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Do you have a Successful Self-Hosted WordPress Blog?

Do you run a  self-hosted WordPress blog?

There are other types of sites. What type of site do you use?

Professional marketers and bloggers generally use a self-hosted WordPress blog with a domain. You OWN that property and you need to have a paid hosting service. As a blogger,  I was very lucky to find a hosting service that I have been pleasantly surprised with. Which Host do I recommend? SiteGround! I have tried all the major hosting companies, and  I love SiteGround.

SiteGround was founded in 2004 by friends in University. Thirteen years later SiteGround has grown into a leading web hosting service provider.Today the company has more than 400 employees and is in constantly growing.

Site Ground

Why Host a Blog with SiteGround?
Start your Blog with SiteGround or Move an Existing Site to Site Ground. It’s very easy to do. I know because I have moved this site to SiteGround from a hosting site that I really did not like at all!
Fastest Customer Support – Really?? Really!!!

SiteGround has been an amazing host for my website  Marketing Offline Online. Notice how fast it is?
The customer support at SiteGround is truly quick and offers great personal support. You’re talking to an actual human being, not a computer or just email!!! They are also available 24/7. So if the only time you can build your blog is at 1:00 AM in the morning, you will be able to reach them. Their amazing customer support is in itself worth $ BIG $ – although it’s free and included in your hosting!

And they help you with technical questions like  -how to install WordPress or  -a problem with a plugin.
When I accidentally broke my blog by trying out new things, (plugins not playing nicely together)  they restored it for me within minutes. They do daily backups of your blog – for free! So you can blog without the stress!

They Have Great Uptime
Not once has my site been down since I’ve started hosting my blogs with SiteGround.
That is a big deal! You want amazing uptime for your blog. After all, it’s your business and your lifeline. If it goes down, you’ll lose readers and potential sales.

Do the  math:  365 Days x 24 Hours x 60 Minutes = 525,600 Minutes in a Year

525,600 Minutes x 0.001% Downtime = 5 Minutes of Downtime Per Year!

Yup, that is amazing! With my previous hosting provider, my site was down for one reason or another for almost an hour every month! 🙁

Start a Blog with SiteGround. ( Click the  image)

Site Ground Hosting



Hyper Speed Power

Most hosting companies do not offer this for free, but SiteGround does, which is really amazing!
The SuperCacher makes your site load extremely fast (which helps you get better rankings in Google btw) Did you notice the speed of my site? It also increases the number of visitors your blog can handle. Your blog or website will be 4x faster, have multiple caching levels and will be able to handle 100 times more hits to your site.

Set up your site like this because you never know when one of your posts will go viral! Wouldn’t that be great?  You want to be prepared. If you need any help with traffic, I’d be happy to share with you for free, how I  can help you grow your site with my strategies! Just send me an email after you sign up with SiteGround.

Blogs are getting to be commonplace today,  though it really has only been the last 5 to 10 yrs or so that they have been in existence as we know them.  They started out as online diaries. Today they have good advice on many different subjects. My blog is about Women who are in business online or who have businesses offline.

The first thing a blogger usually thinks of is who will be reading the blog. Your target audience or niche category. Mine is women like me, with a business to run who may need help with marketing. My business is an attraction or pull type marketing, social media campaign creation as well as website creation for the women’s blog niche.

Blogs are not the same as say a newspaper article. A blog is written in the individual’s voice, of the author, the personality of the author is what keeps you reading, letting the reader get to know you. Branding with your personal content and style.

Generally, it’s your personality that shines forth from the style of the site. The images you use, even the layout and the fonts and the colors you choose. Creating sites has been a passion of mine for several years. I really enjoy it. If you would like help setting up a site, contact me.

Site Ground

 Self-Hosted  WordPress  Hosting .  Start your business  like a PRO with SiteGround hosting.



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A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club – PAC Welcome Coordinator.

Content Marketing Plan Success With CoSchedule

You need a content marketing plan. CoSchedule is just that, and a lot more…  

It’s a drag and drop marketing calendar that allows you to plan and create and promote your marketing content – all in one place. For Marketing Teams or for Soloprenures and Bloggers.

“CoSchedule is the easiest-to-use marketing calendar around for top social sharing functionality”

Jay Baer~ ( Founder of Convince and Convert)

Success with CoSchedule

So what am I talking about here?

CoSchedule, I have discovered is one great product to help with your inboard marketing. Could you benefit from adding an editorial calendar to your content marketing plan?

It uses a drag +drop calendar that you can sync across a fully functional calendar of all your social,  all your content and even all your email events.

No more time wasted jumping from one tool to the next. Keep all your social & content in just one place.

CoSchedule calendar

 A Marketing Hub for your Entire Business Process

  • Integrates with the tools you love such as:
  • Evernote
  • WordPress
  • Chrome extensions
  • Google Docs
  • Google Analytics
  • Headline Analyzer interaction
  • Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook,  Bitly, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram.

