Types of Business Organization

 People are looking for types of business organization

Especially in January! I hope that this is YOUR year to shine with your business online. This post was updated for this New Year 2019!

My husband asked “How was your day?”  I replied  “I don’t know, but it sure was busy though” Ok he said….

Can you relate to that?  Sometimes owning and running a business can feel like you are running a zoo, and a very busy one too! That busyness rarely leads to productivity unless it’s grounded in a plan.  It’s very easy to get knocked off that plan with Facebook notifications popping up, the cat meowing to go out,  the phone ringing,  kids interrupting, your best customer wanting to chat. All that going on!!

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So what types of business organization can you do? Get my FREE  Printable Check lists, Goal Planners and Work Sheets. See end of post.

I have found several great marketers/ bloggers online that manage  their own particular zoos,  who have set up a great organizational systems.  I am trying out a few, and so far it’s working well in combination with some other things I use. Let’s see how we can organize for the new year!

Break down your goals into action plans. Instead of focusing on accomplishing all of the goals at one time, break them down to what is most important. Schedule your time in a calendar. See the step by step action plan for achieving your goals for 2019.Click To Tweet

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Build The Habit First

“Something happens as you start to build a ridiculously easy habit. You start to feel good about it. When you feel good about it, you start to enjoy it. When you enjoy it, it’s easy to do.”  Like anything else, you learn how, and it just  becomes a habit.



Notice  These Important Elements of Building the Habit:
– The habit is ridiculously easy.
– You’ve only agreed to a week at first (because that’s ridiculously easy), and you’ll do a month if that works out. You have no way of knowing if the habit will serve you beyond that….
– You’ve pre-established a time and place to perform your habit. This makes it harder for your habit to slip away. Whenever possible, make the habit every day. If it’s every day, it’s harder to put it off.”
– Ryan Holiday

Weekly Routines, Not Daily Routines?
“Your energy levels and  state of mind changes throughout the week. You should work accordingly.

“For example, I learned to make Monday and Tuesdays (especially late mornings) my prime creative time on my most important projects. Later on in the week, as my discipline wanes, is for meetings and administrative stuff.”
– David Kadavy

Organizing your business


This shows my blog weekly standard of work

The activities are colour coordinated by roughly how much time it will take me to complete them.

Morning, after I arrive home from my offline business that my husband and I own.

  • Orange – Things I cannot change appointments- with Doctors etc
  • Turquoise – for things that will take about 1 hour  -USING MY TIMER to focus
  • Pink – for 2-hour sessions -writing a blog post or doing research for one
  • Lime green – 15 mins for quick things – checking Facebook or email (use a timer)

This helps in setting realistic expectations and helps to attain my goals for the week and so I don’t get stressed out. Take several breaks during the day and always use a timer to focus on what needs done.

Work Schedule
Print out a weekly work schedule (2) sheets that I keep for reference (a paper trail) to what work was to be done. Now using a simple notebook, easier than printing things out. What ever works for you.

Research is done early in the week. Getting items together. Thursday or Friday to post my weekly blog for my site or Research for my monthly more extensive blog posts. Promoting Fridays, Saturdays.

Create a Blog Vision Board with An Editorial Calendar
I colour coordinate my categories so I can easily see how many of each type of post I have when I move them over to my editorial calendar. For information on that you can read a previous post here.*

Monthly Blog Post Ideas
Going to include them on a spreadsheet.   One theme for the month. I like AirTable totally free.

or Open up Google Docs and start your spreadsheet with …

  • Day and Date: These are pretty much self-explanatory. I decided to add the day of the week.
  • Category: Is your post a sponsored post? Personal post? I  will be trying to do one sponsored post a week so this column helps me see that.

Topic: This is just a short description which usually ends up being my SEO title.

  • Blog Title: Again, self-explanatory. This comes in handy when my Blog Title isn’t the same as my SEO title.

Description: This is what I will put in my SEO description and will come up as my “blurb” on Facebook and other share sites.

  • Keywords: With some sponsored posts, the sponsor will provide certain keywords they would like you to use in your post. This is one of the first fields I fill in after I confirm the post with the sponsor. I will also consult Google Keyword Tools for some other  SEO keywords for my post and  “Keywords Everywhere.”

Published URL: Once my post is complete and scheduled, I grab the URL and put it in the spreadsheet. This acts as a reminder to myself that the post is completed and scheduled for promotion.

Syndication: Type of networks used:

  1. Twitter 1 or 2 , Tweets: I’ll plan out some tweets for the week and place them in the column before scheduling
  2. Pinterest at least one pin per blog post a week. I use Tailwind and spend 20 mins a week filling it.
  3. Facebook 1 or 2 on my Two Facebook pages
  4. Instagram 1 or 2 Need to do batching for this
  • Facebook Groups – publishing schedule as per different groups during the week.

I have been consistently drafting posts two weeks in advance with the help of the editorial calendar.

Blog Writing Processes, Publishing, and Promoting
I use a separate board with post -it’s for this exercise    30% writing and 70 % promotion.

Tools I use are:

  • Buffer, Post Planner, IFTTT, Instagram, (business) Twitter (personal and business)
  • A Youtube account.  LinkedIn (several groups with blog posts posted)
  • Pinterest Business Account with over 50 boards
  • Facebook (4 business pages,  1 profile page) (1 Private Group of mine.) Currently archived Women in Business.

Facebook Groups Promo Schedule
If you are like I am, you’ve joined multiple Facebook Groups. All to help be visible and drive traffic back to your blog right? Organize all the days that each allows blog posts.

You don’t want to miss the promo days that each may have. You need a system./
Use the promo days to promote your own blog posts so you never miss another opportunity to share your hard work. You want to build a brand to connect with the admins and also check out their blogs. Say thank you for adding you.

In conclusion -So now if my husband asks “how was my day “I can show him in great detail what I was doing, I think he is impressed with my  business organization.! He says so! lol

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