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Branding is simply what you say about your business and yourself to the world…but also a little more than that…

7 Ways to Brand Your Business



…it is also really clarifying who you are and  what it is that your company does, as well as what it looks like. It can get quite complicated using Branding Guides: style sheets, mood boards, fonts, representative colour palettes, emotional keywords.   Before we get into Branding … Do YOU really understand what Branding consists of? Maybe not…


Branding Your Business

Your website is THE communication platform where your branding really matters. A branded blog (article on making a website) means it is distinctive. It stands out in both the look as well as the content it conveys. It’s how it affects your reader. Good or Bad. A custom paid  blog theme (affiliate links for themes)  gives a unique look or identity to your site.


“Your Business Brand has the exciting potential of being the operating principle for everything your organization ever does”
– Ted Matthews

I agree! What excites me the most about marketing is that it offers the opportunity to create many connections for business owners.

All types of connections, with mission statements and core beliefs… whether they are  brick and mortar or online businesses. Branding is what appeals to your target audience.

“Connect your business to the net” -is my mission statement.

Will it be your brand image that consumers think of ?  Does your brand image convey the story of your company? Do they think of you when they need something ?

It needs to be a consistent message  inline with the vision of your  own company. It’s ALL ABOUT the brand identity that you create,  that positions your business  in the online market today.Main site marketingofflineonline.net Moo



If you are a new business owner, you might be working on defining  just who you and what your business are all about.

Older businesses have already built solid foundations on this  subject, but it’s still a good idea to revisit and update  your website and social media as your company grows and changes. After all, nothing stays the same, certainly not businesses, they evolve through time.

Simply put, your Branding is your promise to your customer, informing them what they can expect in terms of your services or products that can help them go forward with their business.

A brand identity is your message and online presence. Re-Branding (is something you might like to read about in this post.)

This is the  visual aspects of your company  that figure into your brand image. Make sure that your logo and your chosen colours match your personality and voice. Your own brand will always be yours and yours alone. Your own personal choices make it so.

 Just as important, the reasons for your website

Your Mission
Your why. What was the driving force behind the website or business that you wanted to solve?

Mine is short and to the point. I wanted to learn how to help other working women find a way out of the rate race. I started a business offline and learned how to make it a success using online marketing strategies and techniques.

Mission Statement: “Connecting your business to the net”

Core Message:  base it on your mission statement.  What is the big benefit you want your prospective clients to get from engaging with your content?

My Core Message: ” You can connect your small business to the net successfully using content marketing techniques, various devices such as websites /blogs, up-to-date social media platform strategies.”

Unique Value Proposition
What makes your business different? Why would someone choose YOU over your competitors? What makes your brand stand out?

My UVP: Over 10 years of marketing experience, love of art, online tools,  and writing, longevity.

Personality branding


Your Brand Personality

Is your brand, creative, fun, professional or casual?  Use adjectives to break down your brand personality. Ultimately this personality stems from your own personality. Pick words that fit your personality. Your Brand Development.

Mine:  Whimical, colourful,  love of teaching, creative, casual.

Brand Voice
While being similar to a brand personality, your voice represents MORE of your own personality. Your clients will see your brand voice in your content. Blog posts, social media posts, your newsletters etc. Show your creativity with subject matter that is original and creative via the tone in which you write your blog posts. Not everyone will like you but some will and they will be your loyal raving fans!

Typography – The font that your use on your website comes under brand identity. Try out a few and find just the right two or three no more. A Header font, body font and an accent font.They too can contribute to different emotions.  A Heavy Modern font or handwritten feminine font says volumes about the author. One important thing –  do make sure you can read it on mobile!!

 SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) in regards to keyword research, the writing of your articles with targeted keywords is very important. As well as your site’s loading time! Test this to find out how fast your loading time is. Google it. The  implementation of social share buttons to get social signals certainly should be present. It is very important to be found in the search engines.

