7 Steps To Help You Achieve Your Blogging Goals Productivity can be a frustrating thing…

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When your system becomes your habit your blogging goals are easily achieved.You wanted to be focused, you had all these goals and you had a vision of what your ideal working day looked like.

Productivity systems A to Z

In the real world with so much to do, being overwhelmed has become the norm. In reality if you are honest with yourself , too  much time is spent on social media.

Too much time is spent doing busywork. Too much procrastination. It’s possible that you’re blaming yourself for something that isn’t really your fault….

If you want to kick off  your marketing by getting my best advice on productivity and learning a complete system.

Read on, this system was developed over the last 10+ years…with Thrive Themes technology. Most people try to achieve their blogging goals along with doing  their day jobs.  At first so that someday they can live their dream of a full time blogging or marketing type life.

Everyone has an unique writing style, because everyone is an individual. Finding what works for you has become elusive, but it is achievable. We are attracted to people for who they are to us. (branding)

You need to be YOU and create this unique recognition and reputation for yourself. This does take time to do. There are no shortcuts to experience. 

Steps To Help You Achieve Your Blogging Goals

1.Your Brand “The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind. Mainly through advertising campaigns using a consistent theme.

“Branding aims to establish a significant, and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.” Business Dictionary

Your Brand Is All About Everything You Do In Your Business:

– your consistency (followers like to be able to find you on a regular basis)

– your authenticity (no one else is quite like you, with unique content)

– your core values ( prospective clients engaging with your content)

– your professionalism ( writing skill expected of a professional blogger)

2. What Is Your Content Marketing?

Your blogging goals are a way to become recognized by your ideal customers.The producing and the publication of great information that builds trust in relationships. You know – “That Know, Like and Trust factor.” KLT.

Content shapes the long-term connections between your branding  and your ideal consumers.

Content-led by Social Media planning campaigns

If you have already mastered the basics of Content Marketing, such as starting a blog or making videos or podcasts, then you know what content marketing is about.

If you want to take success online to the next level: use actionable tactics that you can put to work such as these below…

3. Social Media  is valuable for blogging

Blogging goals are all about when, where, why, and how. To do all this you should be firmly anchored in your blog’s priorities. Make sure your social activity maps (where you share your social media)are tied to your buyer personas.

If you’re a B2B brand, you’re likely going to be spending a lot of time on LinkedIn. If you’re a lifestyle brand, it’s probably going to be more on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram. You will never see hand made crafts on LinkedIn or whitepapers on Pinterest.

Some people are more visual, while others like to read. We all have different learning styles.  So just re-purpose your  content to reach your audience on their own platform of preference. For example, take your most popular blog post and turn it into a  video.

I use Thrive Themes for much of my work online. If you are not familiar with them visit the link below. It’s important to get that mix of Social Media marketing correct. Thrive Themes are experts!

Where does your target audience hang out? Master one social platform at a time and then move and learn another. It’s quality, not quantity that rules Social Media.

4. Advice  – Get a Mentor

The biggest thing that kept me blogging and growing this year has been having a mentor. Shane Melaugh owner of Thrive Themes.There are many ups and downs in the blogging world. Plenty of moments when I just did not feel like my motivation was strong enough. But my mentor has helped me through many mindset challenges and blogging struggles.

Most people do not understand the online world or blogging. Marketing with funnels, blog posting and products are foreign to them. Having that system that can support you,  is just perfect. My suggestion to you is to start and join a marketing system such as Thrive Themes.

5. How To Find a Productivity System

Focus and Action

New Productivity System Principals  in New Training with > THRIVE THEMES

I have learned what to say no to and that I am actually capable of making clear strides towards my goals. It’s the sum of all your days.  Look over all that you done by the end of the quarter.  Keeping track to see how much you have grown professionally in your business! Focus & Action

Focus & Actioin

6. Goals Weekly, Monthly and for the Quarter

Start with writing your to-do list for the next month. Carry on with a list for the week, and then a daily list. Things will overlap, simply move them to the correct to-do page. This is easier to do online rather than on paper. You can also check them off as you do them. I like to use Google Drive and Trello to keep track. You can list by a table or a kanban (separate board type areas) It’s free and you can incorporate a buddy or a client as well to whichever section you like. This would be great for an accountability partner as well. Read more on Trello here.

Prioritize when you are thinking of which goals to work on first. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Are the goals you have right now realistic?
  • Would there be some goals that haven’t helped that you could let go of?

Which goals have more priority over others?

Goals represent the big change or result you want in your business.

The social media systems represent each planned step you take towards the big result.

7. Systems to automate your work

When you break your blogging goals into social media systems they become a habit. When your system becomes your habit your blogging goals no longer take much effort to achieve.

Weekly Blog Post

Monday – Draft and outline – gather research – 30 mins

Tuesday – Write outline draft – 1 hr

Wednesday – Re-read, edit/proof read – 30 mins

Thursday – Final edit Add to article list on Google – 30 mins

Friday – Social Media for articles – 30 mins

Saturday – Reply to comments – 30 mins

Incorporate help in the form of a mentor  and a marketing productivity system. Create systems into manageable daily, weekly and monthly actions and they will keep you working towards your goal.

Wishing you all the best with your productivity marketing and  blogging goals.

If you wish to chat about your own productivity goals book a time on my contact page. 

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    Thanks for telling us about your mentor. Many bloggers struggle with productivity which I’m writing about now.
    I like your schedule you give at the end. I feel guilty only responding to commenters once a week. Nice to see you do that too.

    1. Hi Janice,
      Strangely I have been researching about productivity and will be writing about it as well. I’ve been following 3 different marketers who also are writing about their productivity, some have a few courses I have followed. Will be interesting to see what we come up with! Thanks for your comments.

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