CoSchedule Headline Anaylzer


You may be familiar the  Headline Analyzer.  I used it many times before I even knew about CoSchedule.  The same for their blog articles. Excellent information about all things marketing. I took a course from someone and she had a video on all the things that CoSchedule does. I had checked out the 14-day trial before and at the time it seemed a bit overwhelming. However, I did the trial again and things started to click. I got it! One place to do absolutely everything! This includes WordPress that my blog uses and all the social media I use as a social media campaign specialist. It also integrates with my autoresponders email system.

Team workflows  -collaboration on projects, assign tasks and add comments, and project deadlines.  Or… Solopreneurs (Bloggers) you can assign tasks to your self, deadlines etc.  To find out more about content marketing plans visit a previous blog post.

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

Using Facebook and CoShedule

Manage Facebook Privacy Settings

You may wish to have your CoSchedule posts published on your Facebook profile be readable by the public. However, Facebook’s default settings are to have content sent by apps to be readable by your friends only. This is easily changed in your Facebook account.

1. Access your Facebook settings area.

In your Facebook account, click on the Down Arrow icon in the upper right corner. Then click on Settings in the menu that drops down.

2. Click on the Apps area in Facebook.

You will see a menu on the left side of your screen. Click on Apps to access the settings for all connected applications in your Facebook account.

3. Change the privacy settings for CoSchedule.

You will see a list of all of the applications connected to your Facebook account. Find CoSchedule. It will default to “Friends”, meaning anything you publish to your profile through CoSchedule, will only be seen by your friends and not the public.

Click on Edit Settings at the right side of CoSchedule’s listing. You will see a settings window for the CoSchedule App open up, where you can choose to adjust your privacy settings.

Click on the drop box to the right of “App visibility and post audience.” Choose Public if you would like anyone to be able to read the posts you publish from CoSchedule, and then click on Save to save your changes.

You can connect as many Facebook social profiles as you would like. You only have to log into each every time you authenticate them. I have 4 Fan pages listed with Facebook. I do not post to my profile page with CoSchedule as it is more for my personal type posts, not business as on my Fan or business pages.

On your CoShedule Calander

Go to settings (bottom left wheel icon) > Social Profile page.

Creating a message for FB is close to the same as creating messages for other social networks.

There are two kinds using the social message post creation box

  1. Standalone social messages
  2. Social messages connected to content
  1. Working with stand alone social messages are similar to those that are associated with blog posts. Because these messages are not associated with a blog post, each standalone social message has the option for draft and review status

Similar to those that are associated with blog posts,  but because they are not associate with a blog post, each stand-alone special message has the option for draft or a review status*

How To Do It

1 Click on your calendar page connected to your blog.The day  and the ( + ) you want to select messages

2. Select social message

A new social message box will open

3. Choose the social networks you wish to publish to.

Select one or more social networks from the drop-down menu. The networks you select will show in the box. You can remove a profile by clicking on the thumbnail picture.

Select from the drop down menu. They show in the box

4. Choose the type of message you will send

5. Preview your social message

6. You can select the status of your messagePublishDraft, or Pending Review. You can also click on the Circle to choose a color label.

7 Save your post  – Add message


What I found though, was one thing that I would improve on…

When I signed up for the free trial, over a year ago, my email was kept. When I signed up again under a different email I ran into trouble. Always be sure to check your Promotions tab in Gmail.  I did not check there ( tons of emails) and ended up signing up a few times. Careful with this. Confusion rained!!!

I discovered after several support tickets to CoSchedule that my original email was ok and I was able to sign up again using it for the 14 days trial again. When I signed up for the first PAID level “Solo Marketing” I did get a really great email with a link to a welcome video from everyone at CoSchedule but still I got a little lost. If I did maybe you will too?

Coschedule welcome


A welcome from one of my sign ups CoSchedule welcome





Co-Schedule is really so huge with many systems to learn, lots of videos and tutorials and all that.It can be a little confusing.

What I think is missing from CoSchedule’s  Welcome that  I would like to supply to people signing up 


What I would like to offer to people signing up with my affiliate link –  I am working on a  couple of emails that take you by the hand and show you exactly step by step what to do to get started quickly and not mess around, like I did when I got started with CoSchedule.  

My affiliate link takes you to the 14-day trial.  See if it’s something that would be for you.  Let me know you have signed up for one of the PAID levels and I will plug you into my email series that I am working on to personally help you get started with  CoSchedule. Get started the right way without any of the problems that I had. I would be available to answer questions and/or direct you.


CoSchedule How To

Another of the programs in CoSchedule  Set it and Forget it  A system in CoSchedule for scheduling your social media called ReQue. Create your messages and add them to ReQue Co Schedule send them out at the best possible times for best traffic.


Social Media Scheduling without the mess and without the stress  – that’s CoSchedule for your business.

Build the perfect social schedule all on your own calendar. Save time by not waiting, jumping from one tool to the next Keep all your social media and your content marketing in one convenient place.

PS. I have decided that as wonderful as CoSchedule is, I am canceling my service now. I  hope to resume later. As a Canadian, the cost is over $100 /mo Cdn.

About Kathryn Maclean
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club – PAC Welcome Coordinator.