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Social Media Sites.  If you post more than once  a day on social media, do you think that you get bigger results? How about 3 times a day? When is the best time to post? Which platform works best? Lots of questions about this….

Proven Research from 10 studies answers these questions. How often should you  post on social media? And what is the most optimum time for each of the social platforms?…

CoSchedule wrote a very good article about this. I have simplified it here with a link to the entire article at the end.

Do you keep a Social Networking Media Calendar? I do…

A social media editorial calendar can be anything you use to plan your social media messaging. It can be a printed template or a calendar app. I make my own weekly calendar and just print it out.

4  Good Reasons to use a Social Media Editorial Calendar

  • Organization – managing multiple social media accounts
  • Efficiency – helps you make the most of your time
  • Accountability – calendars help  setting deadlines
  • Effectiveness – scheduled at optimal times

Build a social media calendar in a spreadsheet. Try using a cloud-based spreadsheet such as Google Sheets if you use a calendar with a team to share it easily.  Then everyone on the team can see what needs to be done. Enter your social media messages in each cell.You can delete rows or add as needed for whatever social media platform. For a Social Media specific calendar, but you can also add your blog posts with publishing dates and keywords used and where you published the article.

Simpler still is a just a Paper Calendar
Print out a printable calendar template for each week or month. Mark off what networks you’ll be on and when .  It helps to use multicolored markers to differentiate the different social networks.
Free Excel Workbook listed link at the end of this article.

From 16 studies,  this is what CoSchedule found …

80% of the US is in the Central and Eastern time zone.

Best Times To Post
Saturday and Sunday 32% higher engagement.
with Thursday and  Friday 18%
Best times to Post 9 AM  1 PM – most shares  3PM – most clicks. Use analytics to  track data and see when your audience  is online..

B2B 16% better business hours
B2C 17% better on weekends
Best Times Post
12PM  3PM  5PM
Use Twitter Analytics to track data on your own followers to find your best time.

Best Days to Post
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Best Times to Post
7-8AM  12PM  5-6PM
Best times to post are before and after work. Most likely –  read in the morning.

Best Days Saturday Sunday
Best times to Post
2 PM 9 PM 2AM
Best Times to Post
8 – 11 PM Sat
Do include a Call To Action  80% of people during peak times won’t interact otherwise

Best Days to Post
Best Times  to Post   8 – 9AM
2AM  8-9AM  5PM
Posting a video at 9PM get 34% more interactions.  Post content more during off-work hours than during the work day aside from peak times.

Best times to Post

9AM 11AM  12PM  1PM Best Day to Post Wed 9 – 11AM
Avoid early morning or late evenings. 90% are lurkers and will not interact with your content. Use Timing+ and  track when your audience is online.


How Often To Post On Social Media According To Constant Contact

Email newsletter provider Constant Contact also did some research and came up with their own recipe for daily social sharing. This recipe is calculated on a weekly basis instead of daily.

Twitter Schedule 35 tweets a week: Constant Contact describes Twitter as a “high volume low value network” meaning you can post a lot, and have to, because the firehose is always on. They suggest a minimum of five posts a day,  (I counted weekends and used a seven-day week, since Twitter is active outside the work week too.)

Facebook Schedule 3 Facebook posts a week: Constant Contact describes Facebook as a “low volume high value network” meaning that posting too much is a bad idea. They suggest a minimum of three times a week, and a maximum of ten times a week. Quality social posts is the key here.

LinkedIn Schedule 2 LinkedIn posts a week: Similar to the volume/value of Facebook, this recipe calls for a minimum of two posts a week, with a maximum of five times a week. Most LinkedIn users are professionals, so maximize the work week when you schedule.

Google+ Schedule 3 Google+ posts a week: Similar to Facebook, in terms of how the network operates, Constant Contact recommends a similar approach. Post a minimum of three times a week, and no more than 10 a week.

Pinterest Share 35 Pins a week: Constant Contact calls Pinterest a “high volume high value” network. Post lots and get lots. They suggest a minimum of five times a day (35 times a week, including weekends) and a maximum of ten times a day (70 times a week)

These recipes may or may not be to your liking based on how well your followers engage with it combined with how well you can keep up these frequencies and still create great social posts.

Other Tools

In order for your social media to stick, you’ll need to find  some level of consistency. You need to keep at it. Planning your  own social media posting is good idea.  Using tools to help you do it easier and save you time  is key. Using natural posts with this is also a good idea.

Post Planner  (<click My choice of scheduler )

Starting at $9.00/mo

More than 200,000 social media marketers use Post Planner to find amazing content and boost engagement.  Very good blog on marketing as well.

 Post Planner makes it easy to find, plan, and post content that is scientifically proven to increase social media engagement on Facebook and Twitter.
What I like best about Post Planner is Using Canva inside Post Planner. It makes it very convenient you can click the link above to learn more.

Any social media tool can help you schedule posts. Post Planner is  built for engagement. 



Integrate With the Tools You Love. Along with the optional WordPress plugin, CoSchedule integrates with the tools you love, giving you powerful options for editing content, tracking your success, and more!

  • Evernote & Google Docs: Write your content in Evernote or Google docs and instantly convert to your WordPress blog!
  • Headline Analyzer: Grade multiple headlines within your CoSchedule calendar; optimizing them to increase clickthrough rates and social shares.
  • Google Analytics: Track improvements to your website traffic with GA link tracking!
  • Chrome Extension: Curate content to your calendar from around the web with our Chrome Extension.

Pinterest: Plan your Pins right on your editorial calendar with the rest of your blog and marketing content.  14 Day trial Get Started for FREE


Create images with the perfect size and format for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest.
One social media account each Free. I found it very difficult to connect Instagram and Pinterest is only a seven day trial.

So now I have a schedule that I am going to follow using several tools to post my social media  in a much more effective way. Having a planned schedule is the way to go whether you use a scheduler like  Post Planner or some other type of system, and there are many more than I have covered here. Planning is key in succeeding with  your social media sites  scheduling.


How To Build A Social Media Editorial Calendar The Easy Way (Free Template)

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