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Hi Welcome to my About Page....

But it's really about what I can do for you!                  
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When I'm looking for blogging advice I am drawn to some pretty amazing entrepreneurs like Meera Kothand, Sandra Clayton and  Jen Lehner, Eden Fried, Lisa Latner, & Steve Dotto.

I read a wide range of other bloggers, but these marketers are my jam... They are the best!

What you will get from my site, is years, and I mean years of marketing experience.

I have been there done that just about everything but I do specialize in blogging, and doing marketing strategy design for small businesses.

I worked for a small blogging community on Facebook for almost 4 years. I was the welcome coordinator and I leaned a great deal from this association with the owner Lesly Federici.

I was an Expert blogger turning in a post a week for quite a few years.

I have posted many articles on my blog page.

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My Story
Why did I start my biz? I had been online for some time and bounced around marketing, even network marketing and finally found some people who where avid bloggers. I found that I had a talent there and grew to love blogging.

My big why is that I know what its like to be out there on my own in the internet and I had a very hard time trying to find my niche which is women business owners.

previous business

As a business owner offline of 12 years now I learned to market my offline business by marketing it online with social media, blogging and SEO to find clients.

I did such a good job that  I wanted to make marketing my online business. Marketing Offline Online was born!

Now that I have experience online, I want to teach it to others so they can benefit from my experience and won't have the hard time I did  -finally establishing my business.

I have one opt-in so far and that is about connecting with virtual assistants -a free 5 email mini course.

See the slide in opt-in. below...

I am working on my funnel and other lead magnets with

"Amy Porterfield's" course

-List Building Society.

Marketing Offline Online

If you would like to chat I offer a free 20 min meet.  See my contact page.