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Branding – an important aspect of your Business

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Branding yourself before your business is the positive experience your customers have with YOU,  first and then your company.

Introduction -This post was originally publish Aug 14, 2020 Updated Feb 4, 2021

Your company’s brand represents your market identity …… who you are, what you do,  the important quality you provide,  adding up to your reputation for trustworthiness. That “know like and trust”

“Most people suck at marketing. Why? Because they’re too focused on the big picture. And I get it – the dream is what drives you. You see it all the time, marketers, who want to see results using the tactics that have traditionally worked for them.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

When you think of the word ” Brand”, it likely brings to mind something about ownership. Right?

You want to attract the right type of clients or customers to your business. You want to stand out and have a message that resonates with your ideal client, right?

  • “Online you project your own uniqueness and show heart to stand out and be a winner, “
  • Gary Vaynerchuk

So how do you go about showing  “your own voice”?

Gary VaynerchukYou want to speak from the heart and represent the authentic you. Not your company, it is YOU that people will be attracted to. The message that will resonate with your ideal client should have that WOW factor as mentioned before with Gary


  • The bottom line is what if you want to be a better marketer, you need to put in the work, or you’re going to get left in the dust by those who do. It means downloading whatever new ap is exploding the market and taking the time to really understand it.”  – Gary Vaynerchuk

You want your ideal customer to feel you are talking directly to them.

And the only way to do so is by being very SPECIFIC about how you want your brand to feel. This is the message that resonates with your ideal client. What they feel about YOU is branding.

This evokes the feelings and emotions that your ideal client wants to feel and it hits on your ideal client’s deepest desires. So what do you need online to achieve all of this?

“Sometimes, it even means dedicating a few years to learn a new skill. You become successful by being willing to put in the work and then executing on it”. So how do you go about showing your own voice?Your website, your hub that everything is directed to from your social media online. Offline it is the website URL that is on your business cards and advertising media and the fact that you meet a prospective client face to face.” – Gary Vaynerchuk


Instagram for Women








Branding Your Site
The objectives of a good brand:

  • Is Your message clearly delivered?
  • What about your credibility and that of your company?
  • What connects with your target prospects emotionally?
  • What motivates the buyer to buy?
  • Your Website/Blog – your home for reaching your buyers.

I recommend a WordPress.org hosted Website with a blog, on your own domain name.

Also an autoresponder. I recommend   Active Campaign  the best in customer support. Made by bloggers for bloggers. It’s your business, so treat it like your professional business. (Affiliate link) Starting out for new people try Mailerlite, it’s free to start. Refer a friend link.

Your Content

It can be a landing page, blog, social media posts, to find a specific solution to a problem or need, the average person visits a site once,  too many times. With the content installed, we then tried different themes. Some themes are Premiere themes with better design and have their own support. Also, free WordPress themes. Add some pictures and the site is up. But…and that’s a BIG But…

The message, what you are saying to them, must strike an emotional cord. Are you leaving them feeling that  WOW! A person that understands and truly identify with them? Or do they just disappear never to return? That won’t happen if they join your email list.

Your message is NOW, What defines you? Is this what people are looking for? You can help them with their problem. You must build the foundation of your business, if you skip this and start with only the strategies that are not tied to your brand or message, you will end up chasing the techniques, which will not support your business in the long run.

What is your brand

1. What is your main objective?

( it can only be one at a time )
* More Money
* More Exposure
* More Traffic

There are steps that go with each of these choices: Choose only one objective and I will create a solid campaign around your choice. Next, we determine, after some stats comparisons, ROI and evaluation. Your plan of action. Mapped out on your own business mind map. Rinse and repeat or switch gears to attack a different objective.

Example –More Traffic
Define what “Traffic” means for this campaign.
(Clicks to a site/Landing Pages, Social Community Building, Seats at an Event, etc)

What ACTION do you want to take?
(Optin to a List, Make a Purchase, Attend an Event/Promo ( Live or Virtual) Get a Coupon/Redeem Promo, Join a Community, Share – Tell a Friend.
What will happen once you have taken the action?
(Follow up with email marketing campaigns, SMS text messages, phone calls mailings, etc)

You have a business and your goal is building a tribe of people who are able, willing and ready to buy from you or willing to introduce you to their audiences because they KNOW LIKE AND TRUST YOU.


marketing offline online net Kathryn

Discovery Call
I offer a 20 min chat to learn more about you and your business. We can see if we would be a good fit for each other. No obligation just a chat.


See my “Contact” page link .  I look forward to chatting with you.

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Kathryn Maclean-Racicot  https://facebook.com/KathrynRMaclean
A Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest & Instagram

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  1. Hi ikechi,
    Ah yes resonating to your customers is a good thing. Branding you not your company is the way to go.
    Companies come and go but your personal branding is what will always be.

    Thanks for your comments, I do appreciate you!

  2. Hi Toni,
    Nice to see you on my blog! You are of course so right on with your comment.
    Getting in front of the camera takes a little courage for those of us on the introverted side, but
    if it’s for potential customers and or clients, so yes I do agree. Working on this.
    Thank you for your comment!

  3. Some great points here, put your staff to the forefront. Show their personalities, people buy from people. Show the individuals passion for their work. Everything else will follow 🙂

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