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Did you know that 82% of marketers who blog consistently (at least on a weekly basis) -acquired a customer from using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog sporadically or only monthly?

Sept 17, 2018 Updated May 8, 2021

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 Social Media and Blogging

Businesses that blog get 97% more inbound links – And since social media and blogging are so closely tied together, you’ll also want to track which of your posts are being shared the most on social media.

More on this …

Social Media Strategy Goals for your Blog

Do you have a goal for your business?   Do you know what you want, -but not how to get there?

Start by being clear about what it is that you want. If that includes blogging for your own business then you need to set up a social media strategy.  There are blogs on almost every subject you can think of, yet they all different. We are attracted to people for many reasons, but mostly because of who we see them as. Entertaining, colorful, informative or attractive. This is called branding.   Their style and their personality. You need to be YOU and create this unique recognition and reputation for yourself.



The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme.

Branding you and your business

Your Brand is  everything you do In your Business:

– your consistency followers like to be able to find you on a regular basis
– your authenticity no one else is quite like you your content is unique
– your core value benefit our prospective clients  receives from engaging with you


Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing plan, such as starting a blog or make videos or podcasts, blog posts.

Your blogging goals become recognized by your ideal customers when you produce services and products that build trust in your relationships.  “That know, like and trust factor.”  KLT.  Content between brands and consumers. Your content is the hub or center that attracts your target audience to your blog for your business.

social mediaSocial Media

Make sure your social activity where you share on networks, is tied to your buyer personas.  If you’re a business brand, you ’re spending a lot of time on LinkedIn which is business oriented. If you’re a lifestyle type of brand, you probably are going to be more on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram.

Different Ways Of Learning

Some people are more visual, while others like to read. Some like video or audio. We all have different learning styles. Re-purpose your content to reach your audience on their own platform of preference. Take your most popular blog post and turn it into a  series of short videos.

I use Lumen5 (free) to create a video with music and images to go with the content of a blog post. Very effective for people who like video and the music is nice too.

You could put this video in the article itself adding interest with less bounce rate, or you could add it to your Facebook business page with a link back to your site or a Twitter post in the article its self.

It’s important to get that mix of social media marketing going to the right people. Where does your target audience hang out? Master one social platform at a time and then move to another. It’s quality, not quantity that rules social media. An interesting article on what Facebook is doing might be of interest to some but not all of your prospective customers.

Facebook’s  Change To it’s News-feed

Facebook is taking a big chunk out of the news-feed Facebook now wants to replace news with more content from friends and family. With all new fake news and injustice to women, the new algorithm will change, (as it always does) but this time it’s different.  All the more reason to have more than just Facebook as your source of social media.

“Facebook wants to encourage GENUINE interactions on their platform.

So, “the soul-less re-posting, the click-bait tactics – all  those things are going to be penalized…which doesn’t actually sound like a bad thing.” – Cathy Topping of yourwebtoolkit.com  She is right I’d say.

Facebook Ranking

So what are the important ranking factors?

Facebook will “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people,”Adam Mosseri   an American-Israeli businessman, and the Head of Instagram. He formerly served as an executive at Facebook.

In a recent Wired Magazine exclusive interview, Adam said, “we’re going to be (weighing) long comments more than short comments,” and that “comments are more valuable than likes.”

So, actual “meaty” dialog between people (not pages and people, see the language distinction) is critical for News Feed exposure.

Now to video. Adam said, “video is, primarily, a passive experience. You tend to just sit back and watch it. And while you’re watching it, you’re not usually liking, or commenting, or speaking with friends.”

I believe this means a lot fewer shorter videos, a lot fewer Tasty-style how-to videos, and a lot fewer video animations. Adding that Instagram (owned by Facebook) now has HGTV video

At this point, it should be very clear that your strategy has got to change…

Step 1: Scale back your frequency of posts. Less is more here.

Step 2: Figure out how to create content that will get people talking to EACH OTHER, not just you.

Step 3: Up your live video game plan.

Adam said, “live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook–in fact, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos.”

Step 4: Avoid engagement bait. These are posts that encourage people to comment. Adam said Facebook will “demote these posts in News Feed.”

Step 5: Master Facebook ads: This will be one of the only reliable ways you’ll be able to drive traffic off of Facebook.

Step 6: Learn Messenger Chatbots: Moving conversations into Messenger and using bots will be a huge trend that will allow you to nurture leads and to sell.

A lot of the above steps will likely require a complete shift in your current Facebook strategy. If it helps, share this email with your boss, clients, or friends.

Ways to rapidly improve your Facebook strategy, live video experience, Facebook ads, Messenger chatbot success.

