Lead Magnets What are they?

Lead Magnets and email optins. I am working on a new Lead Magnet for my site with a new email series. Maybe you are thinking about doing the same for your business?

What is a Lead Magnet?

It’s a Freebie or an enticing gift that you offer in exchange for your reader’s email.

It has to be something that’s valuable,  so much so that they can’t help but sign up for it when they see it.  Something short and actionable. It should…

  • solve or answer  a real problem of the reader
  • should have valuable content for the visitor
  • would have instant access – downloadable
  • it should show your expertise on the subject

So -who is this free content for?

Your ideal client who is interested in the content on your website. They may come to your site by way of various social media platforms. Maybe from Pinterest where they saw one of your boards with an article from your website. They were interested enough to click thru to your site to read the article.  They read your article, like it and may share it with Facebook, or another social network.

They see your “Free offer” of a checklist about how to get more traffic on Pinterest as an example. They think it looks great, they like your website and your content so they sign up to your email list to get the Free checklist.  They are taken to a thank you page with the download or to an email with the download for the checklist. It’s fast and the thank you message is great. They consume the checklist and like it, so they save it for themselves. Happy with the transaction, they will be happy to click the email that day or on the following day to find out more from this new friend who gave them such a valuable gift.

The email list is where all your marketing efforts are in effect. This is how a relationship starts between the author and the reader of the email series.  They should be 80% entertainment or teaching and only 20% selling. This is eventually how most money is made, by the email list.  Your list is yours alone. Should your social media platform change, and you don’t like the changes, they control the platform. You will still have your list. Your list is gold! Treat your readers like Gold!

How can you be sure to supply your loyal readers with the content that they want?

Ask them! How?

With Surveys
One way to know what your readers are interested in would be to ask a few questions. Perhaps a survey that is not too long to answer. 3 or 4 main questions. You could use free survey tools such as  Survey Monkey or Survey Nuts  ( see my survey below with Survey Nuts) or even Google forms.  An example of a Survey is below:
Lead Magnets

My Survey _ How Can I Help You With Your Marketing?         3 Quick Questions  If you have a min, please fill out the survey. Thank you!

When you have data that shows what your readers are interested in you can create offers that you know your readers want.

( Also offer free consult calls just to find out what they really want for their business – see my about -me page )

The Option Box

You can use your Autoresponder’s   (affiliate link ) optin boxes that they provide, but you can also combine them with these types of optins which are a plugin for WordPress.

Sumome WordPress Plugin   https://wordpress.org/plugins/sumome/

An excellent article about all the features offered by Sumome, some of which are free /upgrades.
“It is a free all-in-one email list builder, social sharing, and integrated Google analytics for website traffic generation. It’s an arsenal of tools to put your website on auto-pilot to grow your business”
~by Yogesh Shinde 

Here is a list of Sumome features  that Yogesh shows step by step
List Builder
Scroll Box
Smart Bar
Google Analytics
Heat Maps
Content analytics
Social media & image sharer
Contact Form
Buy button
Social media share
Welcome Mat

So now you have places to go to survey your visitors, so you can learn about what they want to learn about.  A place to find a variety of services with one plug in.  Now – where to place your optins?

There are many places to put your opt-in forms:
Across the header of your site
Blog sidebar
Footer of website
Your about page
Above your blog posts
Below your blog posts
Within your blog posts
In your navigation menu

Before you can actually place the optin-forms you need  to decide what to write about  in your emails.  How to actually go about setting it all up.There is a variety of training that you can find to accomplish this. I have two excellent marketers with training courses that you might check out below.

Katherine Sullivan  ( Affiliate link ) See her PROGRAMs page –

  • 20K in 20 Days $99.
  • Build Your Email List Quickly $19.

And  Cathy Topping has a Great Lead Magnets for List Building FREE Course (Click her name  link)


Conclusion Now that I have completed this article, I now need to actually create a new optin with a series of emails.  I am just completing Cathy Toppings Lead Magnet Course and I need to set up a new autoresponder.

Please fill in the survey in this article, it will help me out a lot as to what to base the emails on and the lead magnets for the optins.  Thanks and happy emailing!
About Kathryn Maclean http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club – PAC Welcome Coordinator.


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