Your business blog into a product – how do you know it will sell?

Updated from Aug 16, 2017 to June 1st 2021
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Here is an easier way to create landing pages for your sales funnel and it takes a whole lot less effort and looks very professional. What?  Read on… Video below…

All  without having to spend big bucks on other software like Clickfunnels or Leadpages.
Instead of paying a monthly subscription for those options, you can pay one time and be able to them use every day!


 #3 Top Tips

#1 You Should Know Your Target Market –  Who is your reader?  So how do you know what their problems are? Ask them via social media or use a  survey like the one that I have posted on my website here.   You really want to be sure that what you create is something that your audience wants and needs.

For your business blog, you can also create an anonymous survey on survey monkey, my fav as it’s so easy to use.  Even Google forms is a good one to use. From that survey,  what do you see over and over?  These are your prospective client’s  pain points.

#2 Do Your Research

What is out there online? Check out your keywords on Googles  Keyword tool. Check Google ads, see anything that is like yours?  See any ads for these types of products?   Then make a better version, something more you than the competition is offering. Check Amazon’s  books, best sellers or Pinterest search engine for some ideas.

#3 A Lead Magnet  

After your people have told you what they want in their own way, you can create your lead magnet on one specific thing, especially for them. If you look back at how you were able to do something, what were the steps you took?  What will help your ideal clients,  making the process easy for them to follow?  Try creating an entry level product to test the waters. Free or mini cost.

Do a pre-sale option for your product. It could be an ebook or small report, a planner or a checklist. Test the waters to see what is of interest. Use your existing content to put this together fast. This introduces your main product idea for your funnel. You can add all the steps after that.


Build a gorgeous landing page with a sales page (which is easy with a product I use, landing page templates from Thrive Suite) and send some traffic to the page using Facebook Ads. (excellent idea)


You can get visitors to either option for your free offer or purchase your pre-sale product. This takes way less time and cash than actually creating the big product, creating the whole large program only to have it sell to only your best friends and your Mom.


How to Build Your Entire Sales Funnel  -after you have a winning idea to sell

I  purchased this some years ago. I love  Thrive Suite !  I am always learning  new ways to use it. It upgrades too.You might like it as well.  It’s the Brand New Thrive Themes – now named Thrive Suite. Excellent products to build your  business blog. Check out my affiliate link below .

A video on Creating a Conversion Focused WordPress Website from Scratch Using Thrive Suite.

(Forward through the first few minutes.  Hanne  had a bit of trouble getting started.)

This was very generous of Hanne of Thrive Suite (from Switzerland)  to do this video.

She explains how to set up a course on your Website. That interested me!

To join Thrive Suite go here.

I use these templates as I create products for my business and my two websites.


A Sales Funnel

These Templates are Perfect For You if…
You’re a small business owner or a blogger,  or female entrepreneur with a WordPress site.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed with creating my sales funnel so when I saw these beautiful landing pages and sales pages I was immediately interested. You can save time in creating well-designed landing and sales pages.

If you’re ready to grow your business with less work than setting it all up yourself. What I will be using from this high converting landing page templates package to use with my WordPress site. Blog Business Info

With Thrive Suite you get…

  • Lead magnet opt-in page
  • Tripwire offer page
  • Thank you page
  • Sales page
  • Offer expired page
  • Live Webinar page
  • Webinar registration page


All you have to do is to add your own copy, your photos, and change the colors and fonts. Follow the step by step  instructions, tutorials in Thrive University for setting up each landing page with suggestions for tools to use for your landing pages.

Video Tutorials about creating the landing pages on your own. And even Free Lifetime Updates to all landing page templates. Immediate access as Thrive Themes improves each design and adds more features. Plus tech support from the designer-developer team who created these landing page templates.

Thrive Suite comes packed with Premium Templates. As a solopreneur we know your time is valuable and while you can customize every single detail, you don’t have to. Our designers did the heavy lifting for you. Note the FAQs on the Thrive site.

Thrive Suite

Create your sales funnels, landing pages and subscriptions to help build and grow your business blog using Thrive Suite today!


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  1. Wow….. I love this piece of information you have shared here, very educating.
    Recently I have been working on setting-up my third blog which will be on e-commerce specifically for photographers and I had to start making market research to understand the market and what photographers will really like to help me with my project been successful. Research and survey are very important for new businesse to grow. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Reginald,
      Setting up a third blog, I had four at one time. Research is very important to understand the market. Surveys are a good way to know what your audience wants.
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    A good business template is that which attracts maximum conversion. Leadpages is definitely a great place to find the high quality landing page business themes for various needs.

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