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6 Social Media Practices For Your Business Pages


Using Social Media online is not the same for every network.

Every business owner or entrepreneur connects with consumers today using social media.

Even offline businesses use online social media. It’s a  quick way to appeal to prospective clients and customers. But it can be confusing for online or offline businesses.

Social Media Strategy

You need a social media strategy with a campaign that plans out every step forward for your business.  You must look at this as both a short term and long -term – type of strategy.

Social Media Marketing is a necessity for today’s small business owner. You need to be where your customers are, and you must reach out to them with your offers. Forget what your competitors are doing, as their customers may be different from your customers. You need to integrate internet communications into your normal routine of business networking.

No matter what stage your business is currently at, you can re-invent your online presence. With only a few tweets you can shift your use of social media and get improved results. Facebook ads are the most popular way to get potential eye balls on your content, this is for a reason. Facebook Ads are the very best at doing this. Facebook is social for connecting with friends but also for business.

Facebook Social


With a business or fan page on Facebook. This can be done for you by a third party  (me) or by you.

Create your own Group – this has advantages over a fan page. Can contact members. You get to know them personally as the group grows. My Group for Women Entrepreneurs    Women in Business

If you check out the Insights tab on your Facebook Page, it tells you about all that has taken place with your page. You see male vs female their ages and location. Very interesting to see your content over the past 30 days.

Facebook’s Mission
To give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

There are two types of pages. The Profile page that you get when you join Facebook. The other is a Business Page that you create for business use. Business owners use these to sell, to market to educate to spread brand awareness that sells products and services.The terms of service state that you are not to use the profile page for business.

So where do you get this business page?  Click on the top right triangle of your profile page. Create a page. Choose any that you think will suit you.  Just choose a page to get started.  I have created 5 business pages that I use for various subjects or niches.

Find Your Facebook Market
Facebook is still THE most active social network with over 3.42 billion Facebook users.
What is your target market? Do you understand the demographics ( eg Women 20 – 60 married with children $?.00 Bloggers) What are the results you want to achieve? What are your long terms goals?

My Business Pages

If you gave a  friend a link to your business page. Would they get it right away, what your business is? Would they understand what type of business you run? What your product is or your services?

If they peruse your page can they find the link to your website  to buy your product or learn more about your products or services? Do you have a 10 – 90-second video? I have a short video on my Kathryn R. Maclean page.

Social Media Strategies
1. Establish Your Plan

What is your social media marketing plan?
It can include:
– objectives, goals, key success indicators …

First question – What are you hoping to achieve?

You must answer this question first before you start to use social media to market your business. You really need to understand your purpose as the steps from that purpose or objective will lead to different paths.

2. What do you want to put into that plan?

You need to supply your business with content. Establishing an editorial calendar will keep your posting consistent. Finding a creative space to organize thoughts and capture ideas is a necessity for anyone eager to simplify the writing process. Also to eliminate the stress and aggravation centered on and around content creation.

To find out how to use an  Editorial Marketing Calendar  
Creating an editorial marketing calendar will act as your daily content guide. Writing goals strategically that are outlined in your overall campaign program. While you can create your Editorial Calendar on Google drive, a word doc or excel.

A simpler way is to have it on your blog as a plugin. I use this on  my blog and I find it very handy to plot my weekly posts. The plugin is from WordPress.

The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog.  Version 3.4 | By Colin Vernon, Justin Evans, Joachim Kudish, Mary Vogt, and Zack Grossbart

3. Social Media Networks
Know the HOW, WHAT and the WHY behind each social network. When you have a basic understanding of each platform, you will be able to see which of them will work for your business.

4. Objective  
Is your objective to: (only do one at a time)
Money – short or long term.  Recruit potential sales /
Traffic / Increasing /to you Website or Blog traffic
Exposure Your Brand or Brand Equity /Establishing Your Brand /

Create a strategic action plan that supports:

5. How will you:

– Connect with consumers talking about your product or service?
– How your product or service solves the problems of your target market?
– Interact and educate your fans on a daily basis?
– Create content that elevates Social Media conversation?

It can be a challenge to build your online presence. Who is it that you’re looking to connect with?
Your profile should be optimized with keywords used by your target audience.
You can design a custom header consistent with your brand look and feel across all your online properties. You are able to connect your Twitter with your facebook posts if you wish, I do.


