5 steps to planning your best dream blog

Plan Your Best Dream Blog! -5 Quick StepsI have learned the hard way about setting up a website and blog. Trial and error over many years.Tools  – Google has many tools you can use. With the use of tools, you can plan your blog’s entire year. (See my Resource Recommendations “TOOL List” at the end […]

Starting a Blog the Easy Way

Deciding to start a blog? Great! What you want to do?I wish that I had someone to help me when I started blogging. This is why I am writing this article, to help you with how to start a blog. Congratulations! You probably have seen many beautiful blogs online and wondered if you could create something […]

Branding 7 Ways To Further Your Business Branding

Branding is simply what you say about your business and yourself to the world…but also a little more than that…     …it is also really clarifying who you are and  what it is that your company does, as well as what it looks like. It can get quite complicated using Branding Guides: style sheets, […]

Do You Need To Make A Website?

Make a Website, or re-do an existing one ? That depends of what you need  to make a website for really. There are all types of sites available and all kinds of reasons to  have one. How to choose the best blogging platform for your particular business?     How to Start A Website or […]

Exciting Innovative Company Goals for the New Year

Your company goals for your business change over time… In this article I mention Bread and Butter University.  I just want to let you know in less than 14 hours from now, the price will go from $49/month to $79/month. If you want to use 2019 to sell a digital product over and over again […]

Do You Blog for Business?

Blogging for Business Does your business either offline or online make use of a blog? Are you blogging for business? If you haven’t considered doing so, look over this post to see what you might be missing out on. Most people today make use of social media to attract people and that can lead directly […]

More Than Just For Fun – Fantastic WordPress Quiz Plugin -Thrive Quiz Builder

  With this WordPress Quiz Plugin, you can learn easy ways to create quizzes that generate leads to help grow your mailing list and your business! A Quiz encourages your current readers to participate in a fun way on your site. But it also entices new customers to find out more as well. They have the ability to draw a large audience […]

10 Creative Tactics to Craft a Compelling Blog Post

Creative Tactics to Craft a Compelling Blog Post by guest author Anuradha Chawla One of the famous sayings is: “Anybody can cook, but only the courageous can be great”? You can easily revise these inspiring words as, “Anybody can compose a blog post, but only the courageous bloggers can be great.” See, an excellent idea […]

Websites with Great Design Developers for Your Business

As you well may know, creating websites can be nothing short of intimidating. It can take a few weeks for even a few months to get it done right. Learning all about how to build great websites can take years, as it was in my case. Over the years I have learned quite a lot about creating websites. I learned […]

Pinterest Sign Up

Sign up for a Pinterest account  -it’s free If you & your business are not on Pinterest, you might want to ask yourself why? Pinterest just passed 150 million monthly active usersPinterest is a free website that requires registration to use Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos) through […]

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