A Brand Color Palette for your Blog

No matter how it is spelled, COLOR -USA, or COLOUR -CDN, we all know that colour spells interest on our websites.

Think of well-known brands, Google without it’s colourful Google. Or  Coca-Cola without its beautiful red.

Do you know which colors to use that will appeal to your audience? What does the color on your site say about you?

I have learned new ideas from an amazing article all about these questions and a lot more on color.

Color Palette for your Blog



I was inspired to write my own article about this subject after reading the really well-written article by the Executive Director of Weller Smith Design, LeAnna Weller Smith. Brand Colour Confidence – How to build the Perfect Blog Colour Palette

Another article How to Choose Styled Stock Photos For Your Brand I found very enlightening as well. Great for using with Pinterest and Instagram. Using stock photos to enhance your brand using creative cropping, and strategic white space. Both are listed at the end of this article.

In this article we are talking about COLOUR  (Canadian’s spell it this way) Do you LOVE working with color as much as I do? (ex – art school student) You love it but …it’s tricky. When it comes to designing both DIY people and professionals can struggle with it.

Doing research for this article, I looked at the colour wheel, (art school basics ) primary, secondary, tertiary not to mention tones, tints, and shades. The color charts are crazy.

Color Palette for your Blog



Your Own Style, as Well As the Audience YOU, Want to Attract

You want to attract your target audience of course but don’t forget to take into consideration your own style and aesthetics.  So I am picking my own colors for my brand as I write this article. I needed help in updating my current color palette, that can be tweaked as I continue to define my brand.


To Start
We start with words as they give some insight into what to search for when it comes to your feelings and colors.

1/   What Is It That Your Brand Colours Say About YOU?
Even before you think about color. Put together a list of words that resonate with you and your business.
I want others to see me and my brand as ………. Pick 3 – 5 words

In the article mentioned you will see “The Color Inspiration Kit” that has a list of words. I am choosing these words for my example:  Attractive, Business-like and  Creative as well as the colors I want to use.

Color Palette for your Blog







Take your word list to Pinterest. Start your word search.
An example of brand-specific words: Romantic, Retro, Vibrant, etc. Or search a specific color. Just to see what other colors are paired with them. This is very interesting. I searched on Retro Hip, turquoise, purple, pink, white and black.

Turquoise – Down-to-earth Family oriented Small-town Honest Sincere Real Cheerful Sentimental Friendly

Pink  – Daring Trendy Exciting Spirited Cool Imaginative Up-to-date- Independent Contemporay

Lime Green – Reliable Hard working Secure Intelligent Technical Successful Leader Confident.


I started a private Pinterest board and started collecting images I liked.You will see a pattern immerge making it easier to pull colors for your business branding.  Board is now NON-Secret for others to see.

My  Pinterest Mood Board (click either below to visit)

Color Palette for your Blog


My Pinterest Mood Board

Steps to Build Your Colour Palette

1/  Narrow your research images.
Pick out 5 or 6 and go to your favorite design program. I use Canva, PicMonkey, and FotoJet… If the online tool of your choice does not come with a color picker install one on your browser.  That way you can pull the color and the hex code from it. A video about this.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJRFKcP-8AM

2 /   Begin to build your color palette with the different images you saved. When you are picking colors on a screen it will take trial and error picking the best colors. You will have to experiment a little, I know I did.Eventually,  it will all come together.

3 /  Narrowing down your colors, ending up with 5-6 for your colors brand palette. You can download a template for your 6 colors.  Use the template to use with the downloaded colors that you can choose. Just upload them to your favorite editing tool. My favorite for this type of work,  Canva has a color palette you might like. Try it here.

Color Palette for your Blog



My colors of choice






4 /  Time to put it all together
Start to put your colors together with your brand photos, your fonts, and your messaging. Pick images that include your brand colors or have a beautiful neutral palette that will go with your colors by using photos with your brand colors from
your palette.

How to Choose Colors for Your Brand.

The Colour Inspiration kit is a free – optin for a couple of downloads to help define your own perfect color palette with this article > – How to build the Perfect Blog Colour Palette. And article > How to Choose Styled Stock Photos For Your Brand.

These were the very best articles I could find on Colour for your website. I will be using this color know how soon on my site as well as my social platforms. I hope you will as well.


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