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Some of the links listed in this post are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I only recommend products & services that I love and use myself, so know you’ll be in good hands using them.

Exciting Affiliate Programs for the Holidays to Do Now

Why are Affiliate Programs such a popular business model for generating income online?

They allow you to get products together for sale on your online business for a cheap or even free price. I have found some great marketers who are doing just that now. Here are their tips on how they are doing their affiliate marketing for the holidays…

Affiliate Products

If you are looking to increase your holiday sales & holidays shopping, keep these dates in mind.

  • Thanksgiving in the USA:   Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Cyber Monday and of course

Start your online affiliate sales programs now! Your competitors already have holiday shopping income on their minds. Time to start your affiliate advertising for the holidays… I have a few ideas for you!

Editorial Planner
Holiday Celebrations

Your online affiliate programs for your holiday marketing efforts should include an investment in social media to increase commerce and strengthen your brand reach.  Socializing types of commerce,  such as on Instagram and tapping into the user-generated content on Pinterest are two options.  Facebook remains the biggest in social media in 2017.

Despite the rising popularity of other networks. Most people, from the research I have found, will PLAN ON using  Facebook during the holidays or Pinterest in combination with Affiliate Programs. You go where the customers are.

Brand your social media on Facebook easily with holiday type themes, incorporate holiday hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Other tactics include using time-limited offers to create a sense of urgency using a countdown timer such as the day sale specials on Black Friday or Cyber Monday that inspires customers to visit your site or Facebook business page.

How To Use Affiliate Programs

From a friend’s facebook page, Suzi Whitfield on how to use Affiliate links from Amazon. Get up to 10% in advertising fees Earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases, not just the products you advertised. It’s only a 24 hr cookie. Use the HTML link from Amazon on your blog as I have done with my planner that I am promoting.




Attract Ideal Clients with Pinterest

Search on Pinterest for your niche.  “Gift guides for Christmas.”  You will see where they are affiliates for many programs. Click thru to their blogs and gift guides.  or search for things like  “Target affiliate programs”.

Amazon has a rule that you can’t use cloaks such as pretty links for the URLS Use the URL as is. They supply the HTML link for you to use. Suzi suggested that you use that on the text side of your blog when you are applying it.

You also can’t use their images as pin images. If they change the HTML  link then it will change on your site as well. You can be shut down by Amazon if you don’t follow their TOS.

The Headlines you use are very important.  Be specific.  “Best Christmas truck for 3-year-old boys“. Niche down as much a possible. If you purchase something you can add an image of it with little boys playing with it, you don’t have to show their faces Suzi mentioned.  Use your keywords as an overlay on the image, in the description itself. Mentioning the year she said was a good idea. But don’t put it in the URL of the image, if you want to use next year.

  Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Affiliates

  • Always disclose that you are showing images with affiliate links before they show up.
  • Use some text to get people interested in what you are selling.
  • Do a review of the product that you purchased and if you endorse it why you are doing so.
  • Know what your audience wants and how this product will help them.

Don’t show the price.   If there is no price they will have to click thru. Highlight the image, center it and connect it to a new tab. If it’s too expensive they just might see something else that they like and will click thru and make a purchase anyway. Add some other items from a few programs that you are an affiliate. What appeals to one person may not to another.

Best Christmas Gift Planners for Bloggers
My example would be the one I purchased. CREATE A One Year Blog & Editorial Planner by Meera Kothand.

I am truly excited to have purchased this all in one planner for 2018.  Meera has the best planner I have found in months of searching and I went through many many marketers courses and programs to find hers. ~ Kathryn Maclean

Click the image below to purchase from Amazon.

