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The Story

 The move to online is now ...

 Historically we worked for job opportunities, not how well we fit  the job.  

  We are re-evaluating our  futures now, in the wake of  the  pandemic.  

 A process of  finding fulfilment, this is a healthy  approach.

 The old way and the NEW way.

The Problem

Have YOU read  multiple  blogs,  watched 55 webinars  and are  more  confused than ever...

   You are ready to throw your  computer out the window...

  Let me see if I can help you with  your marketing.

The Solution

My husband and I owned and ran a small business offline for 12  years. 

  We started from scratch. We had no idea about running a  business.

  During that time I learned how  to  market our business after  years of  trial and  error.

  I can help you out with your    digital marketing, connect
 your business networks and  learn to be a business success.

   See my 
Contact page  to chat  about your business  for 20 minutes.

 We can see if we would be a good fit to work together.

Note the CHAT box/circle  on the  right to ask a question.

Simple and Easy.

I Specialize in:

Virtual Assistant Marketing

Social Media Campaign Creation Specialist

Administrative tech Assistance

Web Design / Wordpress.


Kathryn Maclean


Hi I'm...

Kathryn Maclean

 I work with women business owners, teaching  them how to connect

 their  audiences in a beautiful and purposeful way through marketing online. 

  What Can I Do For You?

I offer content management, social media strategy & marketing services.

See my Contact page to book a free 15 min chat.

Do You need Graphics?

Graphics are created  using Canva. You can see a lot of my work on this site and also my social media like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Social Media Help?

Quite extensive experience with Social Media.  I have a certificate as a Social Media Campaign Creation Specialist. Keeping current on most Social Media.

Need Marketing Help?

10 years  in marketing. First for my offline business and then for my online business.. Content marketing and affiliate marketing and blogging. 


I offer administrative -creative and social media support to women who are small business owners.

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