WordPress or Squarespace which is best for a New Blog?

WordPress or SquareSpace, why would anyone starting a new business online use one or the other for their site?

A friend of mine who is a wonderful photographer has posted her site on Facebook. She surprised me just the other day with her brand new website! The real surprise to me was that she had chosen SquareSpace for her new site.

Squarespace vs WordPress

I have created many websites for clients and I have always used WordPress. There are two kinds of WordPress, for those that do not know… one is owned by WordPress.com so you can not monetize it. The other is  WordPress.org that professional marketers and Bloggers use.  This is a  self-hosted site, meaning that it is using a domain and  some type of  hosting for this type of platform.

  •  I have been using WordPress for the past 10 years

As someone who exclusively works with WordPress, I believe that WordPress is simple enough that even a New blogger could set up their own website with some basic knowledge. The WordPress site itself is Free.

  • I really did not know anything about SquareSpace

Perhaps a person sometimes needs something simpler than WordPress? Squarespace may be fine if you want your site  to be very simple and you wish to keep it that way. I am thinking of simple sites such as for weddings or a one time event  like a  memorial site. A book or a single  product marketing site. Maybe educational material . Squarespace is a drag and drop, pretty easy. Some of the Squarespace templates are here.


WordPress vs Squarespace

I decided to check out Squarespace, and see why my friend was using it for her new photography business. When speaking to clients about the difference between Squarespace vs WordPress,  I ask these questions to help them decide about what they need.

Many questions to ask

  1. The first question to ask is what is the site going to be about, what is the purpose of the the blog?
  2. What is the vision for the site?
  3. Will it be focused on the future of the business?
  4. Who will be making updates to the site after it is built?
  5. Will additional work be needed?


I signed up – it says you have a Free 14 day trial.

This is my trial site on Squarespace. Squarespace trial accounts are not visible to the public.  (I took a snap shot) When you are ready to publish your website by upgrading your trial it will make your site active to the world. I did not want to pay for an additional website at this time.


Done by video shows how to create a new page and options for organizing content using features etc

Pricing is based on three levels

For a basic website of 20 pages/blog posts  –

$12 Per month Billed annually or
$16 Month to Month USD

For a Professional website with unlimited pages – $20 per month.

For an eCommerce website – Online Store
$26 Per month billed annually or
$30 month to month



WordPress it’s self is free. You pay nothing for the backend since the whole platform is open source.

You will just need to purchase a hosting account from a provider such as what I am using Site Ground which costs just under $5 per month.

Start Up
One Website
10,000 Visits Monthly
All Essential Features
60% off the reg price of $9.95


Cloud Hosting / Dedicated Servers /Sitebuilder /SSL Certificate / Backup Services/ Domain Transfer

As your business grows you might want to invest in a managed WordPress hosting site. If you want a site that is well supported, you will have to pay for support such as my hosting platform SiteGround

Site Ground Exceptional Hosting Service   <You are invited to try this excellent hosting

Our customers are our best brand ambassadors because they have their own experience to share. Over 90% of new customers are referred by existing clients: we create our own technologies for speed and security, we offer different server geographical locations, we answer support inquiries faster and provide more help than any other hosting provider. Our service is worth the high marks!

It’s hard to make a comparison on costs. You could technically get WordPress up and running for less, but you would need some level of technical expertise to run a WordPress site yourself, for less than you would have to pay for a Squarespace plan.

As your business grows, so to will your website

Will you want to sell from your site? You may want an advanced e-commerce system, for using gift certificates, calendars, portfolios, photo books etc. You will need a membership type interface on your site eventually for adding these types of things.

All of this should be considered. Squarespace does NOT have the capability that WordPress does. There are “apps for that” over 30,000 available plugins for WordPress. Your site can be anything you want.

Squarespace may be easier to customize the look of the site, but after the site is built, WordPress can be just as easy. Other factors to consider –

Squarespace does NOT work for these…
Accept PayPal payments – only Stripe gateway  & credit cards are allowed
Membership sites – can only password protect individual pages
Learning management systems – only video training
Certain pages controlled by login accounts
Google Analytics
Use any host of your choice
Control your site’s speed
But WordPress uses all of these and much more…

I have tried to show the best of both types of websites with this article. I think that you can see that it really depends on the individual to decide what is best for them and their own business website.

If you are still undecided you can see this article done by  Jake Jorgovan on his site   He has a chart of comparisons on both platforms. He writes for Squarespace. Take a look at the prices and what is available for you on WordPress, it really is the platform that most professional people are using.  If I can help with any website questions see my contact page to set up a 15 min chat to see if we can be of help to each other.  Happy blogging!


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