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 Your Business Brand

What is Your Business Brand?

“Your Business Brand the exciting potential of being the operating principle for everything your organization  does” – Ted Matthews

Further Your Business Brand


The 7 Ways to further Your Business Brand

1.Your website is a communication platform for where your branding really matters. A branded blog means it is distinctive, it stands out in both the look as well as the content. It is also how it affects your reader. If you have a custom theme for your blog, it gives a unique look or identity to it.

Simply put, your Business Brand is your promise to your customer. It informs them what they can expect in terms of your services or products. Your brand identity is your message and online presence. Not your company’s logos or the companies perception, because that is subject to change. Your own brand will always be yours alone.

2. Understanding your clients, their needs and wants – such as: their demographics,  what they require in their own type of language for their businesses. A brand is reinforced through repetition of consistent messaging, the ongoing value of your offerings and a clear understanding of your audience’s interests and preferences.

3. You must promote your blog so effective blog promotion can happen in many ways:

  •  social media marketing platforms
  • email marketing
  • commenting
  • guest posting
  • eBooks
  • pdfs

Branding for Your Business

4. SEO in regards to keyword research The writing of your articles using targeted keywords as well as your site’s loading time and it’s implementation of social share buttons to get social signals. It is very important to be found in the search engines. Categorizing your posts correctly not only makes them easier to find, but it gets them to rank higher in the Pinterest search engine and in the Smart Feed See Pinterest Keyword Planning Guide.

5. Ways of organizing your Business Brand -Branding can change how people perceive your brand, it can drive new business to you and increase  your brand awareness. A brand is derived from who you are, who people perceive you to be, and who you want to be in the future.

Tools to help with Branding

135List – This app provides a simple and elegant way to prioritize your daily to do list. Phone and desktop.

Airtable is an amazing tool. It’s a mix between a spreadsheet and a database and editorial calendar. As a developer you get to create a database with a very nice to use interface, with the ease of use and editing of a spreadsheet, and you can easily update your records even from a mobile app.May 4, 2018 Airtable is the perfect tool for managing your marketing or graphic design projects.Nov 19, 2020 I list all my blogs there.

IFTTT lets you automate certain processes. Get started with IFTTT, the easiest way to do more with your favorite apps and devices for free. (3 apps)  Make your work more productive. You create the apps to do something like share a post pic on instagram to a specific Pinterest board using a hashtag.

Marinara Timer– Research shows that taking breaks while working can improve productivity Inspired by Pomodoro Technique time management tools, Marinara online timers are customizable to meet your productivity goals. By digital agency 352 Inc

Rescue Time – If you want to be more productive, you need to know where your time is going.
Millions of smart people and businesses trust RescueTime’s award-winning tools and courses to help them become more focused, productive, and motivated. Great for Moms or Seasoned Marketers and much more.  eg.2m 50s Logged During Work Hours.

6. Ads for your business.  You should be consistent with your sales pitches, your Facebook ads, or Pinterest  ads Promoted Pins  Promoted pins are synonymous with Pinterest ads, they are the advertising platform for Pinterest .on your blog. Right down to what you say when you answer your phone. Your brand is in everything you do, everywhere online or offline. In essence your brand is you and your business.

Your core business brand values should be written down. Take a hard look at your competition and figure out how to do it better. The next step is to create compelling, credible and consistent messaging that supports your business goals.


An article on Branding on my site

This can seem like a journey of self-discovery in your business. Do you know what your customer’s think of your company? What are the qualities you want them to associate with your company? Ask them, survey them, better yet -talk to them, and then you will really know their options.

7. When you lead with yourself first, rather than your company or Network Marketing Company …you start to attract people who are looking for help and guidance rather than scaring people away because they think all your want to do is to sell them on your business. “WITFM” – What’s in it for me.
People buy from people they Know, Like and Trust.

1. Be worth talking about -Stand out!

2. Deliver great value to all that you interact with.

3. Own your own position, be unique with a clear difference,  be honest and have a meaningful message.

Be Consistent, have great management  and customer service –  be organized and professional and realize that it takes time to be understood, no overnight successes. It just doesn’t work like that.

So rather than leading with your Opportunity…why not lead with your own BRAND first and develop a raving fan base and have people follow YOU, not the business you represent!


This is YOUR chance to learn how to use these 7 steps to discuss your Business Brand .

Contact me, for a 20 min chat …. to discuss what you and your business needs and wants.

See my ” Contact page ” on my site.


Kathryn R. Maclean  https://facebook.com/KathrynRMaclean/

Social Media Campaign Creation Specialist using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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