Creating a powerful online presence through social media takes commitment. A daily plan and a weekly schedule as well checked on on a monthly basis. To organize your system, you will need to identify the tools and services you will need. How to track and measure your success as you focus on your target. Don’t lose sight of your objective when you have hard times down the Social Media Road. It will not be an easy ride. Anything worthwhile is work.  I would be available for a consult to see how I could help. Check out my About -Me page to arrange a free 15 min chat on Zoom.


About Kathryn Maclean

A long time blogger using domains & hosting with WordPress. A Social Media Campaign Specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Google +  Twitter and Instagram. Also, an Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources such as  PAC  as an Expert Author. Welcome  Co-ordinator with Power Affiliate Club.


5 Brand Design Graphics You Need

Need some ideas on how to promote your business brand design or increase demand for your services?

5 Graphics you need for your next Promotion

Let’s start with 5 brand design graphics that will help your promotions for your business and increase your visibility. 

While there are many different ways to promote your offers. if you are just starting out, or you have been online marketing for a while, the promotional suggestions below will give you some great ideas.

First  “What is it that your potential customers need?”

  • An ebook – on what you can help them with?
  • A quick checklist – on what you provide?
  • A high-quality content article  – or report?

5  Brand Design Graphics You Need For Your Next Promotion:

For every post I create, I offer a Blog Post Cover Graphic. This Cover Graphic will help you get traction with your post – when scanning the graphic to Pinterest you can have another source of lead generation to your blog from the platform.

Include the optin or download to another blog post or within the different areas of your website. You can also include it in the blog post as you see it here. Put it near the top and again at the bottom.  People scanning your post only read the first little bit, they’re more likely to click on your optin offer if they see a promotion box.  (Click on the image promotion box below for a free checklist of what is offered here.)

A Freebie or content upgrade is used in creating a free opt-in to collect emails. This should be something that provides additional value, like a one-page checklist of what was covered in the blog post. Like the one below. Get your Graphics Checklist now.

 Get Checklist




What is the Best Platform to Promote From?

It depends on a lot of different factors.

3. Social Media Graphics
If you post consistently on Facebook – a post or Ad graphics.(I create my own using my own photos or Stock Photos that can be used personally or professionally.)

If you are venturing into Facebook Ads or any other sort of online Social Ad Space, be aware that most have a 20% text rule. This rule is where there cannot be more than 20% of the text on your ad, otherwise, it might not appear for many of your target audience. Be strategic with the content you provide,  since you can always include the bulk of your messaging in the Ad copy that accompanies the graphic.

What's missing

If you like to tweet, then you will want to include a Twitter graphic to promote your offer as well. Even with the limited amount of characters, it is great to include an eye-catching graphic in your Twitter feed. I have two Twitter accounts,  you can include a tweet within your post to Twitter.

5 Graphics for your Promotion



It must be vertical for pinning on Pinterest. It will include your blog post title + your website Url.  A great stock photo for the background will really make your graphics do  look professional and stand out. Pinterest posts linked back to your blog posts are a great idea!  Measuring  600 x 900 Pixels.

Pinned images stay on Pinterest a long time and are searchable by keywords. A wonderful place to get inspired.


Instagram is a great way to reach your audience. Then have them go somewhere to learn more about you and your business.  Facebook Groups stand out more as private and safe places to connect.


Creating a square graphic, you can post it to Instagram and also to Facebook, reaching both your audiences on both social media platforms.  1080 x 1080 pixels

On Instagram – if you have a great following or want to build one, invest your time there with image posts and stories to push your audience to your blog and direct them to your download/squeeze page to get them on your email list.  My  Instagram account  Instagram .

When designing your offer,  be sure to check in with your brand styling. Be aware of what you are putting together as far as your brand colours and fonts. Are your pictures a good reflection of you and your business?

Marketing Offline Online

Use colour to draw the eye in and be clear with the call to action.If placed somewhere other than your blog be sure to include the website address or use your logo on all of your graphics.

I can use a simple layout for any social media post, it doesn’t have to just apply to Pinterest posts.Be sure to use a clear call to action for the best results. Leave no question as to what you want your audience to do –  tell them  – download the free checklist.

