7 Ways To Further Your Business Brand in 2017


“Your Business  Brand has the exciting potential of being the operating principle for everything your organization every does”  – Ted Matthews

Business Brand

You need to be YOU, creating unique recognition as well as a reputation for yourself. Your brand encompasses everything you do in the business  sphere such as …

  1. Your website is a communication platform where your branding matters. A branded blog means it is distinctive. It stands out in both the look of it, as well as the content and how it affects your reader. If you have a  custom theme for your blog, it gives a unique look or identity to it.

Branding yourself means that the public will recognize you as a Brand. Simply, your Business Brand is your promise to your customer, informing them what they can expect in terms of your services or products. Your brand identity is your message and online presence. Not your company’s logos or the companies perception, because that is subject to change. Your own brand will always be yours alone.

2. Understanding your clients, their needs and wants, their demographics, in their own type of language that they require for their businesses. A brand is reinforced through repetition of consistent messaging, the ongoing value of your offerings and a clear understanding of your audience’s interests and preferences.

3. You must promote your blog. Effective blog promotion can happen in many ways:
. email marketing
. guest posting
. commenting
. eBooks
. social media marketing platforms

Many other ways to promote and track your Brand  in my FREE RESOURCE LIST

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  • Wishlist  – membership app
  • 135List – This app provides a simple and elegant way to prioritize your daily to-do list
  • Airtable –  is a hybrid spreadsheet and database. Editorial Calendar
  • FTTT- IFTTT lets you automate certain processes
  • Marinara Timer– Research shows that taking breaks while working can improve productivity
  • Unroll.me – Use Unroll.me to save time spent in your inbox
  • Rescue Time – If you want to be more productive, you need to know where your time is going.

Two huge Teaching  blogs for Moms  or  Seasoned Marketers  and much more.

4. SEO in regards to keyword research, the writing of your articles with targeted keywords as well as your site’s loading time and it’s implementation of social share buttons to get social signals. It is  very  important to be found in the search engines.

5. Ways of organizing your  Business Brand blog
Brand is derived from who you are, who people perceive you to be, and who you want to be in the future. Your customers or prospects are initially attracted to your business because of the emotional impact of your brand. First impressions do matter on line  every bit as much as they do in offline life. How your brand makes people feel & how they react to it are the key drivers of your  brand’s perception.

So when a design company says they can re-brand your brand….
You need to ask them:
– if they will interview your team?
– they know your companies mission statement?
– do they know what are the benefits and or features of your services or products?

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