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Social Networks and Social Media have really changed the way that business is done today

So what is the challenge? – a lot to do, but a shorter time frame to do it in.

I went to my weekly Webinar with Steve Dotto of Dottotech and the subject of the webinar
was “Managing Your Social Networks.”

He shared effective strategies that we can use to help us with our social media which focused on growing our networks, without becoming overwhelmed.
Hard -won strategies, tips and techniques to help him grow his social reach to over 2000,000 followers.

We spend a lot of our time and resources managing our social networks, the more success we find, the more the cost

  • Social Dashboards
  • Social Conversations
  • Posting Profiles

Great webinar on this subject  – but it all goes away in 48 hrs from now ( April 5th 4:00 pm)  Unless,  of course, you are a member of our awesome Patreon community (500+) as I am. Ask me how to join.

Steve Dotto of Dotto Tech. Click here to see the one hour webinar.


If you have missed the webinar I have a few pointers for you here from the webinar.

You need a plan to manage your social media

We spend a lot of time, not to mention resources managing our social networks.

The more success, the more the cost.

  • Social Dashboards
  • Social Conversations
  • Posting to Profiles



A friend tells us about a new Social Media platform and it’s a magnetic draw, right?  Then we get overwhelmed.

There are multiple networks and they can become an endless opportunity, but also a time suck.

You get this particularly on Facebook,  drawn away from our work with an effect on our productivity. We loose huge chunks of our day. Then there are the other social networks like Twitter, great for marketing,  another half hour gone, and LikedIn keeping  up with comments in your email and  LinkedIn groups. Pinterest used to be my rabbit hole, but no more!

To the rescue! Social Dash Boards!

All content to a single dashboard such as  Buffer, Agora Plus, which the Dotto team uses, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Post Planner ( which I use) and a new one I am looking at click> Canlendy which works with Buffer and soon Hootsuite. These are BIG Time HUGE  Pure Gold!!

For Twitter, which Steve described ” like a river, ”  -if you see something as it goes by ok. The dashboards are great for publishing,  sharing out blog posts, but you have to do it several times a day.  With your Twitter calendar on a dashboard you are sharing out, over time,  again and again, all scheduled.

The webinar showed the back end of their click > Agora Pulse account in which they had multiple channels where they shared out content, just slightly re-formatted for certain platforms. Adding networks to be published in sequence modified on how it resolves.

Steve shares his stories from Buzz Sumo on what is trending and shares them to Buffer, which is a chrome plugin aggregate. He also curates other people’s work and he shares it on Twitter.

  • So having a Dashboard to process our work protects us from being pulled away from the jobs we want to do.  From the Q & A after the webinar, Steve and his staff answered quite a few questions such as:
  •  Hootsuite has 3 profiles, not the best for conversations
  •  LinkedIn you have the check every 30 days.

Conversations – some are better than others at helping with these.

  • Facebook penalizing non-natively posted content, not an overriding concern. Facebook is penalizing everything. Does anyone use G+ for anything, no know one does. lol

So planning content is a 2 pronged attack using Dashboards

Sending out new content in a manner that is consistent and easily accomplished.

Managing conversations  Tracking those conversations and replying to them in a timely manner.

Some analytics are better than others too. Check them out.

click> Agora Pulse  (affiliate url)

To check out more on Social networks  My article on Social Network tracking 

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