Editorial planner


Create is a planning and editorial system designed specifically to help ambitious bloggers and solopreneurs like you create intentional content, grow and nurture audience and build a business with your blog.  Meera Kothand

I have been following Meera and she is such a terrific marketer! I first read an article of hers on Pinterest and was impressed with her knowledge of email marketing.  I signed up for her 5 Day Intensive email series and then continued to Amazon from her site.  Very prolific I have opted in for many of her programs. I recommend her work highly. ~Kathryn



Affiliate Marketers

This post on Affiliate marketing was inspired by another blogger I admire, a former Engineer  Suzi Whitfield, as I mentioned above who runs the Start A Mom Blog business. She is a stay at home Mom with three little children. The video that I listened to recently from her Facebook page, was the basis for my article.  I am an affiliate for some of her products one of which is  Blog By Number  A Step by Step Guide to How to Start a Mom Blog.

Suzi said to use search words on Pinterest so people will find your information. Use the same image on the page that people will click thru to. Don’t forget to use your Alt tags with the keywords. You can use plugins or the chrome ext to pin your image to Pinterest. Add your keywords to your description. There are 100s of affiliate programs to choose from. They track you so you are a free sales team for them, they pay you when they make money.

On Picmonkey you can create a college like this one. Suzi has a free course on Picmonkey  Or you create a flat lay  -(Aesthetically arrange inanimate objects ) to show a product in your home.

Affiliate programs


CREATE  I have also used this to connect with my landing page for my affiliate link for the planner.  You can promote this to your Facebook business page also your Facebook personal page. On Twitter, certainly on Pinterest and on Instagram if the size is ok. On Picmonkey you can use Roger for a smaller size or in the editor change the size.

Click Image to go to Amazon info page.





Use The End Of The Year To Your Advantage.

It’s a perfect time for your fans to get to know you a little more as well as your business a little better. Post pics of your celebrations on your Facebook profile page. Feature items from your site on your Facebook Fan page/Business pages.

Before publishing, (on any social media platform) ask yourself these quick questions:

  • Is this post unique enough to stop someone in the feed? I create my own images using Canva or Picmonkey to make them special.  Instagram from my PC using  Instamate or just direct using my phone.
  • Does it capture their attention to read/watch/ engage/or share the post? Most shared images are quotes or subjects done on a holiday season theme. Don’t forget Holiday gifs this year.
  • Is this post a personal story /funny video? Visually does it still stand out? Family pics are always unique and if you add text to them they stand out and look great. Online family Christmas cards?

Affiliate programs for you…
This is one of the most profitable ways to make money on the internet. Particularly during the holidays. There are so many discounts and extra special prices  going around for special  days like Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday,

Finding which programs are best can be a lot of work. Which online affiliate programs should you promote? Which products do you use?  Clickbank, Shareasale, JV Zoo? Should you could be an affiliate for Aweber, GetResponse or my fav  Convert Kit? The list goes on and on. It depends on experience. You find what is right for you.

I have a RECOMMENDATIONS   < page with Free  Products that I use on my site and some that I am an affiliate for.

Happy Holidays to you and your family! 

About Kathryn Maclean
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club



Blog Promotion using MissingLettr

It may be your blog promotion. You’ve got a great blog…
You’re talking to other people who blog every day…
…but you can’t seem to get them to your site.
What gives?


More often than not, it’s not that the thing you’re selling or talking about on the blog that’s not any good, it’s usually because you just don’t have much reach.

Here’s how to fix that: (click image for more)

Each article on your blog will be sent to the social profiles you add to your missinglettr account. Every day people are looking for a guide or a map or at least help with their blogs.


MissingLettr  can help  with your blog promtion  by  navigating social media and helping to get eyeballs on your content.

The name is MISSINGLETTR. Strange name, I kept wanting to put the e in it. I have been using it now (it just plays in the background) for more than 6 mths now for free.

I decided to write about it now. Click Image below 

It allows you to plan your social media posts over the next year!!. It even writes the social media posts for the keywords that you choose. So easy to do it leaves you free to write more articles.

You have to approve what is to go out to your social media platforms. Leaving you to schedule
posts – up to 9 posts for each content piece. It uses your own keywords, adding hashtags that you can approve.

