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  Website Writing Content For Your Blog Posts


Having a problem with website writing? Need some great content for your blog, your Facebook account or other Social Media?

You sit down in front of your computer – there is your empty screen staring at you.  Writer’s blog ensues. You panic, what can you write, no inspiration appears…

Does this sound familiar to you?

I write an article once a week, without fail. I have found is that it’s much easier if I have some resources at hand to help me out with the dreaded writer’s block. Content is king …

1.  Be Crystal Clear About Your Goal.
If you are selling an item,  -whether it’s an idea, or your company’s product or your own service. Writing content that adds email subscribers to your list is the way to go. Each email is a potential client or sale.

2.What Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your Traffic?
Post somewhere, and then link it back. Social email and direct traffic will form your basis for a consistent traffic stream. However, the best way to attract a large number of new readers is to post on other sites with more traffic than your blog and then it links back. Bringing in new readers is critical, without traffic your business will just lie there on your screen -alone!

3. Life Time Marketing Tools – Your BLOG or  your Facebook Page (s)
It doesn’t really matter what you may be selling, you should design your content to guide potential customers through a buying process. This is referred to as a buying funnel. Educate your customers about a product, cultivate people as an expert and convince them to buy your product or service and close the sale internally right on your site or re-directed people to your blog in the case of Facebook.

4. Resources – How To Find Awesome Content Sources
For Facebook posts try checking out Tumblr with its tons of content. The search tool helps find content using hashtags. Such as Most Popular, Most Recent, or sort by Text, Photos, Quotes, Links, Chat or Audio. Always remember to cite your source. Give credit where credit is due.

5. A Marketers Group
Another source to use is A marketer’s best friend. Content on the website is based on votes from users. You can receive email daily or weekly to your email box. Subjects on Inbound such as Marketing tools, Search, Social Media Tips, Content Marketing, Conversion, Analytics, Mobile and Startup Marketing.

6. Photos or Images
I use Free Digital – With a very large inventory of pics that you can use. It has paid photos or a pic free if you site the source including the artist’s name in your post. Also, can use Flickr for photos or I use a lot of my own photographs.

7. You Can Also Use PLR
It’s a great thing to buy pre-written articles, e-books or even full-scale courses. You don’t have to start from scratch, most of the work is already done for you. However, it’s still a good idea to always rewrite your PLR, chop it up into smaller articles, change the title, and graphics. Also use these newly re-written articles to post on others blogs, when you guest author.

There are all kinds of ways of writing website content for your posts and blogs. Next time you have articles to write, gather these resources and you will find it a much easier way to write your content.

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