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Why We Recommend a Free Consultation Call

Kathryn R. Maclean

            Designer, Blogger, Marketer, Mom to Daisy Dog!

How it Works with our First Call

Kathryn Maclean

I offer a free strategy call on Thursdays to see if I can be of help with your business. This is a 20 min call on Zoom.

Benefit 1

Before hopping on a call I have a look at your website, analyze your brand, check your social media  engagement. (I ask this info on a questionnaire as you sign up to my scheduler.)

Benefit 2

The benefits of the call are that I give you a snap shot of what I think I can help you with in your business as I talk to you I take notes and can record the call on Zoom if you like

 Benefit 3

I send you an email after the call that thanks you for getting together with me.

 I give you some suggestions that I think will be helpful and if I can't help you I may know someone who can. If I found that we were a good fit I will suggest a program that I have that may be of interest to you.

 If you enjoyed the experience I would welcome a few lines about how I helped you that I could use as a testimonial

marketing offline online

 Marketing Offline Online

Visit my site for more information. Below  is an article you can visit.

7 Steps To Help You Achieve Your Blogging Goals Productivity can be a frustrating thing...

When your system becomes your habit your blogging goals are easily achieved.You wanted to be focused, you had all these goals and you had all these goals and you had a vision of what your ideal working day looked like.

In the real world with so much to do, being overwhelmed has become the norm. In reality if you are honest with yourself too  much time is spent on social media.

Too much time is spent doing busywork. Too much procrastination. It’s possible that you’re blaming yourself for something that isn’t really your fault….

This post was first published  on Marketing Offline Online Dec 27 2018

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