Setting Goals For Your Business

social media strategy

Using an editorial planner is a great step for organizing your business.  I use a free tool called Asana. Good for people with a team or only for you.  Start with writing your to-do list for the next month as tasks. You can list by a table or a kanban (separate areas) It’s free and you can incorporate a buddy as well to whichever section you like. It works for soloprenures as well. I use it every day to organize my business.

Prioritize. When thinking about which goals, first ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the goals you have right now realistic?
  • Would there be some goals that haven’t helped that you could let go of?
  • Which goals have more priority over others?

10 Exciting Pro Blogger Tips on Social Media and  Marketing Your Blog

Goals represent the big change or result you want in your business. The social media systems represent each planned step you take towards your big result.

1. Do Your Homework – Keyword Research

One of the biggest benefits of blogging…it brings organic traffic from the search engines.
Having your site seen much more is relevant to your industry.  Google loves this. One of the first steps in the process of getting more search traffic through blogging is by doing your keyword research well.

So What Is Keyword Research?
It is the process of finding the different search phrases and terms that your customers would use to find your website.  So write blog topics that target these specific phrases. If one of your keywords is “social media branding.” That might inspire a blog post called ” Ultimate Guide to Personal Social Media Branding.”

Most marketers start with Google AdWords Keyword Planner as their keyword tool of choice because it’s free and produced by the leading search engine. You will need a Google AdWords account to use this tool, but all you need to do is create the account — you do not have to run any ads, you just use the research tool for your keywords. Some keywords I chose for this article – blog  1M-10M Low  / how to become a blogger  1K – 10K Medium/pro blogger   1K – 10K low

https://kwfinder.com/ Long tail keywords with Low SEO difficulty.

2. Learn From Your Competitors

If your competitors are blogging, and they’re successful, then you should spend some time examining what they’re doing.  They are doing it right! Not to copy but learn from them what is working. Implement similar strategies on your own blog.

For example, if you notice a lot of your competitors’ blog posts are lists, and they’re getting shared heavily on social media, then it’s probably a good idea to start creating some  “Social media…” list posts for your own blog. eg. 8 ways to…. Or if you see that they’re marketing heavily on Facebook to push traffic to their blog, then you ought to be getting more familiar with Facebook and it’s Ads using the Power Editor.

I follow many successful marketers. I get great ideas from seeing what successful marketers are doing. I sign up for their newsletters and my email box gives me many ideas on what to work on, adding my own slant to it.

3. Let Your Own Personality Shine Through

There’s nothing worse than reading a  bland, boring blog post. In a world where companies tip-toe around saying the wrong thing, many businesses are afraid of being a little edgy or entertaining with their content. However, the companies that are really seeing the most success with their blogs are the ones that inject humour and fun into them.

Fun Images Pro Blogger

4. Remember to Grow Your Email List

Building your email list is HUGE. Setting up an email subscribe form on your blog should be your #one priority. If you come up with an irresistible gift, people are happy to join your list so you can have them get to know who you are and what you can do for them.  (More on this in an article ) >Convert Kit for  Bloggers

While people will find your blog through the Google search engine, social media or links from other sites if they leave your site after getting their information, well you just lost a lead. Give something away: Create a free report, offer a coupon code or make a free guide to entice people to sign up to your list. Get their email address by offering something of great value that they won’t refuse.  Give them your best info for FREE. They will be interested in what else you have and buy from you later on.

That is why there is a HUGE focus being put on getting people to follow you or your company on Twitter, or like your Facebook Page. Rightfully so!

Social media marketing is VERY important, but email gives you an even closer way to connect with your target audience because you can contact them directly. There is 3x the number of emails out there as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined. Be sure to stand out with your email titles.

Here Are Some Tips On Growing Your Email List:

Make a strong CTA -Call To Action: People are very understandably protective of giving out their email address. Make your call-to-action so appealing that they can’t resist. Offer something irresistible.

Experiment: Try placing forms as pop-ups, or linked images in your sidebar, before/after blog posts, the top of the screen and other locations to see what converts the best. SumoMe  http://sumome.com/ It also comes as a plugin, for WordPress.

Keep In Touch: If you’re only sending out emails once every three months, your list won’t pick up much traction. Try emailing a few times a week, or at least once a week. Try using a great autoresponder service for your emails,  I like (Convert Kit) or Free Mailerlite and Active Campaign.

5. Create a Blogging Schedule

Being consistent in blogging, it keeps people coming back. Not only that but publishing blogs on a regular schedule can even lead to more subscribers. They get to know like and trust you and enjoy visiting your blog on a regular basis.

