Social media tracking 3 ways

Do you keep track of your social media tracking ?

Social Media Tracking 3 ways

You should! Social Media Tracking is vital. Here is how to keep track of the biggest three social media giants Let’s look at Facebook, Instagram,  and Pinterest…

On Facebook  most people know about the insights tracking that facebook provides.

Did you know that you are able to track other social media with various social media tools for business?




What do you want to do with engagement on your Facebook Fan page? This is the business page that you create, not your profile page that Facebook gives you when you sign up. That is NOT for business.  >  One of my business pages

Facebook offers many ways to engage with potential customers. If you have suddenly lots of people visiting your fan page where would you be sending them and why? There are different ways to handle that traffic to your page. There are also ways to track that traffic.

One way of course, is putting a link to your website in the About section of your Fan page. In the short description and general information sections as well as the website section. You should do this on your profile page, there is a place to list your fan / business page.

Go the top left section of your Profile page – see the little pencil when you hover over it . You are able to list your fan pages there. I have my fan pages listed and my website. You want people to find you easily.

Notes Section on your Business Page

You can take the html  version from your article on your website and put it in the notes section. People will see the article in your page status as a post, but it will stay on your notes permanently.

Traffic So now that we know what to do with our engagement, let’s GET some more traffic to your fan page.

Promote Your Content
Publish as much as possible. Use social media advertising to promote shares of your blog posts on Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  You also use promotion strategies such as emailing your  email list and reaching out to your influencers in your niche when you publish your great content. This actually helps you to extend your content’s reach and generate new readers for your blog.

The typical Facebook marketer keeps close tabs on two main stats: Post Reach and Page Likes. While you should be conscious of these stats, they should not be central to measuring your marketing goals on Facebook. I also like to see what time I get most people visiting my page.

It’s more important to understand the number of fans your posts reach, how many of those fans you engage and what types of clicks your posts receive. Of course, reaching your fans is only half the battle. The true measure of whether your content resonates with your audience is measured in part by engagement.

What is Engagement?

An “engaged fan” is anyone who clicks anywhere within your post or generates a story about your post, even if it doesn’t result from a click. Depending on your unique goals, you may use one or all of the metrics I’ve shared and you might track one or two more. ” To  learn more from social media examiner  on analyzing facebooks metrics

Google Analytics

Social Media tracking of Google Analytics gives you the digital analytics tools you need to analyze data from one place for an understanding of the customer experience.  I have the plugin for  MonsterInsights Plug in . Free with a Basic Upgrade is $39 for 1 site.

Go to Analytics and sign up for an account.  > (
They give you a snippet of code to add to your website pages.

Log into your Google Analytics.  On the left menu bar – Behavior  Shows top 10 posts from site. Most traffic there unless you have a static page and a blog like I do. My blog page is higher.  Behavior > Site Content> Select date range – Month to get an overview of popular posts.


Pinterest is a great source of traffic, pinning content from your website is the best way to help people there find you. Every 30 days repin your own site content pins if they are evergreen content.

TAILWIND Tailwind Free or upgrade. >

Followers   –  Pins
Weekly summary Pins from your site

You can manage as many Pinterest or Instagram social media tracking accounts as you like in Tailwind under a single login! New accounts will start on a free trial. After the trial, you’ll be able to choose which accounts you wish to upgrade to which plan level (or not upgrade at all).Android coming soon.

PINTEREST THE SITE  –  Business account >  Do take a look at these stats on the Pinterest site. Most are monthly stats.

– Overview
– Profile
– People You Reach
– Website
1. Overview
Avg. daily impressions
More> Top Pin impressions 30 days
Clicks, Saves, Likes,
Boards with top Pin impressions 30 d
Show more > see all boards

Avg.daily viewers
People you reach
Avg. monthly engaged

Activity from site
Avg. daily impressions
Avg. daily viewers
Line graphs

2. Profile
Impressions -the views your pins get
Impressions Avg. daily
Avg. daily viewers
Top Pin impressions – 30 days
Top Board impressions – 30 days

3.The people you reach in 30 days
Who sees your pins and who acts on them
Avg. monthly viewers
Avg. monthly engaged
If you check out engagement over time you understand where your audience is – good for marketing opportunities. Most of my audience is from the US and Canada. Even tracks the city. Overwhelmingly female!

WEBSITE – Clicks  /Saves  /Likes  / Impressions – views your website gets
Avg. daily impressions
Avg. daily viewers
Top Pin impressions from the last 30 days
Get the SAVE button on your website. Different sizes and colours, also a hover button that appears over images  for fast pinning.


Repins Clicks Original Pins All time Save button
Impressions from dates the views Pins from your website get on Pinterest
Avg. daily impressions
Avg. daily views
When people create Pins from your website, you’ll be able to track how they do on Pinterest. It can take up to 48 hours for data to load on Pinterest, so the most recent data won’t show.

If you just converted to a business account, we can show data from after you converted to a business account, not from before. New data should start loading after two days and you should see a full week’s worth of data in 10 days.

You also might not see any social media tracking data if there hasn’t been a significant volume of Pins coming from your website. Another reason why you might not have data is if your verified website redirects to another URL

Followers Following
Business Profile Slider of Boards
Boards I have 36 so far  Follow me>



Instagram Stories have 100 million daily active viewers. (This number will grow much much bigger with Instagram Stories. Instagram users are continuing to be exposed to Instagram Stories whether or not  you are using  the feature.   What is it used for?

How to share behind the scenes of your business. Your audience is following you for a reason, not to see pics of your cat ( I do share these on my personal IG not my business account)
I use my business account marketingofflineo to share Instagram and business tips. Instagram stories ( little circles at the top) as ways to monetize my account.So keep things business relevant there.
The last thing is that Instagram Stories only last 24hrs. Your audience has to watch or they may miss out. Be sure to check your stats often.

To learn more about Instagram  tips go here < a previous article on Instagram

These social media tracking tips as well as creating quality content, and a  way to check your analytics,  are crucial to keeping track of your social media accounts. If you don’t keep track how will you know what is working or not?

Having your own blog to connect all your social media to as your hub is essential.Your audience should continue to grow with the value you supply on your blog. If you would like to join a very good blogging community you are welcome to go to the PAC or Power Affiliate Community and join. We offer many programs, a Free and an upgraded account. A weekly Blog Challenge where all participants visit and comment on each other’s blogs. I belong to the Expert Authors as well as being the welcome coordinator for PAC.


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