5 Brand Design Graphics You Need

Need some ideas on how to promote your business brand design or increase demand for your services?

5 Graphics you need for your next Promotion

Let’s start with 5 brand design graphics that will help your promotions for your business and increase your visibility. 

While there are many different ways to promote your offers. if you are just starting out, or you have been online marketing for a while, the promotional suggestions below will give you some great ideas.

First  “What is it that your potential customers need?”

  • An ebook – on what you can help them with?
  • A quick checklist – on what you provide?
  • A high-quality content article  – or report?

5  Brand Design Graphics You Need For Your Next Promotion:

For every post I create, I offer a Blog Post Cover Graphic. This Cover Graphic will help you get traction with your post – when scanning the graphic to Pinterest you can have another source of lead generation to your blog from the platform.

Include the optin or download to another blog post or within the different areas of your website. You can also include it in the blog post as you see it here. Put it near the top and again at the bottom.  People scanning your post only read the first little bit, they’re more likely to click on your optin offer if they see a promotion box.  (Click on the image promotion box below for a free checklist of what is offered here.)

A Freebie or content upgrade is used in creating a free opt-in to collect emails. This should be something that provides additional value, like a one-page checklist of what was covered in the blog post. Like the one below. Get your Graphics Checklist now.

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What is the Best Platform to Promote From?

It depends on a lot of different factors.

3. Social Media Graphics
If you post consistently on Facebook – a post or Ad graphics.(I create my own using my own photos or Stock Photos that can be used personally or professionally.)

If you are venturing into Facebook Ads or any other sort of online Social Ad Space, be aware that most have a 20% text rule. This rule is where there cannot be more than 20% of the text on your ad, otherwise, it might not appear for many of your target audience. Be strategic with the content you provide,  since you can always include the bulk of your messaging in the Ad copy that accompanies the graphic.

What's missing

If you like to tweet, then you will want to include a Twitter graphic to promote your offer as well. Even with the limited amount of characters, it is great to include an eye-catching graphic in your Twitter feed. I have two Twitter accounts,  you can include a tweet within your post to Twitter.

5 Graphics for your Promotion



It must be vertical for pinning on Pinterest. It will include your blog post title + your website Url.  A great stock photo for the background will really make your graphic look professional and stand out. Pinterest posts linked back to your blog posts are a great idea!  Measuring  600 x 900 Pixels.

Pinned images stay on Pinterest a long time and are searchable by keywords. A wonderful place to get inspired.


Instagram is a great way to reach your audience.


Creating a square graphic, you can post it to Instagram and also to Facebook, reaching both your audiences on both social media platforms.  1080 x 1080 pixels

On Instagram – if you have a great following or want to build one, invest your time there with image posts and stories to push your audience to your blog and direct them to your download/squeeze page to get them on your email list.  I have two  Instagram accounts, one more personal ( right) the other for business branding  Instagram for business.

When designing your offer,  be sure to check in with your brand styling. Be aware of what you are putting together as far as your brand colours and fonts. Are your pictures a good reflection of you and your business?

Marketing Offline Online

Use colour to draw the eye in and be clear with the call to action.If placed somewhere other than your blog be sure to include the website address or use your logo on all of your graphics.

I can use a simple layout for any social media post, it doesn’t have to just apply to Pinterest posts.Be sure to use a clear call to action for the best results. Leave no question as to what you want your audience to do –  tell them  – download the free checklist.

This part is so important for brand consistency so review and check your branding to make sure you are on the right track.

PAC Knows Expert Author

Book I collaborated on  or See Start here page


In writing educational blog posts for my audience  I try to show my community I really am an expert and authority in my niche. With your offer in mind, I will write a blog post that will educate your audience and answer some questions/objections they may have. Always include a Graphic in your article.

I am the Welcome Coordinator for PAC Power Affiliate Club.

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To make your next promotion a success I have created a handy PDF Checklist for you to use while planning your graphics. All the sizes etc to make sure you have covered all the promotional ideas here.  Checklist  <  click here or the promotion box above.

There you have it, 5 Graphics ideas for your next promotion. I hope these have given you some inspiration to start putting together some ideas for your upcoming Promotional Plan using Brand Design Graphics.

If you want to get your hands on the information of the images I have used click here for Free Images.

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This post was written by Kathryn Maclean of Marketing Offline Online.net Welcome Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club.