  business? Does your brand stand out? How do you get traffic to your blog? What do you do with that traffic? Is your website the best it could be? All these questions can lead to feelings of overwhelm.


Even for Expert Bloggers, blogging can be overwhelming at times. What to write, how often, what platforms to use? There are many types of platforms with different approaches to using a website or a blog. It depends on the type of site wanted. It all depends on you WHY. The reason you started your blog in the first place. The Pareto principle 80/20 rule,  states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of your efforts ~ Wikipedia.  Focusing on the end result will help you see the big picture that you want and help with feelings of overwhelm.


Being organized has other values, like having a  record of your content and using it to figure out what’s working and what is not. You can not make a guess as to what is working. Keeping all this information on a type of spreadsheet is a good practice. There are several methods of doing so.  Microsoft Office or Google Spread Sheets or my favorite  AirTable . (A previous article on AirTable.)


The Editorial Calander

Using an editorial calendar for your blogging business. What is that exactly? It’s an editorial calendar in the form of a spreadsheet form or a certain software that lays out the timeline and the plan for your content marketing. I use CoSchedule. Everything organized in one place by creating a unified workflow for every project with the drag and drop calendar. Social Media Scheduling is very easy. Everything from your own notes to actually creating a WordPress blog post on CoSchedule is easy.

On a Content Calendar, you can keep track of Holidays so you can plan in advance, and make campaigns around like Christmas, New Years etc. Air Table also has a calendar that you can drag and drop your images or files too that is great. These two types of calendars have a free and paid program. Other things to keep track of – what you have used in the past such as your inbound and outbound links. What meta descriptions you used with what. Instagram captions, all the little things can be entered into your database.

Marketing Strategy


There are many tools to use for blogging, many types of plugins that do a variety of things to help your site do many different types of jobs.

My favorites tools with a list of my plugins are :

ActiveCampaign Adds contact forms from my autoresponder of choice.

Broken Link Checker notifies you that there is a broken link and where it is by email

Clicky by Yoast adds analytics tracking

Drift 100% Free Chat & Targeted Messager that you see on my blog pages. Emails to me.

Elementor Drag and Drop page builder came with a Template Maker program. .

Evergreen Countdown Timer for landing pages came with the same program above.

See my “Resources  List” for 25 of these links of what else I use for my business.

A Business Strategy

Your blog needs to be a part of your overall marketing strategy,  to be effective in meeting goals today. According to a recent article on,  websites that have a blog have 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t. The same article also said that having a blog gives your brand and company more credibility.  Today this is getting to be more and more the case.

In order to maximize your content creating efforts, you need to plan and implement your strategy. Creating a content marketing strategy implies – mapping out all the steps of the process – from content creation to promotion and repurposing your content using tools to do it fast. Without a proper strategy, your message will go unnoticed and you’ll fall short of what you’ve expected from your business.

In order to maximize your content creating efforts, you need to plan to implement your strategy. Creating a content marketing strategy implies:

  •  mapping out all the steps of the process
  •  from content creation to promotion and repurposing your content using automation type tools.

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