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Marketing for small businesses online or offline.  See our story below....

Not only are they on the cutting edge of design trends, they are also 100% customizable.
Check out the video above to see how easy it is to completely change the look and feel of these templates to fit your brand. There are three examples I have listed one of them.
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Find Out Why We Use Thrive  ....

 Apprentice, Thrive Automator, Thrive Architect,  Courses, and more!  

The Story

We work with Thrive Themes. They are a multifaceted, very talented team from Switzerland. They have been in business many years. We have too.

In fact, Thrive Apprentice comes bundled with  several other online business building WordPress tools inside Thrive Suite,  currently having a major upgrade. 4.0!

Thrive Theme Builder will allow you to finally create the WordPress site

you've always dreamed about.

Not only that...the site set up wizard will get you up and running in just a couple of minutes!

Thrive Theme Builder comes with pre-made companion themes Ommi, Shapeshift and Kwik which means that our designers did all the heavy lifting for you.

Simply select from over 190 pre-designed sections and templates to customize your header, footer, blog post template, page template, sidebar and more... Pick your brand colour, tweak a few details and your site is good to go - live.

Personalize your visitors' experience by showing or by hiding or even completely changing entire elements across your website. So much you can do with Thrive Suite.

Meet Our Team

We are a husband and wife team

Carl and I

Marketing Offline Online Company

Kathryn R. Maclean  & Carl Racicot
Kathryn Maclean
   Kathryn Ruth Maclean

 Marketer, Blogger & Web Designer          


We enjoy working together from our home near Ottawa Canada.

Carl Racicot
   Carl Racicot

   Finance Creative Director

About Us

My husband Carl and I owned & ran a small offline business for over 12  years.  

We started from scratch. Really started from the ground up.

We had no idea about running a  business.

We learned to market our business after many years of trial and error.

Also a lot of marketing courses online.  And an online business coach.

We can help you with your digital marketing online.

How  how you can connect your business network strategies. 

You too can learn to be a great business success offline or online!

  See my Contact page  to chat about your business, to see if we would be a good fit.  


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About typing for a business

Our Story:

Also I have started a second website in my name. You are welcome to visit it.

Kathryn Ruth Maclean   

Kathryn Maclean

   The move to online  is....Now!

  The Story

 Historically we worked for job opportunities, not how well we fit  the job.  

  We are re-evaluating our futures  now, in the wake of  the  pandemic.  Re-inventing our businesses.

  A  new process of  finding fulfillment,  this is  a healthy approach.

 The old way and the NEW way.

The Problem

  Have YOU read  multiple  blogs,  watched 55 webinars  and are  more  confused than ever...

  Are You are ready to throw   your  computer out the window...

 Let me see if we can help you.

Simple and Easy.

I Specialize in:


Social Media Campaign Creation Specialist

Tech Assistance

Web Design / WordPress.


6 Marketing Hacks that are beautiful for your business

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