Pinterest ; Many ways to attract your ideal clients

What you don’t know about Pinterest can be holding back your website/blog traffic. It’s free traffic too. I like free,  I bet you do too!Did you know that more than 90% of pins come from websites? Yes, not from Pinterest Profiles. The … [Continue reading]

Blog Marketing About Your Business

Blog marketing makes use of blogs to promote your products or services online today   In most cases, blog marketing can be used for advertising. The usage of blogging in businesses is gaining popularity because it can establish … [Continue reading]

How to Do Content Curation for Your Blog the Right Way

by Kathryn Maclean    Content “Curation” is a way of reproducing another author’s knowledgeable content on your blog, with a mention and a direct link back to the original content. An example would be… “Creating and Curating content is a powerful … [Continue reading]

Expert Business Blog? Like to Find Out How To Have One?

What goes into making an Expert Business Blog? Ownership, contribution and a dedication to growing a business blog as a professional marketer, takes a lot of plain hard work. The definition of a professional is: "engaged in by persons receiving … [Continue reading]

Email Account Overwhelm to Inbox Zero

Your 3 Steps to Inbox Zero   My email account needed help. Luckily I found Steve Dotto ( Canadian TV Computer show fame for many years). Now online with his program Dotto Tech.  If you don't know him, learn about him here. I think he is … [Continue reading]


How do you plan your dream BEST blog? Plan ahead. Think seasonally.     USE TOOLS. Google has many tools you can use. With the use of tools, you can plan your blog's entire year.  (See my Resource  TOOl List at the end of this … [Continue reading]

What do you want in 2017?

 What do you want ? Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs.... The future can be better than the present and I HAVE TO POWER to make it so. It  may take many years to figure out  "what do I want?" Is the time wasted while you … [Continue reading]

Social Media Marketing Plan – Use An Editorial Calendar

 Planning for your Business Stay organized with a Social Media Marketing Plan using an Editorial Calendar  ( Yes it's a Plugin!) An editorial calendar lets you plan ahead! By planning your posts ahead of time. Most of us are so deep into our … [Continue reading]

Instagram business

    Now there is Instagram Online Business Instagram has more than 300 Million active users. It's not just for pretty photos anymore If you are using Instagram online for your business you may want to start using Business … [Continue reading]

Membership Sites

Why Run a  Website Membership? Starting a Membership Website, is an idea that many people are looking for today.  Membership with a community of like-minded people might be in Your future.   What do you want to see in your life in … [Continue reading]

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