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It's really about you and what I can help you with to market your business. Learn the secrets that I am happy to share with you to get started today!

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Here’s What You’ll Get...

You get a team to help you with your website and marketing development. My self and my husband plus a group of knowledgeable geeks with "Thrive Suite" from Switzerland, dedicated to helping their customers improve their marketing  online.  

You are now able to have your own courses on your own WordPress sites. It’s now easier and faster than ever to create and customize your courses layout with Thrive Apprentice.

When you open the new Template Dashboard you’ll find a collection of professionally designed templates for each of your course pages: your lesson, school homepage, course overview and module overview templates.

From here you can go in and edit each one of these templates into the smallest details to create the visual style of your course environment.

You can sign up on my site for more information. You get access to  all of their many services when you sign up with Thrive Suite.

I'm Kathryn Ruth Maclean-Racicot...

Marketing offline online

My husband Carl and I. He was my partner in our 12+ year offline business.
I could not do without him.  He works on all the things that I am not good with.  
From tech to finance.  Also the chief cook and bottle washer so I can do my thing online. Carl is  wonderful!  

Carl Racicot 

Finance Officer

New Here?

The 3 most important destinations on our website for new Visitors...

One-on-one Consulting

Keeping Fridays open for  coaching when we work together using Zoom. See my contact page for more info.

Coffee or Hello Call

I offer a 20 min call on Zoom to see if we would be a good fit to work together. Only on Thursdays

Digital Products

Affiliate with Thrive Suite because they are the best in digital software products creation.

About Kathryn

Kathryn Maclean

As a business owner offline of 12+ years I learned to market my offline business  online with the use of social media, blogging and SEO to find clients. Most of our clients found us online from a Google search.

I did such a good job  learning how to bring in new customers that decided that I wanted to make marketing my new online business.  Marketing Offline Online was born!

Now that I have many years of experience online, I want to teach it to others so they can benefit from my experience and won't have the hard time I did  -finally establishing my business online.

After 5 years posting about my local businesses on a  business Facebook page. Buying local is so very important. Even more so as businesses are opening up.

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My services help women entrepreneurs market their businesses online in the quickest and most effective way possible.  
...I am here to help.


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