5 steps to planning your best dream blog during the Pandemic

Plan Your Best Dream Blog During the – COVID-19 Pandemic Updated from Nov 19, 2019 If there is one good thing for businessowners with this COVID-19  virus, it’sthat there is more TIME. Take a step backand focus on learning and setting yourselfand your business up for the future.This is only temporary. I have 5 steps to do now that will be […]

Starting a Blog the Easy Way

Updated from March 12, 2019Decided to start a blog? Great!I wish that I had someone  helping me when I started blogging. This is why I am writing this article, to help you with how to start a blog or update your website.*As of this update more people will be interested in starting a website & […]

Get Better Email Marketing Results for Your Online Business

Get Better at Email Marketing Why you need an email list! ​​Do you have a love – hate relationshipwith your email? I do! ​Do you know why an email list is so important to your business?Growing your list to 12K or moreseems daunting right, but break it​down to 34 subscribers a day andit seems much more doable -right?That […]

Email Account Overwhelm to Inbox Zero

3 Steps to Inbox Zero Updated from Feb 10th, 2017 My email account needed help. Luckily I found Steve Dotto ( Canadian TV Computer show fame for many years). Now online with his program Dotto Tech.  If you don’t know him, learn about him here. I think he is terrific! Overcome information overload, get control of […]

Virtual Assistant

​Do you know what a Virtual Assistant does?A Virtual Assistant or VA, for short is anyone…who works in an administrative,creative, marketing,or technical capacityin a virtual or remote environment. Are you doing “All The Things”in yourbusiness? The social media? The scheduling? The invoicing? Managing your inbox? The life of an entrepreneur… right…but it doesn’t have to be all […]

Brand Development What Is It? How do you do it?

What is your Brand Development? Updated post from Dec-10-2018 This site contains affiliate links, which means I can earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase.  Read our full affiliate disclosure on site. Brand development  is important. Why is this so? Because a brand is YOU. It’s your brand’s value, vision, […]

A Brand Color Palette for your Blog

Updated from Oct 25, 2017 No matter how it is spelled, COLOR -USA, or COLOUR -CDN, we all know that colour spells interest on our websites. Think of well-known brands,  Coca-Cola without its beautiful red? Do you know which colors to use that will appeal to your audience? What does the color on your site say […]

Don’t start your 10-Year-Decade-Plan before you see this

​​Creating a Decade Plan review is notan easy task but you can do it following Marie Forleo’s Decade inReview very easily. I did it.Here is my basic outline.​For me it was hard things – health wiseand things that my younger self  would never have imagined would happen.​Being very ill with two businesses, offline and online.​Today […]

Business Organization End of The YEAR Tips

Updated from Nov 17, 2018Business OrganizationWill you reach your goals for the year?This year or next in 2020? What’s My Future? Looking back over the decade… What do you want to create,  or achieve over the next 10 years? What do you want to feel or accomplish in terms of your…Health and wellbeing?Finances?Relationships?Career or business?Community ?Think about how you […]

Exciting Innovative Company Goals for the New Year

Updated Dec 16, 2019..Your company goals for your business change over time…In this article I mention Rebel Boss University.  I just want to let you know in less than 14 hours from now, the price will go up. If you want to use 2019 /2020 to sell a digital product over and over again (and […]

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