5 Reasons for Taking Action with your Business




If you take action…

You will be in the category of the 5% of the world who take action towards their visions and their dreams.

The other 95% of the population do not realize their dreams. Only that 5% have the ability to set goals and utilize opportunities, move forward with their lives. If you find yourself floating between the 0% – 95% of the population you need tools that you can use to help yourself to be in that positive thinking 5%.

Taking Action

What does taking action really mean?

It means taking one constructive step towards your envisioned picture of what the future looks like.  Then another and another. Taking these action steps doesn’t have to be bold if you’re not completely ready yet. If you are just starting out as we all did at one time, take it slow but be persistent and consistent.

Learn from someone who has already succeeded A Mentor

Someone who has been successful at what you wish to accomplish.  Make sure that they have real documentation to prove that they are indeed successful in their field. Hiring a coach is a good step.

I was feeling stuck. I have done a good job in the past 10 years or so learning all I can about marketing on my own. I started out learning the basics and ended up taking many courses online. I am in the 95% I I feel like I need to take the next big self-improvement step if I want to become one of the successful 5% who is making their lives count and being successful online with their businesses.

Learn with GROUPS

I have joined many different groups online. When I started on the internet I needed a lot of help because I didn’t know anything about marketing. Nor did I understand what it, meant being successful online. I was lucky to find great people who taught me a little here and little there.

One guru marketer told me I should have a website. Not being familiar with hardly any websites other than the free ones I had tried. He sold me a  WordPress website with a  high price tag with hosting.. My first WordPress site. I vowed to myself that I would learn how to create websites and spent a long time learning how to create WordPress sites. Now it’s part of my business. I love creating and maintaining blogs.

From that beginner’s group, in particular, I learned quite a lot. Then I became friends with someone who was in a different type of group. This was a teaching company on marketing.  I stayed with these people for many years. I bought almost everything they put out. I also took a 4-month intensive course on Social Media. Excellent training with videos and group coaching, also one on one business planning. They also set up a membership site of the successful Social Media Specialists, with a page about each graduate. I  received a certificate icon and a signed and framed certificate of completion. I am a certified Social Media Campaign Specialist. This was several years ago, I keep up with new platforms for social media.

The Power Affiliate Club

4. Another group I am affiliated with is the Power Affiliate Club PAC for short. I knew the Director of a previous group, I was involved with. I became friends with Lesly Federici the head of PAC and I started sending her items I came across that I thought she would like to read concerning PAC. After some time she asked me to join PAC as an admin member. I am now the happy “Welcome Lady” for new people starting a membership with PAC. I enjoy the admin hangouts we have and do as much as I can to help this blogging community in my spare time.


5. I have learned from all my time online, over 10 years, what I love to do, and just what I don’t like to do. What my strengths and weakness are. I am moving towards my big vision of being successful with my own business online. I own a business of 10 years offline as well. I have come a long way on my own but feel that I am at a crossroads now. I have been presented with many different choices of direction and for the first time in a long time, I feel stuck.

How do I get back into the 5% again?
How do I get my wheels turning and get back on track?

I feel that getting together with a coach is the right thing to start moving forward again. The right coach that understands what I want for my business and can show me how to get it. What will happen if I stay where I am? If I am still on this path 2 years from now? What would that mean for my self-confidence? My bank account? My happiness?

What will happen if nothing changes?

I still haven’t achieved what I want – that indicates I am doing something wrong. No one has ever succeeded on their own. I want to find a solution and be among that 5%. I am doing the scary thing, I am going for my dreams and will start gaining momentum by hiring a coach.

I hope this article is a wake-up call and reminds you to start changing things today, Start taking action and becoming someone who is going forward toward your own vision in life.


About Kathryn Maclean  http://www.facebook.com/kathrynrmaclean
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club – PAC Welcome Coordinator.



  1. to stat taking action and becoming someone who is going forward toward your own vision in life.

    Yes, live in the now doing what brings u to tomorrow

    • kathrynruth says

      Thanks Paula,
      Taking action can be a risk but nothing ventured nothing gained.
      Being centered in the now looking forward to the future.

  2. Hi Kathryn, that’s a brave thing you are doing, sharing this. Often marketers get into the habit of pumping themselves up by telling everyone how very well they are doing. I don’t trust those people too much because I think the majority of them are not quite there yet, and being able to say ‘I have more to learn on this journey’ is, in my opinion, an attribute because it allows you the opportunity to link up with people who can help, otherwise everyone thinks ‘oh, they’re doing just fine’. That’s what I like about PAC, we are all helping each other. I do agree that mentors are a good way forward, but it needs to be someone who can help you in the direction you want to go in, not someone who just thinks they know a bit more about something than you do. There really are some great mentors out there, I hope you find one you can work with successfully.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • kathrynruth says

      Hi Mandy,
      Thanks so much for the comments. I am not really brave, I wrote this to
      sort out where I am and a coach could read this and understand where I
      need to go. I am always learning and there are so many wonderful people
      online that have accomplished much more than I have so far.
      I like that too about PAC that it is a very helpful environment from
      which anyone at any level can grow to reach their own goals.
      So looking for a mentor specific to my situation and financial scale.
      Thanks again.