Publish your blog post

From  (Be a Better Blogger), the company tested the difference between posting five days a week versus once a week. Here are the results:
. Social shares increased 84%
. Comments increased 119%
. Traffic increased 46%

Posting five days a week can be a challenge,  I posted on a regular basis for a PAC Challenge for a few weeks, daily.  Ideally, you should push for two to five new posts a week. But publishing at least once a week is better than companies that only blog once a month or less.


6. Don’t be all about the Sale

While your blog is a promotional tool. Blogging does generate leads, however, that is not the purpose of the blog. If you want people to know about your services, they should be able to go to your services page and read about them there.

Your blog is where you provide helpful information that they can benefit from somehow. So offer your audience and your potential customers’ value through your free content, and once you have built up that know like and trust factor, then the sales process doesn’t feel forced it will seem very natural.

7. Make Your Blog Posts Look Good

Too many blog posts are huge walls of text. Reading a blog post shouldn’t be like reading through a college research paper. What do you like to see on any blog?  Images that are beautiful or interesting.

Your blog posts should be visually appealing.
That means:

  • Using lists
  • Using images
  • Using bold and italics
  • Using Headings
  • Using bullet points
  • Using a nice sized font (preferably 16px)
  • Keeping paragraphs short and sweet (two to four sentences)

 Having Trouble Coming Up With Great Blog Post Title:

This is THE most important factor. Your TITLES!  You can use tools like HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. Simply enter up to three of your keyword phrases, and HubSpot will start by suggesting some good titles.


Or you can use Co-Schedules Free Headline Analyser. http://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer#

It gives you a list of what you try. For this article, I came up with these titles after several tries.

61 -10 Exciting Tips Pro Bloggers use in Content Marketing
62 – 10 Exciting Tips That Pro Bloggers use in Content Marketing
65 -10 Exciting Tips That Pro Bloggers us in Social Media Marketing
69 -10 Exciting Pro Blogger Tips on Social Media Marketing
63 – 10 Pro Blogger Tips on content and social media marketing
54 – 10 Pro Blogger Tips on content marketing + social media marketing + SEO?

8. Track Your Efforts

The only way to judge whether or not your blogging efforts are actually working is to have some type of analytics installed to measure your ROI. Google Analytics is free and you can start seeing which posts are the most popular, which posts people are staying on the longest, even which posts perform well.

9. How to Optimize Your Blog Post for SEO

As mentioned, blogging is a very good way to get some organic search traffic. In addition, your blog posts should be optimized for search engines. There are step by step ways to do this if you want to know how to become a blogger.

How to Optimize Your Blog post
. Put your main keyword in the post title ( ex  of this article title)
. Include related keywords in the content
. Use appropriate subheadings
. Optimize images –https://yoast.com/image-seo/
. Include internal links to other articles
. Link out to authoritative websites
. Include your main keyword in the URL

10. In addition to your on-page SEO

You will also want to make sure that you’re sharing your blog posts as much as possible through social media.

  • Use the URL to your lead magnet in the bottom of your emails.
  • In your Pinterest profile,
  • or on Instagram the URL to your landing page with your opt-in.
  • Use blog comments or anywhere else you can to get the word out.

The more people that find out about your content, the higher the chances of them linking to it.

And since social media and blogging are  closely tied together, you’ll also want to track which of your posts are being shared the most on social media. Use a spread sheet or a quick way to do this is with the Quicksprout social media analysis tool. http://www.quicksprout.com/

Just paste in your site’s URL, then click on the social media analysis tab. You’ll see a list of the social shares each of your posts has organized by social media site.

Never sacrifice the quality of your blog. People want quality content, not  poorly written fluff that doesn’t provide any type of value. Take the time to create thoughtful content that has a purpose and you will have much better success with your blog like a Pro Blogger does.

If you found value in this article please comment below and share it with your social media.

Sourced information http://sproutsocial.com/insights/blogging-tips/


About Kathryn Maclean https://kathrynruthmaclean.net
A blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting for web development. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Google + Also an Affiliate Marketer.

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  1. Great tips! My big issue, like many others, is not being ‘shy’ about selling – and considering I have a successful 20-year career in sales behind me that may seem really strange. But here’s the thing – in my career, I was selling Hawaii / a dream vacation in a destination l loved and lived in – it wasn’t about me personally the way selling my own stuff is. Add to this the fact that I’m an “extreme” Introvert and it really does feel like an uphill battle some days. But it’s something I’m focusing on now and am determined to work through. 🙂

    1. Hi Marquita,
      Showing your personality is certainly a part of your website. It’s especially important for small businesses or solo professionals where you are your differentiation. I think this is one of the few chances to stand out against bigger competitors. You are selling you after all. Every great sales person knows that fact. True?

