Solopreneur Ways to Become Visible in Business When You Are An Introverted Marketer



I am an  introvert Solopreneur, there are only some ways it works for me to do Marketing. You too?





Public speaking right off the bat is NOT one of them! I have done it…but hated doing it. But there are other ways to go.


I want to ask questions to help you understand this very interesting and loaded subject. Marketing.

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A previous article of mine about  what I am passionate  about  – social media   

What I am thinking is  -the biggest struggle whether you are an introvert or not  is being visible and getting yourself out there. Am I right?
I have seen that there are three ways to be more visible.

  • Through your Blog Writing
  • Through  your Audio
  • Through  your own Videos

Of the three, of course, my choice is writing.

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I hope these tips help you in your marketing if you are an introvert solopreneur  or even if you are not.

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