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 1. CCleaner

Cloud-based computer clean up. Free downloadable software that optimizes Windows, improves privacy and speeds up your PC as it removes unwanted files. Cleans cookies and browser history. Software that improves privacy and quickly cleans your files. I use it every week and you should too!

2. Dropbox

A technology company that builds simple, powerful products for people and businesses. A secure,
online, file sharing and storage program. Syncs files from your computer or mobile devices. The
PRO version allows more disk space and sharing features. Could not do without this. I am an affiliate.


It’s FREE and it lets you automate certain processes by creating “applets” that connect your favorite websites and apps to one another. For example, I have an applet that says if I “favorite” a tweet on twitter, then that tweet is added to buffer to be re-tweeted on a schedule I’ve created. IFTTT will save you tons of time with social media marketing. So many different ways to use it call recipes, but it also has plenty of channels beyond blogging, I use it with Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook.

Landing pages, great support.  You’d have better engagement and better conversions.

4. GetResponse Autoresponder  My autoresponder of choice. I have tried them all.

Great autoresponder because of the large variety of sign up forms and newsletter templates.
Most of the autoresponders I tried only had forms suitable for sidebars but this has great features.Even infographics. This is an affiliate link. I had used another premium autoresponder service, Get Response is great to advertise with because of it’s many features. I am an affiliate.

5. Blog By Number E-book   Step by step Guide to How to Start A Blog for MOMS!


If you are a busy mom who wants to start a blog, this book is definitely for you by Suzi Whitfield.

It’s for those who only have an hour here and an hour there. It’s also for busy moms who want to share their voices with the world but are fearful that starting a blog is to hard, to technical or that it takes too much time.

This opportunity I have found is for people who need that hand -holding and step-by-step guidance A 141 page guide and the author is available to help along with my help as well – when you join my facebook group.  Women in Business

6. Free-ebook On Blogging

  Marketing Solved  Katherine Sullivan –Join our Community link

Connect – Training Videos – Exclusive training and content – Most popular blog posts


20 Types of Content to Share on Social Media (SWIPE CALENDAR)

  • 20 Types of Content to Share on Social Media (Free Swipe Calendar)
  • – 2 free worksheets and done for you social media content calendar optin pre filled for calendar
    – pdf guide for creating blog posts!!!
  • 50 Marketing Habits Every Business Should Have
  • 31 Days of Social Media Content to Share on Social
  • 17 Online Female Entrepreneurs  You Need to Follow

How to Get Email Subscribers – 6 Strategies for Success

10 Tips to Generate More Instagram Engagement

6 Examples of Brilliant Opt-Ins to Grow Your Subscribers Quickly!!!

7.  135List – This app provides a simple and elegant way to prioritize your daily to do list. Chose 1 big thing, 3 medium things, and 5 small things to get done each day. Focus and prioritization at your fingertips

8.   Airtable     is a hybrid spreadsheet and database. It has a steeper learning curve than some of the other tools listed here because it offers SO many features. To get you started, I  can recommend    Terra’s awesome tutorial on using Airtable to create an editorial calendar. Super!

Airtable is a cloud collaboration service headquartered in San Francisco.
Air table syncs across all your devices to keep your data up-to-date wherever you go. Our mobile apps make it easy to add and remove data, attach files, and collaborate with your team

9. Marinara Timer –  Research shows that taking breaks while working can improve productivity. Use this timer, based on the Pomodoro Technique, to create a schedule of working for 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute break. Using a timer is so smart for focusing.

10. –  Clean up that inbox ! Use to save time spent in your inbox. With you can unsubscribe from many email subscriptions at once and bundle the rest into a daily digest.

11. Rescue Time – If you want to be more productive, you need to know where your time is going. Rescue Time tracks the time you spend on various websites and apps so you know exactly how you spent your day. Use the data and analytics that Rescue Time provides to change your habits and create a more productive schedule.

12. Wish List   –  A plugin for WordPress that creates a membership for your site.
The recommended membership platform (now powering over 50,000 sites) is WordPress and WishList Member. It is also important to be aware of the wide variety of other tools, resources, plugins and themes that can contribute to a successful and effective membership site.

13. Google Alerts
Google alerts will send your new information about certain search terms. An excellent way to monitor the web for news on a topic Emails sent to your gmail inbox.

14. Google Docs /
Google docs allow you to edit documents as well as spreadsheets online and you can also share documents and collaborate online. Can also export to Microsoft, Word or Excel.

15. Buffer    Buffer App is a convenient tool which works with your website browser allowing you to schedule tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ etc.

16. Dashlane     it’s Free Great help with passwords.
From credit cards to receipts, save everything in your digital wallet. Creates secure passwords, log into websites with one click instead of having to remember multiple passwords.  I have used it for over a year now. Love it!

17. PicMonkey
Google Pic Monkey is a free image editing tool. Can be very useful for creating simple images for blog posts and other online purposes. Simple and easy to use. Sometimes use it along with images I have created in Canva depending on the work needed.

18. Canva  Graphic Design Software
Canva makes design simple. Create designs for Web or print blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, invitations etc

19. is a very popular URL shortner that allows you to track how many clicks your link gets. It’s free.

20.  Tweetdeck is a free Twitter platform for managing your Twitter activity and accounts.

21. Google Analytics  Google Analytics one of the most popular free analytics tools for websites. Simply sign up and paste the code at the bottom  of your website’s template and you get invaluable information about where your  traffic is coming from, as well as how many visitors you are getting.

22. Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword planner is a free tool that let’s you see what keywords people are searching for in google. Including these keywords on your website can help with getting search engine traffic.

23.  Pixabay  If you don’t want to pay for stock images, check out Pixabay. They have a wide selection of royalty free images that you can use without attribution.

24. Gravatar
If you blog you should set up a free Gravatar account. When you comment on other WordPress  blogs your Gravatar profile image and info will automatically show up.

25.  WP Twin    You have a great blog!  

You update to the latest version of WordPress and your blog breaks. What do you do? Well, if you cloned the older version – you can easily restore it. Doesn’t matter what version you started or ended with.

Everything on your WordPress site will be completely cloned. Not only your installed plugins and themes, but their configurations, as well as posts, pages, comments, permalinks, etc. Absolutely EVERYTHING!  Great support staff. I just bought it.

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