  2. Hi Kathryn,

    You have mentioned everything that a blogger need to make his/her blog successful.

    I have seen people who constantly write useless article and never track their progress and later blame to the blogging.

    They start blogging without having any plan and end up with nothing. Everyone should have at least a plan how they will develop their blogging.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article with us.

    Umesh Singh

    1. Hi Umesh,
      Thank you for your kind remarks on my article. I do a lot of research and in PAC I am in a workshop where we are examing how to make our blogs the best that they can be. It’s called the DO IT workshop. Any PAC member is welcome but we have had our first meeting now of the six weeks we will be meeting in a weekly Google hangout. Being accountable works wonders. PS Thanks for sharing this article, it may help someone else.

  3. Hi Kimsea,
    I deleted your article by mistake, I’m sorry.
    Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you found it to be awesome.
    Please visit again.

  4. Love your tips Kathryn they serve as a reminder for me to stay on point. Sometimes I miss a step. As an example I can get so exit about a topic I forget to use the keyword planner to research the best title I could use.

    1. Hi Lydia,
      Sometimes missing a step happens but if you have a guide to follow that helps I have found.
      You see these types of things, I have found on sites listed thru Pinterest. I printed out a
      lot of checklists that I find very helpful. Or simply make a list of what you need to cover, that might help.
      Being organized helps me quite a lot. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Hi Kathryn,
    Very informative post. One thing I disagree with is follow or learn from competitors. I like to learn, but viewing other bloggers as competitors puts the focus on what THEY’RE doing, rather than paying attention to what I’m doing which, I think, is more important … just my opinion 🙂

    1. Hi Lesly,
      I respectfully disagree. The internet is so huge, there are so many wonderful people doing great work.
      I look at it from an abundance point of view. I can always learn from others. Looking at all the different
      types of blogs in PAC, I learn something new everyday and still keep focused on my work… Just my opinion.

  6. I learn from watching others. I don’t try to emulate leaders personalities but I like to see what is working and then how can I make that work for me if it meshes with my brand. It saves you money to do comparative studies on leaders why not. That is exactly what the big dogs (businesses) do. Then make the strategy their own.

  7. Hi Kathryn

    Just the other day I was trying to come up with some new blog post titles. I found using Ubersuggest to type in a generic keyword or two to not go far enough for me. But then I took one of those suggestions googled it and then looked at “people also searched for” and started coming up with a huge list of ideas.


  8. Kathyrn,

    What a reminder about all the things I could do better with my blogging.
    Since I have creating virtual summits my blogging has suffered. There are only so many hours in the day and dealing with 24 – 48 speakers can be a daunting process. Your post was a great refresher for me to get serious again about my writing. I love the interactions with my readers and I love reading other people’s blogs, like yours, which offer so much valuable information and usable tips.


    Dr. Erica

    1. Hi Dr. Erica!
      I am glad I motivated you to get serious about your writing. You have such a wealth of knowledge from doing your speaking engagements. You could do so much with your blogging! I love reading other people’s logs too!

  9. Very useful. With keyword research I have a very simple method for finding and optimizing for keywords in minutes. Would be a good article to link to?

    Sent to Facebook and Twitter for you

  10. Hi Kathryn,

    Social media marketing is the fastest way to attract millions of people visit your site and boost your email marketing efforts.

    Whenever you think about writing a new post, the very first thing you need to do is research about the idea. Once you are satisfied with the concept you what to write about, the then next thing is to do keyword research.

    Use keywords wisely in the article. Maintain keyword density and use LSI keywords.

    Analyze how your competitor posts are performing in search results and improve your post.

    Share on social channels. Use images and videos in the post. Let the readers engage with the post on every favorite social channel.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Gaurav,
      Thank you for this comment. It was great! I will no longer keep one sentence comments.
      You are so right about social media marketing. Social attracts millions of people to your site. This will help your marketing email efforts.
      Research for keywords, competitor posts, and the use of images, and videos in your posts all help the reader to engage.
      You are welcome indeed! Thanks for your comments.

    1. Hi Hazel,
      You are a busy marketer I know. Your articles though are so well researched and in long-form, once or twice a mth is a good rate I would say.
      Thanks for your comments.

  11. Hi Kathryn,

    So glad to hear you are feeling better. Love the resources you shared in this post.

    I’m still in the process of trying to get organized. I used to have no problem being organized but I really have to focus and work at it.

    Some of the resources you shared, I think will help me.

    1. Hi Monna,
      Thanks Monna, Breast Cancer is a bitch.
      Organization is a process. Every day organize a little more.
      I hope my resources help you.
      Thanks for commenting, take care!

