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...Hi My name is Kathryn Ruth Maclean-Racicot. 

It's not about me... it's about YOU!...

Your about page should be about you...
as it relates to your perfect prospects

My business was started in order to have control over my schedule, while working with  my husband with our 10 year+ offline business.

I quickly fell in love with the opportunity to help alleviate stress for business owners and encourage productivity for women entrepreneurs online.

I first learned to improve my own business by marketing it online the hard way, by making mistakes and learning from them.

  • I learned to create a website and how to market it on Google for my offline business. We were listed for certain key words and on "Google for Business" in most cases  the listing was third or fourth on the FIRST page of Google.  
  • Our business also grew by word of mouth and I listed the testimonials on the websites sites I created. We eventually had all the clients we could handle.  

Our business started from learning how to manage a business from the ground up, to being  long time trusted business owners,  to serving our  wonderful clients, most of which have been with us for 8- 10 years now.

We developed into property management

previous business

Old business

What people say about me

I was the welcome lady /welcome coordinator for a blogging community of 300 for 3 years +  online. Using messenger to welcome new members and direct them to where to go.

Welcomed each new member with a welcome image in the community. For each birthday I send a specialized image based their social media or blog to the community, and  participated in various training groups in the club and more.  

"I don't know what I would have done without her"

 - the founder of PAC Leslie Federici. 

My Facebook page of several years now  for my local area near Ottawa Canada...

  Winchester Local Events

local Facebook page

I have not been as active as usual.

(Now almost fully recovered)

This is the reason. "Where have I been?"

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Kathryn Maclean


I am a wife of over 25 years, with two successful grown children, a chemical engineer & a film screen writer/director.

Also a grand mother of two! 

​I am from the Ottawa area, the capital of Canada. Living in Winchester about a hour from the city. Beautiful small town.​

We moved here to have a lovely home in this area. Still traveling to the city for our jobs. That became a big stress so I looked for something in the area. Not much in the way of employment in our small town so I started work cleaning houses for an agency.

I saw the potential and started my own business and later, after my husband was laid off from his management job, he joined the business.

​Here are a few things about me:

  • ​​I learned about marketing  
  • created many websites  
  • ​afternoons I took courses on marketing
  •  back ground in secretarial work  
  • ​2 years as a Mary Kay director
Marketing Strategy

This article is about Small Business Strategy  

Virtual Assistant

To find out about my VA services

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My Mission Statement: “Connecting your  business to the net”

Core Message: Based on your mission statement.  What is the big benefit you want

your prospective clients to get from engaging  with your content?

My Core Message is: ” You can connect your small business to the net successfully using content marketing techniques, various devices  such as websites /blogs, up-to-date social media platforms.

Social Media Goals  social-media-business-goals-5-key-steps

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-Your business is making money  (or you want to get started) but your ​interested in making more revenue.

Step-by-step creating a road map to help you so it doesn't feel so damn overwhelming.

I'll break it down into bite sized small  manageable pieces and get you EXCITED  about your business.

What you are creating for your business? 

You can do this, I can help.

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