This part is so important for brand consistency so review and check your branding to make sure you are on the right track.

PAC Knows Expert Author
Book I collaborated on  or See Start here page


In writing educational blog posts for my audience  I try to show my community I really am an expert and authority in my niche. With your offer in mind, I will write a blog post that will educate your audience and answer some questions/objections they may have. Always include a Graphic in your article.

I am the Welcome Coordinator for PAC Power Affiliate Club.

14 PAC Expert Authors compiled our first book together, it sells on Amazon. Click the link below to find out more…


Get Checklist





To make your next promotion a success I have created a handy PDF Checklist for you to use while planning your graphics. All the sizes etc to make sure you have covered all the promotional ideas here.  Checklist  <  click here or the promotion box above.

There you have it, 5 Graphics ideas for your next promotion. I hope these have given you some inspiration to start putting together some ideas for your upcoming Promotional Plan using Brand Design Graphics.

If you want to get your hands on the information of the images I have used click here for Free Images.

KMacleanRacicot on Pinterest

This post was written by Kathryn Maclean of Marketing Offline Welcome Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club.

Women Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurs – Women in Business

Let’s see if your website is promoting you & your business or do you need a new website?
Haute Choclate

Women Entrepreneurship or Women in Business.

I am changing my website to reflect what I offer to my target audience, women in business or women entrepreneurs. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you think maybe yes  -you might need a new blog or website.

-Do you have a particular affinity for your site, after all, you designed it and for most small business owners, or those in Women Entrepreneurship,  you picked all the elements that went into creating it. So admitting it needs a major overhaul may be difficult to come to terms with.

I hear you, I design sites for others and still, I ask myself if my ( three websites could be better.) Now only one site. It doesn’t make sense to spread yourself so thin trying to run more than one site, I know this!

Women Etrepreneurship

Here are some items to look over to help you decide….

Let’s talk about small business for a moment.

  • Are you branding your marketing to YOU  and not to your business? You should be!
  • Do you brand through your logo, do you add your logo on all your own images?
  • Do you participate in events locally, use newspapers, radio or word of mouth?

Branding is more than just the visual, it’s how you represent your company or business. It’s the core functions, – it’s your message that you put out into the world.Today it’s your “message that is your brand.” The visual representation of your brand such as a logo just reinforces your brand, it is not your brand per se.

When someone sees your website or your landing page/squeeze page, blog article, social media post or whatever, it should give them the feeling that you are someone who can help solve their problem or help with a need that they have.

Your message defines you, as that it is what people are searching for. In the offline world, you identify with a person’s brand when you ask them –  so “What do you do?”

Messaging and branding are now about building in the mind of each prospect,  -how you can make a difference for them because they have related to you online. It is your message that attracts them.


This is Creative Market by Bluchic click to visit the site.





Here is the process that clients go through
What specific problems are you looking to solve?

What is your major objective? – money – traffic – exposure. Only work on one of these at a time.

  • How is your product or service a solution – what outcome is perceived?
  • Is your website responsive? People want a seamless optimized experience today on all devices.
  • Do you feature a clear call-to-action above the fold? Don’t make them look because they won’t.

So do you need a website? Answer these questions for yourself

  1. Are your social profiles easily accessible? Y / N
  2. Is your content easily shareable? Y/N
  3. Do you share content about your business? Y/N
  4. Are you building an email list? Y/N

If you went through these questions and answered -No to the majority, it might be time to start considering a website redesign or get a new website launched, or have a look at your business model.

Wonderfelle Looking for feminine stock photos for your blog or biz?

This is Wonderfelle Style Stock Society -Stock photos don’t have to break your budget
Beautiful  stylish stock photos for Women in Business– Join the #StyledStockSociety today! I did!

Here are some Beautiful Site Themes you may consider for your business blog.

I have a Facebook group for Women in Business that you are invited to join, something new every day.

The web moves at lightening speed, it can be hard to keep up. What works today may not tomorrow. If you are interested in Women Entrepreneurship and would like to discuss the development of a new website or would like to know more about building a new site yourself, feel free to contact me today. See the “about me page” or the “contact page”.

About Kathryn R. Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign Specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as: Expert Author & Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club