  12. Hi Kathryn,

    All ten tips are oh so important. What resonates with me the most is let your own personality shine through. This is what makes us stand out in the crowd. People have a natural tendency to be attracted to others that they can resonate with. Being ourselves out there will attract so many that do.


    1. Hi Donna,
      I do agree with you. Personality certainly counts with blogging. You get to know the blogger from what they let you know about themselves. It all comes down to that old – know like and trust factor. How many bloggers do you know that you like? Some even become good friends, like you Donna! Thanks for your friendship.

  13. Hey Kathryn,
    This is such a meaty post. It’s over a year and a half since you created it but the content is still evergreen.

    I pray you recover fully and speedily so as to continue your exercises online.

    ~ Enstine

    1. Hi Enstine,
      Yes I needed to post, but being ill, I updated an older article. As you say it is an evergreen subject, but we do need to keep updated about social media that is ever changing. Thank you for your kind comments. I am feeling better.
      ~ Kathryn

  14. Very in-depth and useful article, I will defiantly read your other content.

    I think social media marketing is good for short term and invest based earnings but search engine marketing can lead us more clients. What you say about this?


    1. Hi Umer,
      I just posted an article from my blogging community friend about that. “Keep people on your blog 7 Step Checklist”. It may get people to your blog from the first page of Google but if your blog is boring and they bounce it’s not much good. Thanks for your comment. See my link at the end of my post to my Facebook page link marketingofflineonline.com

  15. Hi, I am a regular reader of your blog and I found that your blog posts are amazing and very knowledgeable, which helps me a lot. I want to thankful to you for your valuable information.

    1. Hi Subham,
      Glad to have you as a regular reader and that my blog posts have been helpful to you. Thanks for your comments.

  16. Hi Peter,
    I took a look back and you were right, I added some more content on email marketing in the 4th point.
    Thanks for your constructive comment.

  17. hey ..
    Great Blog or article. I’ve spend the last couple years reading the blog journey . The brief guide on digital marketing has made me understand , not only its significance in today’s fast changing era,it has provided broad insights on its different platforms.I am likewise advanced promoting master from one of best digital marketing company in udaipur I simply adored the method for clarifying Digital Marketing Step by Step.Was scanning for this sort of Article.Thanks …

    1. Hi Aashka,
      Thank you for commenting on blog tips on social media. Clarifying digital marketing step by step.

  18. Great Blog or article. I’ve spend the last couple years reading the blog journey . The brief guide on digital marketing has made me understand , not only its significance in today’s fast changing era,it has provided broad insights on its different platforms.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Facebook is ever changing. Keeping up with the changes. Good to know you are already doing some of the tips. Thanks for your comment.

  19. Hi Kathryn,

    In reality, only two significant players decide that your business will fail. These two players are optimization and targeting. Later we expand them in smaller parts such as search engine optimization, content creating, keyword research, use of analytics, social media profiles and ads.

    If you want to rock on social media, the only way is to target the right customer using content and social media ad campaigns.

    Glad you have covered everything

    1. Hi Gaurav,
      Thanks for the very intelligent reply to my post. You are correct, seo, content, keyword research, use of analytics along with social media profiles and ads come from two significant players -optimization and -targeting. Thank you for your comments.

    1. Hi Barb,
      I do aim to be helpful.That is my aim in almost every article on my site. Reminders and stats are always a benefit. Thanks for your comments.

  20. Great information you wrote here in this post.
    I can get any help from your blog which is useful even worth to read each article.
    Keep update with new post.

  21. For combing content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO the better way is blogging. This would be a powerful and effective blogging tip that 97% of companies are using for more inbound links to their website. It rated as a 5th most trusted source for accurate information online. This article has outlined the major updated and new features for each of the major network so that we can incorporate them into our social strategy for 2018

    1. Hi Sathish,
      I agree blogging combines content marketing, social media marketing and SEO. Good to hear that it is rated the 5th most trusted source of accurate information. Thanks for your kind comments on my post.

  22. Hi Sathish,
    Creating a community around your blog is essential. Social media connects your content with a worldwide audience.
    Engagement with your community thru social media builds great connections for your business. Thanks for your comments.

  23. Loads of stuff here to get your teeth in here to improve my marketing efforts. It’s definitely daunting when you’re starting out. There is so much to think of and so many new technical programmes to master. I’m trying to do one thing a day and over time, it will build up. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Rosemary,
      When your starting out with marketing doing one thing every day is a good way to learn.
      Think of all the knowledge you will learn by the end of the year!
      It has taken me over 10 yrs online new technical programs, one day at a time.

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