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Hi !! Welcome to my website. My name is Kathryn Maclean-Racicot
My business Marketing Offline – Online  M.O.O. for short.
Marketing Offline Online
  Like to chat for 15 mins?  https://bookme.name/KATHRYNMACLEANRACICOT 
I offer a  15 min assessment call on Zoom to see if I can help you out with social media or a website/ blog. These are the types of questions I would ask you:
1. How long have you been in business? or what type of business do you want?
2.  If I could wave a magic wand what would the one thing I could do for you that you would need help with?
3. If there was one blog post I could write to help you, what would that be about?
4. If I could create 1 course or product that would solve your problems regarding running a business, what would that be?

I specialize in…social media, website creation, branding, advertising and blogging

  • My schedule is Mon – Friday. Calls on Thurs or Fridays. Just click the banner above. Goes to my Book Like A Boss page. See the days and times available. I look forward to speaking with you on Zoom.  I like chatting to see what it is that people are interested in concerning their marketing.  So this helps me as well as you. ( I will email you to attend the call.)
I am Canadian 

I live in a small town, with pretty much the only employment being the Parmalat Dairy plant in Winchester, a lovely little town in Canada. I moved here 15 years ago from Ottawa. Love the small town type of life. Much more friendly and laid back.

I run a local Facebook page for business people in my town. I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce for Winchester.

 Winchester Local Events
  Visit my facebook page for  Winchester Local Events  <here



I have my own business offline, (11 yrs), and my own marketing business online. I am a certified social media campaign specialist. I can put together a beautiful website for myself and for clients. I am a business strategist and suggest e-business plans to small businesses offline or online.

 I belong to a wonderful group of people who are interested in blogging with others, a blogging community on Facebook called PAC- the Power Affiliate Club. I have been the welcome coordinator with PAC,  going into our 4th year now. See the tab <here or the top of the site for information about PAC.

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