Are You A Passionate Entrepreneur?

What is an entrepreneur?

Are You a passionate entrepreneur

A Passionate Entrepreneur is: “Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and as the decision maker decides the what and how much of a good or service will be produced.”

10 characteristics that set entrepreneurs apart:

  1. Passion and Motivation
  2. Not Afraid to Take Risks
  3. Self-belief, Hard Work, Disciplined Dedication
  4. Adaptable and Flexible
  5. Product and Market Knowledge
  6. Strong Money Managment
  7. Effective Planning, Not Over-Planning
  8. The Right Connections
  9. Exit Preparedness
  10. Ability to Question Themselves – But Not Too Much


I am an Entrepreneur and a Certified Social Media Campaign Creation Specialist. A Small Business Owner and a Marketer.

By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, WE CREATE IT. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired” – Franz Kafka

Being an online marketer, small business owner and an entrepreneur  you need to know about:

Social Media Campaigns
Work your plan by understanding your audience first

  •  their needs
  • their wants
  • and their pain

Put together your ideal avatar of your target customers. Who are they, where do they live (country) what do they need? All the things that you would know about a friend of yours. You want to get to know them.

I  have paid for many Social Media courses online. One was a Social Media Course of (4 mths)  I have studied all types of Social Media.  I keep up to date with ever-changing social media platforms. I don’t follow them all, only the ones that work for my business.

social media certification

. Facebook – 4 business pages  -1 Profile page.

 Instagram – 1 business account

. Pinterest – 1 business account.

LinkedIn – profile and groups


What Social Media Platforms are you be sharing on consistently? Why are you using those particular platforms? Is this where is your target audience is likely to be? Do you know the difference between using Facebook  (Ads) or any other type of platform Ad?

social media

Do you market on Facebook? Facebook is all about connecting with people.

Many businesses start posting on Facebook without a plan! As a result, your posts don’t often address the needs of their audience.



Fall out from the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle. What we should be doing proactively to protect our online privacy.

Personal Privacy

If you wish to see just what is on your Facebook account and how you can provide more privacy after the debacle mentioned. Go to your settings ( Not really where most of it is) See under Apps.  These are for entertainment or convenience. Seemly ok but you don’t really know what they are for, some of them. You do not need them – Elf Yourself?? No, delete it.

Bitly, Agora Pulse apps, for business yes. Remove especially if you don’t know what it does. Strip it all out. Edit the settings.  You can Modify some apps.  Logging in with your Facebook App gives access to your info. I deleted these accounts. Use your own accounts to sign in to things, not the Facebook App.

Most of us don’t understand the information we are sharing. A measure of control is something we want. Critical about how we share our information. This debacle on Facebook has been a wake-up call on what we share online.

Joining a community on Facebook to help you understand this complexity of information available. I belong to several such communities. See more information on my website for links to my facebook pages for these communities. ( When you join my email list I have a FREE report on all the social media networks that I am currently active on)

1. Creating a Roadmap for Posts covering various subjects
As an example, fitness tips, if you are in the fitness industry. Blog marketing – perhaps healthy recipes if you are in the health niche, etc you get the idea. Write out the content you could use in a list. Use it daily or weekly depending on your analytics.

2.  A Content Calendar
After choosing your topics, create a calendar. A content calendar that maps out what to post each day.  More on this about using a tool for a content calendar. When you have a schedule, it also helps you build in enough time to create your social media images to go along with your posts using Canva or Pickmonkey for Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook.

3. Facebook Post Descriptions
When you post a link,  on your fan page, it fetches the metadata automatically. You can then edit it, removing the URL of the post altogether and the pic below stays put. You then have a larger area to post your message. Remember that Facebook posts are now searchable, so this is an excellent opportunity to add your keywords, too. The same with Facebook notes feature. You can post an article on a note page from your website  (use HTML) and it appears in the post feed of your page, but stays permanently in the notes section.

4.Your Written and Visual Content
On Facebook, there are 4 types of content.