Keywords – Your customers or prospects are initially attracted to your business because of the emotional impact of your brand. Emotional keywords that represent your brand, will inspire your customers.  The first impression DOES matter on line, every bit as much as they do in the  offline world. How your brand makes people feel & how they react to it are the key drivers of your brand’s perception! What keywords represent your brand?

So when a design company says they can re-brand your brand….
You need to ask them:
–  if they will interview your team, even if its a small one?
–  do they know your companies mission statement?
–  would they know  the benefits and features of your services or products?

Your Logo is NOT your Brand. Your brand includes everything you do & everywhere you are. Building a strong brand does not just include  re-designing your logo. If it doesn’t involve your strategy, your message and your emotional appeal along with your visual identity – then it’s not branding.

Lisa Zangari writes: “Ted Matthews teaches us that the only synonym for Brand is culture, and that if you want to have a Brand that resonates with all types, inside and outside an organization, you need to go to work on building a strong and inspiring culture. This is the recipe for success in today’s marketplaces.” (Lisa Zangari Senior Vice President, Human Resources, IAMGOLD).

An excellent book on branding.  Brand: It Ain’t the Logo *
(*It’s What People Think of YOU!) by Ted Matthews

Here’s an article on Branding (you and your business). –  ( also a link to the book mentioned in this article)

logo MO.O.


Your Logo
Your brand logo needs to be visually appealing. Simple is best for a good reason. You remember them. It should communicate what you do and your values. The logo will assist in the creation of the brand image.

marketing offline online

Colour Palette
Color can create type of emotions. Think Green for go Red for stop.Choose colours that not only look good but that illustrate your values as well. Check out this ( blog post to read about colour palette and web design.)


Businesses today are taking the time to create visually appealing newsletters, in hopes of getting more subscribers to read their content. Create an email template similar to your website and other aspects such as network plat forms to create a consistent brand identify. I am trying to match my email with my sites personality using a FREE the autoresponder  SendinBlue! My affiliate link.

  • Join my email  list by signing up for my free organizer FREE Printable templates.>side bar>

7. When you lead with yourself, first, rather than your company …you start to attract people who are looking for help and guidance rather than scaring people away because they think all your want to do is to sell them on your business. “WITFM” – What’s in it for me. People buy from people they Know, Like and Trust.

Branding  can seem like a journey of self-discovery in your business, because it really is. Do you know what your customer’s think of your company? What are the qualities you want them to associate with your company? Ask them, survey them, better yet -talk to them, and then you will really know the options that your business should take.

Conclusion to Branding

1. Be worth talking about -Stand out online!

2. Be of great value to all that you interact with!

3. Be unique with a clear difference,  be honest and have a meaningful message!


Be consistent, have great management – organizational culture and realize that it takes time to be understood, no overnight successes here. It just doesn’t work like that my friend.

So rather than leading with your opportunity…why not lead with your own BRAND first and develop a raving fan base with people following YOU, not the business you represent!

To get 6 Marketing Tips for Your Business Click the image below.

6 Marketing Hacks that are beautiful for your business

Businesses come and go in time, but you will be in business for  the long haul right? People can depend on you! You understand branding. This is YOUR chance to learn how to use these 7 steps to discuss your  Branding.  Contact me, for  ….  a FREE 20 min chat and we can discuss what you and your business brand  wants. See my  contact page( to set up a time.)

About Kathryn Maclean-Racicot  http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest & Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as: Monthly Recurring Income – http://bit.ly/2LE6MXU and  a multitude of courses on many different topics here at – https://bit.ly/2EAZMMv




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  1. Thanks Kathryn,

    Obviously there’s a lot more to branding than people (including me) think.

    A bit daunting for a solopreneur – but I guess they are perhaps the people who will benefit most from developing their own brand!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    1. Hi Joy,
      The solopreneur is a brave soul. Like you and me right?
      Branding is indeed a big subject, for the beginner, the intermediate and the expert. The benefits for each level are different.
      How to develop your own brand, maintain it and capitalize on it. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Branding is very important nowadays its not just enough to write a blog everyday without trying to connect with other bloggers. Because if you are not known they no one is going to be interested in checking your blog for updates.

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