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Kathryn Maclean


You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar

I'm Kathryn Ruth Maclean-Racicot...

Marketing offline online

My husband Carl and I. He was my partner in our 12+ year offline business.
I could not do without him.  He works on all the things that I am not good with.  
From tech to finance.  Also the chief cook and bottle washer so I can do my thing online. Carl is  wonderful!  

Carl Racicot 

Finance Officer

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One-on-one Consulting

This is done on Fridays where we work together using Zoom. See my contact page

Consultation Call

Only on Thursdays. I offer a 20 min call on Zoom to see if we would be a good fit to work together Send me an email.

Digital Products

I am an affiliate with Thrive Suite because they are the best in digital software products creation.

The Welcome Lady

Blogging community

I worked for a small blogging community on Facebook for almost 4 years as the welcome coordinator.  I was an Expert author /blogger turning in a post a week for quite a few years. I learned a great deal from this association with the owner of PAC Power Affiliate Club, Lesly Federici.


Amy Porterfield

Many courses with Amy.

Define Your Niche
Ultimate Course Creation Starter
List Builder Society - 12 modules
A Signature Course. Comprehensive system, . It’s specific and detailed and includes your entire framework from start to finish

Amy Porterfield 

Marketing Offline Online

Many courses and webinars on marketing. Over the years I have learned what works and what is a waste of my time.  

See my portfolio page for more.

Shane Lelaugh

Shane Melaugh Founder of Thrive Suite. They are a company of geeks from Switerland. I have been a member for several years now. This page was created using the new Ommni theme. I am an affiliate for Thrive Themes/Thrive Suite/ Thrive Apprentice etc.

About Kathryn

As a business owner offline of 12+ years I learned to market my offline business by marketing it online with social media, blogging and SEO to find clients. Most of our clients found us online.

I did such a good job  bringing new customers that decided that I wanted to make marketing my new online business.  Marketing Offline Online was born!

Now that I have many years of experience online, I want to teach it to others so they can benefit from my experience and won't have the hard time I did  -finally establishing my business.

Over 5 years posting about my local businesses on a  business Facebook page. Buying local is so very important. Even more so as businesses are opening up.

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My services are to help women entreprenurs market their businesses online the quickest and most effective way possible. So You can take the road less traveled and make a successful business online.

Marketing for your business online.

The Path not taken