  3. Hi Kathryn,
    You haven’t done anything wrong and you’re not alone in feeling the way you do. Most people who are in that 5% of great success tried many things before finding what finally worked for them. You’re a smart woman, with lots of experience and I think the “Do It” workshop will help you. A Mentor/Coach will help too .. but they guide you, or should only guide you and you have to do the work of going for what you want – taking action. So you have to figure out what’s holding you back. I understand how you feel. We all have something that propels us forward or holds us back … I’m glad you’re in PAC because of its encouraging and supportive, loving environment. All said with love 🙂 I’m your best cheerleader ever …

  4. The days are gone when lack of competition could mean quick success. Many of the “gurus” come from that era.

    I was one of the first to write about blogging and my blog was very successful. But I was doing it as a hobby and enjoyed the online socializing that came with it. Most of my contacts gave up and it didn’t have as much appeal. I had a break and came back with the idea of monetizing. My little niche had become huge.

    There’s now a lot more trial and error and it’s harder to get recognized. I too would like to find a mentor but one that has experience in what it takes to succeed now, not 10 years ago.

    I am at a crossroads too, so recognize the feeling of being stuck. I too have done lots of courses but I think it’s time for me to specialize. Thanks for your honest insight – It’s good to know I’m not alone. Maybe this is a stage that we all have to go through and time for reflection is a good thing.

  5. Hey Kathryn,

    I really enjoyed this post. SO many of us are action seekers and so few action takers.
    Great post.

    • kathrynruth says

      Hi Alicia,
      I would say you are an action taker. I like how you helped a new PAC member.
      She said you were a big help to her. Way to go!

  6. When I think of the subject of your post, Kathryn, what comes to mind is, “Stop dreaming and start doing!” So many dream, some in great detail, but then they let fear stop them and all of that dreaming eventually wears them out and they come to the conclusion that “it’s just a dream.”

    Just a personal observation, I would say you are in the 5%. The 5% don’t all make a full-time living from online efforts. I think with the right Mentor/Coach, you will be able to reach those goals too. The 95% from my perspective, are those dreamers I described above. You take action my friend on a daily basis! I see you everywhere, interacting, inspiring, and you are fabulous in PAC! What would we do without you?

    You have identified that you are ready to go to the next level in that 5% group. So, decide what it’s going to take to get there and whom you will trust to steer you in the right direction.

    Keep going Kathryn! You are stronger and doing better than you think!


    • kathrynruth says

      Hi Deborah,
      What a lovely comment! Thank you so much for your encouragement.
      I too have identified that I am indeed ready to go to that next level.
      I have all the pieces, lots of experience in various things but I just
      need the right person to put it all together and show me the way. I do
      love working with PAC that won’t change.

  7. Hi Kathryn,
    Spot on about taking action. We can only be in the 5% bracket if we take action and stop “waiting” for things to happen as sadly too many people do.
    I can see you’re focused on your own goals, even though you’re not yet completely satisfied, but you do take the action to at least try to reach them, which is more than the “waiters” do 😀

    • kathrynruth says

      Hi Barrie,
      I stopped waiting for things to happen a long time ago.
      Taking action towards your goals is something I have been doing for a long time.
      I am not were I want to be, yet but I’ll get there.
      Thanks for your comments on taking action with your buisness.
      I appreciate it!

  8. Sure you will get there.

    You see there are few steps to success.

    1-know your worth:

    You must absolutely understand this that that you have the capability of doing anything, you just have to unleash your true potential

    2- Find your passion Work your butt off:

    Make hard work your friend. Bill Gates once worked for 24 hours straight and WAS found under his desk sleeping on the next day!
    Make work your best friend!

    3- Motivation!

    Stay motivated. Reward yourself. Set smaller goals at a time but keep a big picture in mind. ‘

    A picture of life and success,

    Perceive as if life is a door…and on the other side of that door is success…. Only 1-5% of whole population of the whole world is fighting to make their way in. (and Bill is on the other side watching and eating pop-cons) =D

    Most of us almost 70 -80% are standing in a long line…. few of us who think small try to cut that line and cheat but even they are not thinking a big picture…. the rest of the people are those who are just sitting beside that door hopeless, that they will never get in……
    So whats the big picture you ask well!!!



    • Hi Andy,
      Liked your comments on my article 5 reasons to take action with your business until the end
      – I don’t agree with fighting, I would never push anyone, I do not allow people to hurt me, I do agree with “Never giving up” and unleashing your potential. Live and embrace life.
      Thanks for your comments

  9. Awesome Article 🙂 I really enjoyed reading your content.. very informative!!!

    • Hi Jack,
      Thanks for your comments. My birthday is 3 day after Christmas when everyone is tired out, broke and it often gets forgotten. Like your birthday meme site!

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    • Hi Gohel,
      Thank you for your comment. Blogging is hard work you are right.Each site should be unique. My next article is all about setting up a site to be just that uniquely yours so it suits you and not like other sites.

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