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5 steps planning your best blog

Updated from Nov 19, 2019 – April 6, 2021

If there is one good thing for business owners with this  virus pandemic, it’s that there is more TIME.

Take a step back and focus on learning and setting yourself and your business up for the future. This is only temporary. We will get back to the New Normal soon. (Get your vaccine shot asap)

I have 5 steps to do now that will be of great help for you and your business for the future.

Being confined to our homes all day every day is a challenge. Routines are completely broken. It’s important to think about what we are gaining instead of missing out on. This situation is far from ideal but try to make the most by seeing the positive rather than the negative.

This is the time to focus on strengthening relationships with your significant other, and your kids. You now have extra time to do  all kinds of things.

From my website host  SiteGround

“Quarantine is not synonymous with isolation – while we encourage you to avoid congested areas and limit exposure, taking a walk in the park on your own, or even a brief cup of coffee on the balcony is still OK, as long as you  keep your distance from other people. “

More  Pandemic Guide from Info from SiteGround here.

One of which is up-grading  or or starting a blog /website.

I have learned the hard way about setting up a website and blog. Trial and error over many years.

Tools  – Google has so  many tools you can use. With the use of  these tools, you can plan your blog’s entire year with a calendar – quarter by quarter.

One thing I’m doing this year is scheduling, as much as I possibly can. Having a clear path of action helps you develop your strategy for reaching your long-term goals. What is the difference between a dream and a goal? It’s the reality of planning that turns your wishes into a reality.

“You must have long term goals to keep from being frustrated by short-term failures.”

~ Charles C Noble

Step #1- Prioritize your time

What is most important to you? -I am a morning person and work best before noon.

How will you use your time scheduling your blog? – Make it a priority, block  time for this.

Planning out your posts for the week, the month, the year? – Use a editorial calendar, (plug-in)

We all have the same 24 hrs. It’s what you do with your time that counts. You need to be clear even if it’s just for yourself. With this Covid-19 virus we have family at home so this is very important to manage your time right now.

How will you use your time? -Scheduling – a day to day plan to follow.

What is most important to you? -Planning out your blog posts on a consistent basis.

Who are your readers?-Subjects that would be of interest to them right now.

Holidays etc. Brainstorm, post ideas, slot into certain dates in the calendar for your readers – Ex Christmas gift contest or Easter gift giveaway. (Hopefully holidays will mean family times together again – after this Easter)


Step #2 – Google InformationTools

Google Business Listing

Use the Search window  “Google accounts” and sign up for an email account. – “create your Google Account ” -Google’s tools

My Drive /Docs /Sheets – Spreadsheets see 3 dots /rename or open in a new tab /Slides /More /Photos
-Google has it’s own Blog system – Blogger. I have a site there. I do prefer to use WordPress.

Spread Sheets on Google
Use a spreadsheet to evaluate your progress. I never liked spreadsheets. The ones in Microsoft Excel I found difficult to use. However, I have discovered spreadsheets in Google and they are much easier to use. In your email Go to Google /Drive /My Drive / Google Sheets. I use a spreadsheet for blog posts and one for affiliate products that I promote.

Take an inventory of your business
Create systems and funnels. Use this time to do things you were always to busy to do before the pandemic.  After ward, you will be organized and ready.


Step #3 – Keep a Journal

Over time you can see how your blog changes. Note any successes and also what have been the most difficult for you. What goals have you reached? What promotions have you done? Social Media tools that you have used. “Facebook is the largest social network, with 1.79 billion active monthly users in 2016, as reported” by Statista. In the US, 79% of all adults who use the internet use Facebook. Use the platform that your audience uses. You can note this on the spreadsheet or in a daily planner.

I do both, as well as use a weekly system  Organization  with post-its on a board. Best Dream Blog

Step#4 –Your Calendar

Schedule your own time on your calendar. Google Calendars. Block off all of the major holidays and your vacation days for the entire year in advance. You can tell your staff or your family that you have this time blocked off on your calendar for holidays. If you worked in an office you would ask your employer for two weeks off, so don’t forget to do this for yourself. Then you are more committed to it. Then as a mompreneur/or solopreneur, the summer won’t disappear into endless work.

You can make sure of all your content and your promotions are ready in advance! This type of planning forces you to look at your blog a little differently. If you want time off, then you schedule your work on your calendar accordingly. Line up guest posts for the time you are away or have your team do work that does not require your input. Print out your calendar and use a highlighter, marking your time off. Long weekends, a week here or even an entire month. Finally take that vacation! After managing your business and your family for a  long time in isolation you deserve it.

Step#5 -Create your best blog using an Editorial Calendar

The Editorial Calendar, a WordPress plugin seemed to do the trick It grabs all of your scheduled posts and drafts, and it placed them on a neatly organized calendar so we could see at-a-glance what content was coming up.

I’ve installed the Editorial Calendar plugin on this site and I encourage you to add it to your site. This article was pre-scheduled. This is a really helpful item as I write on multiple sites regularly. This plugin has definitely made my life easier. I have also added a note in my regular calendar to add content going out on other platforms. My calendar ties into my spreadsheet and my weekly post it schedule. (that I mentioned you can see on my site.)

Perhaps my fav feature of the plugin is the cool way you can drag and drop different articles around the calendar. It d updates not only the calendar but the post itself. It is a huge help for keeping all my content organized.

An editorial calendar is just a fancy term for a publishing schedule.
Did you remember to write a post for next Tuesday?

What about the Tuesday after that? WordPress doesn’t make it easy to see when your posts are scheduled. The editorial calendar gives you an overview of your blog articles, and when each post will be published. You can drag and drop to move posts, edit posts right in the calendar, and manage your entire blog!

See a month’s worth of posts at a glance.
Juggle your calendar by simply dragging and dropping posts from day to day.
Quickly edit your posts’ titles, contents, and publishing times. Publish posts or manage drafts.
Instantly see the status of your posts

More easily manage posts from multiple authors.
And you can do all of that right from the calendar interface itself.

An Editorial calendar is simply a plan for your blog. It is thinking ahead of time about what you are going to write.

So there are the 5 – important steps to running your blog during the Pandemic.

Organization will help with seeing what you have and when you can use your content. It also helps with showing what is of interest to your audience of readers.

Some of the tools mentioned are FREE and some are PAID. I only recommend products I have tried and tested and love using. If you have any questions, please click on our terms and conditions.

Signup for more information on blogging/marketing that only my subscribers receive.  See Below articles.


When I first began working from home over 5 years ago, I did struggle with the isolation but now I can spend a day or two, like a weekend without my husband and kids and I enjoy it.

Make the most of your scheduling and using helpful tools to plan your own dream best blog during this time of  the Pandemic. We will get through it together …apart.

If you found value in this post please share your thoughts below and pass this post to your friends. Thanks!

Kathryn Maclean  https://marketingofflineonline.net 



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  1. Hi Kathryn,

    I’ve not been as consistent as I should have been about a publishing schedule because of family and offline commitments, however I have been rescued by guest posts.

    No plugin could schedule my offline / family commitments, because they have to come first, but your advice is good and I will try to work towards it.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    1. Hi Joy,
      Nice to see you, it’s been a while for sure. I don’t think any plugin would work as a schedule but I have learned that using
      a calendar system to schedule first -your family commitments -then other things does work. This is the only way that works for
      me with a busy family and two businesses. Work at it, always happy to help. Thanks for your comments!

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