Links –  Images – Videos  – Text updates.

Every post should have an image. Something you have created or an image you have paid for. More on where to find free image content here. Free Images

5. Best Time to Publish
If you dig into your Facebook analytics you will discover the ideal days or times to post. Not a good idea to simply post when your content is ready. You can schedule the post for a certain day and time. Do you want to post when there are more people on Facebook at a certain time?

According to  in their article, the best days to post on Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays. But do check your own analytics. I have checked mine and I would say they are right for me.
To maximize your engagement,  use tools like Facebook Insights and Bitly URL shortener (has a tracker) if you post links. These are helpful if you don’t want to invest in an analytics tool.

Keyword Research

Many ways to find keywords.

I sometimes use Ubersuggest  0r Google Adwords (need to set up a Gmail address first)

Sign in with your Gmail account – (tools at the top)
Find keywords enter the phrase or URL and look at the  volume and the competition

  • women entrepreneurs  – 22.000  – Low competition
  • successful entrepreneurs  – 14,800 – Low competition
  • business entrepreneurs  – 6,600 – Low competition

I also use to research my keywords.
5 searches a day /24 hrs for FREE. I select all of the results and then export them. Checking them off as I add them to my blog post.


Look for the high monthly search volumes, the first term, add them naturally into your blog post. Clicking on the sort button next to Search to see what top terms are for that keyword. You will come across other gems that you had not thought of to include. A hot keyword to put into your post.

What is your story to share with your audience that they would be searching for? My long tail keyword for this article was passionate entrepreneur but I found some others that were included as well.  This is gold for anything you want to sell online or use these keywords in your blog articles. This tells you how many searches for each keyword phrase.

Campaign Objectives of Your Business

  • Remain focused on your campaign level objectives.

There are three major objectives – (you can only focus on one at a time as each path has different steps.)

They are: ( each has a  campaign around the specific type )

  • More Traffic –
  • More Exposure –
  • More Money –

So basically, a social media marketing document or plan is just an in-depth, text-based format of your mind map. It just takes a lot longer to write and expands on all the finer details.

x Mind


For small and medium-sized businesses, visualizing a social media marketing campaign as a flow chart or mind map is usually a great way to achieve the planning objective.


After reading this post  I hope you have a better insight into being a business entrepreneur.

Now you can answer this question.  Are you a passionate entrepreneur?

Contact me to chat about women entrepreneurs, starting an online company business as an online entrepreneur or using social entrepreneurship for an existing business.

See my “About me”  page or the” Contact” page.

Kathryn Maclean    

About Kathryn Maclean
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using various resources.




  1. I especially like the idea of posting according to my FB analytics. I have a schedule but it’s based on my personal time, not the analytics. I’ll be looking into that to see if I need to adjust. Thanks for great suggestions!

    • kathrynruth says

      Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for your comments. Posting at the best time, based on your analytics is the only way to go.

  2. Wow Kathryn, this was an intense post. So much valuable information on how to be a successful entrepreneur and use social media properly.

    Right from the start, something stood out for me in the characteristics of an entrepreneur. “Strong money management”. That is one area with which I could make some changes. The other is that I do not have a plan for social media posting, only when I have a specific event to share, such as my radio shows or virtual summits. I get busy and don’t share for several days and then I get inspired by something and share it. That process could certainly be improved.

  3. Great post and great to learn more about keywords!

    • kathrynruth says

      Hi Annette,
      Thanks for your comment about a great way to learn about keywords. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the article as well.

  4. Great information shared step by step.. Thanks for sharing

  5. Passion about something that we do in our daily life is an important thing to bring up the quality in the person. A lot of people are having a passion for something but they may be don’t know the real passion which can be transformed into a successful business. The best solution of the entrepreneurs is given in the blog which makes them come up with an idea to be supported by real passion. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Sathish,
      It is important to be passionate about your blog topic. It should be something you can write about for say 3 years.
      Blogging is not a sprint but a long distance race. If you are not a passionate entrepreneur, you won’t make it.

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