You want people interested, who will talk about you, visit your site and become your raving fans.
MissingLettr runs in the background doing your blog promotion for you day in day out.

So What is it all About?

Written by bloggers for bloggers

Weekly posts on building great blogs, communicating with your audience and being an all round blogging superstar!

Subscribe to their weekly newsletter

  • From the MissingLettr site
    Our Ambition
    At our core – We are focused on showcasing the blogger behind the blog (yes, you!). We want this new business to become the go-to destination for professional bloggers to keep up to date with the world of blogging and everything that it entails (from the trends, strategies, and tactics to the opinion pieces and culture).

We plan to build a large network and community around this business, so the exposure you’ll be getting could be very useful. We’re not saying Huffington Post size, but suffice to say we’re ambitious!

The Audience
In short, professional bloggers – just like you and me!

As well as being promoted to the community in various ways, we’re also offering a 50% discount on any Missinglettr plan, should you wish to upgrade from the free plan at any time. This discount will remain in place for as long as you are a contributor.

Once we have published 6 or more of your blog posts we will convert this into a 100% discount, for life.

At Missinglettr, we care deeply about experimenting with new ways, to be better bloggers. Perhaps more importantly though, is the value in sharing this knowledge.

With this in mind, we’re launching a brand new weekly column for our blog. We’re looking for a small handful of people to contribute. The column will be written by professional bloggers, for professional bloggers (with strategies, tips, successes, and failures being shared).

It’s not just about contributing to a column: we want to showcase you (or your brand) and provide a platform where you can show up as an authority.
Agency plan.


Every blog promotion post we publish will have its author prominently promoted on the posts’ page (complete with a photo, bio, and links of your choice). As mentioned above; we want to showcase the bloggers behind the blog. So whether you want your personal or company brand promoted, we’ll make sure you’re covered.

In theory, we’d like to see 1,500 or more words per blog post. But in practice, we care much more about the quality and value of the post. So if you have something really interesting to say and can only do it in 500 words. No problem.

Everyone’s different. Some of our contributors will be publishing with us once a week, with others once a month or longer. We want you to find the balance that works for you.

You are not expected to mention Missinglettr! Our goal is to create a genuinely inclusive and value-added resource for professional bloggers to find out what all the rest of us are doing, feeling, experiencing and experimenting with. At absolutely no point does Missinglettr need to be mentioned. Of course, you’re welcome to if relevant to your blog post, but it’s not criteria at all.

If you’d like to contribute and associate your name or brand with our community, then contact MissingLettr.

Getting started

If you have any questions just let us know. If not, then you can send your blog post when it’s ready to We’ll be streamlining the process slightly further down the line, for now though – any format will be fine.

As a contributor, we’ll be inviting you to our private Slack channel. Perfect for making new contacts in the industry as well as sharing tips and helping each other out.

You are welcome to start using our service for free.

Check them out now or start with the free plan like I did. Free or the Personal Site, they also have one other service. Want to start tracking how effective your campaigns are?

The Free plan has one social profile, the Personal plan allows 4 social profiles, 10 social profiles
on the Business plan, 40 social profiles for the  Track campaigns.

2 Sites
4 social profiles
Upload custom images
Campaigns for past blog posts
Basic Analytics
$15 a mth

I have been very happy with the free service and looking forward to seeing how the upgrade works for me.  I am upgrading to the Personal account.Great idea for bloggers. I have enjoyed it for 6 mths or so. Try it out!

Missinglettr creates unique automated social marketing campaigns for your articles and spreads them
throughout the year, immediately after being published on the Missinglettr site.  Get Started for Free

Strategic automatic social campaigns for your blog promotion of your posts that drive traffic for an entire year. You can see how it looks on my Facebook page.

Kathryn Maclean  Marketing Offline Online

A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club – PAC Welcome Coordinator.

The url for Missinglettr is my affiliate link.