Starting a Blog / The Easy Way

 Starting a blog ( is what you want to do?)

I wish that I had someone to help me when I started blogging. This is why I am writing this article,  to help you with how to start a blog.

You probably have seen many beautiful blogs online and wondered if you could create something like them? Yes  you can, it is possible. You just have to learn how to do it. It does take work and being consistent.

Blogs are frequently updated using articles, but a website contains features such as static pages that focus on certain types of content.  Such as a home page, business services page etc. Blogs are more socially active with shares and comments. A website may also have a blog section with very good content that is updated frequently on a regular basis.

So What is the First Thing You Should Know About Blogging?

Something that I found very confusing when I started looking at blogging over 10 years ago. I looked at the types of platforms available.  I started a site on Blogger, with no comments and no engagement at all.  This is a free site, there are many of them. You do not own this site, Google owns Blogger.  For information about another free platform called Squarespace,  in comparison, to WordPress, you can read my article  I wrote on this subject.

Starting a blog the easy way

My conclusion was that with 72 million active users using WordPress today,  so it is the best choice.  It is extremely customizable with hundreds of free themes plugins which add functionality, such as contact and subscribe boxes, even spam blockers for improving the performance of your blog.  More than any other type of platform, especially for people new to blogging WordPress is the way to go.

There Are Two Types of WordPress Platforms

It took me a while to sort this one out. If I can explain it simply for you. WordPress is open source, meaning that lots of people are working on this platform. It is free to download.  However, it’s the two types that get new people mixed up.

  1. is similar to the free sites I have mentioned. WordPress owns this platform so you can not monetize it for a business.You are not allowed to advertise on most free blog
    platforms, which makes it hard to make money from blogging.
  2.  Needs a self-hosted platform. It is free and includes themes, layouts, and
    add-ons. Many other platforms do not provide all of this. You need a web hosting account (various types such as HostGator, GoDaddy, BlueHost,  and SiteGround.) I have tried each of these.

A Self-hosted Platform Allows You to Run a Blog on Your own Domain
Very customizable with hundreds of free themes plugins which add functionality. Your site has a domain name. Like your address online.  Mine is  http://  I purchased my domain from  Your domain is your own unique address of your blog on the Internet.


Some hosting companies offer domain registration services. Some people keep their domain name with the domain registrar company, separate from the hosting account, for a good reason. Your domain should be purchased from a company that specializes in domains only. Makes sense, that is their only business. Your domain will always be accessible, even if you change hosting companies. Kind of all your eggs in one basket idea. I don’t have to go back to a hosting company I have left to change my domain. Just much simpler to use a domain company.

Hosting Accounts

It normally costs $4 to $8 per month for a web space (hosting account), depending on the company you choose, and $12 to $15 per year for the name (domain).

The functionality and performance of your blog will depend on your hosting provider. When you have decided on a web hosting account ( I recommend SiteGround ) They help you to install the blogging software and set up a blog. Easy to do, but for someone new to all of this, SiteGround has the best support staff.  I even had a phone call to see if needed help. Thanks, but no I did not.  Sometimes it can take a day or so for the site to resolve to the correct address, is the simplest way to put it. I have a link to SiteGround on my site.

You Have Your New Site Up!

Your hosting company will send you an email with all the details for your new site. Be sure to copy this information and keep it in a safe place. You will need to refer to it. I use a little notebook Good tip!

When you log in for the first time you will see your dashboard or your admin panel. You log in with your username and your password ( from the email from your hosting company ).

You can also log into your blog by typing in the search bar  using your username and your password.

For the rest of the story go here to PAC.

One of the best blogging communities I have found is one that new bloggers would learn a great deal from. They are known as PAC.  For the past two years I have been the welcome lady for PAC. I enjoy this community of great bloggers very much. To learn more about expert business blogging I have an article on PAC.


When I started out blogging, I had no idea what I was doing. On my journey  of over 10 years  online I have met many groups of marketers and bloggers.  I hope that you feel more comfortable starting a blog now,  and you are welcome to visit PAC for more info. Happy blogging!




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