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marketing offline online net Kathryn



Stands for Marketing Offline as  I have a 10 yr + business ....

 Online for this marketing  business online.

 One specific solution I provide  for my ideal client is ...

 Social Media campaign  management. 

  • Facebook business pages set up & management.
  • Pinterest page set up and management.

        including original graphics    to link  blog posts, keywords  

  SEO &   Web Design.

What Can I Do For You?

Offering a variety of content management, social media strategy & marketing services​.


Do You need Graphics?

Graphics are created  using Canva. You can see alot of my work on this site and also my social media like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.


Social Media Help?

​ Quite extensive experience with Social Media.  I have a certificate as a Social Media Campaign Creation Specialist. Keeping current on most Social Media.



10 years experience in marketing. First for my offline business and then for my online business.​. Content marketing and affiliate marketing and blogging.

If you are just starting out in marketing for a new blog or you are a small business owner who has grown and needs help, I am here to offer my services...

1. Graphics

​To share on blog posts that really stand out. Either from little used  stock photos, or original work created on Canva,  logos, icons, Themed graphic elements for web and print projects.

Virtual Assistant


Social Media 

A VA can physically share your blog on various platforms, niche groups, in real time.
Changing the images, verbiage for each platform, like Facebook where people are getting blocked and penalized for unnatural



​My ideal client, a business owner can be provided with a Facebook business page, posting/Pinterest page setup with original graphics created on Canva to keep content and consistent value to their business.

Services for Small Businesses 

I offer administrative creative and social media support to women who are small businesses owners because I know how much work goes into running your own business 10+years.

As a blogger my way to monetize,  my business is as a VA.

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Get In Touch

​I know you love to work on the things that got you interested
in your business in the first place. It's the implementation
of all the little things that bogs you down. I can help!

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