Convertkit is now Seva with Innovative Autoresponder Automation

When I started with ConvertKit I didn’t get the automation at first…

I had tried many other types of autoresponder email clients. Convertkit had all these new features that I wasn’t familiar with.  Segmenting,  Automation and tags? So for others new to ConvertKit here are some terms that I learned that made it the best email for blogging and a big surprise!

This article contains affiliate links for products that we use and love.  From time to time, we will include links in the emails that would include promotions for our own products or affiliate products that could generate income or commission for MarketingOfflineOnline at no additional cost to you the reader.

Did you know that there is a monthly publication created at ConvertKit called Tradecraft for professional bloggers? And it’s a good one to! “Whether your goal is to build a permanent side hustle or to create a business you can work on full-time, you are a professional blogger in our books.” – Convertkit

You have goals: You want to…

  • Build a big audience
  • Turn that audience into true fans who tell their friends about you
  • Build enough trust that those true fans are willing to buy your products or services
  • Turn your customers into repeat customers, that is the very best kind of customer
  • Earn a living doing something you  truly love to do
  • Live a meaningful life for you and your family

Email is one of the most powerful tools for turning these goals into reality. The folks at Convertkit and I know that. You own your email list, with your own autoresponder. Social media owns their own social platforms. If Facebook should die, God forbid, all that you entered in the network would be gone. Your own email list of clients and customers is your own gold and no one can take it from you.

Convertkit was a name that just didn’t do the company justice. (Personally, I really had a hard time remembering it because it made no sense.) “Convert kit wasn’t the mission we’re on to serve you – We are now Seva” To Tweet
VIDEO >   Nathan Barry CEO
What Seva means – Create a living doing what you love. Selfless service. Seva

Seva is the best email marketing software built specifically for people just like you. Built by bloggers for bloggers.



Helping you keep track of the stats and activities on your site, following through with all of your email marketing to help grow your email list. This is SEVA.

About Seva/Convertkit
The amount you pay is based on your number of subscribers, unlike others who charge twice for the same subscriber. Do you know who they are? I do!

When I started blogging about 10 years ago, I knew nothing at all about autoresponders but boy did I learn a lot.  I used free autoresponders that gave me a headache learning how to use them. From there I went on to using just about all of the top email clients. MailChimp, Mailerlite,  a few years with Aweber, Get Response, Madd Mimi, Active Campaign and Constant Contact, to name just a few.   Now for the past year have been enjoying the renamed and rebranded Convertkit/Seva.  Click below to go to the site


So a quick walkthrough of what you can expect. After signing up and logging in, you are taken to the homepage. The first thing you see is a graph with your subscribers underneath it. In the beginning, you, of course, see nothing on the graph because you are new. I added a helpful video to go with the text.

Later on, if you hover over the graph you can see how many subscribers have opted into that content upgrade that day. As in the video. Very different from any other autoresponder.

Upper left of the homepage below the subscriber’s section, you see all the forms you have created. These can be embedded on your site. When someone visits your website they can type in their email to subscribe to your newsletter and receive a content upgrade or get a coupon etc.

Forms are customizable as to colours and styles to match your brand. You are also able to program it to a specific action when that visitor hits a button.

The next tab is Sequences. You can start making email sequences for the forms and landing pages. Program these sequences to send out emails during a specific period of time. Starting when a person signs up and subscribes.


After the broadcast tab is the subscriber’s tab. This is the list of your entire email list and their
specific groups. Groups are defined by tags. Tagging certain subscribers can automatically trigger ConvertKit to send them a certain sequence of emails that they would most likely be of interest and can save them in a tag (group)

When you make a sequence, you can specify which tags, (meaning which people) will receive that series of emails. One subscriber can have more than one tag that is manually assigned by you or automatically assigned based on their activity.

The last tab is the Automations tab. These are certain rules you apply to your email sequences.
Example: When someone subscribes or gets tagged clicks on a link etc am action happens in return.
It’s easy to understand when you have done it a few times.

Automations ConvertKit/Seva

This is what sold me on switching to ConvertKit  It helps to supply my email subscribers with much more targeted info. As in my article about segmenting when you join my newsletter list my list gets segmented and tagged with the different levels of bloggers that took the quiz.

A favorite automation. Adding someone to a tag or sequence when they click on a link. In that way I can ask what they are interested in based on the link they clicked and so automatically subscribe them to a relevant sequence of emails.

One other way is to use the automation feature when promoting your own products or even affiliate products. When someone clicks on the link to your product or affiliate  product they are then added to a “name the list.”

This is an email that is sent out on its own. You can choose the send to all your subscribers or to a specific list of people that you are targeting. You are able to schedule this to be sent out at a certain time and date as well. You may also specify the colours, styles, and format. Good for a special  offer or announcement of a sale or launch at a certain date and time.

Seva courses

SEVA/Convertkit also has excellent training courses.

Live and recorded webinars with Isa.
They offer bonuses like Authority book bundles and Instant Automation and more.

I am scheduled to go to one on the day that I am writing this article. It’s about – why email is critical to your business. How to avoid the biggest mistakes, people make when trying to build their email lists and the top 10 best ways to build an email list of 1,000 true fans (who will love your work and buy your stuff) If I show up live I can get some other free stuff only available live.  Chrome browser using Zoom.

If you would like to get FREE access to the best email marketing service. Click below

As an exclusive offer for my blog readers, you can try ConvertKit free for 30 days. Billing information is required but you will not be charged for the free month.

Hope you enjoyed learning about the new Seva / Convertkit. Comments are under the title,  let me know if you have any questions I can help you with.

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