Email Account Overwhelm to Inbox Zero

3 Steps to Inbox Zero Updated from Feb 10th, 2017 My email account needed help. Luckily I found Steve Dotto ( Canadian TV Computer show fame for many years). Now online with his program Dotto Tech.  If you don’t know him, learn about him here. I think he is terrific! Overcome information overload, get control of […]

Virtual Assistant

​Do you know what a Virtual Assistant does?A Virtual Assistant or VA, for short is anyone…who works in an administrative,creative, marketing,or technical capacityin a virtual or remote environment. Are you doing “All The Things”in yourbusiness? The social media? The scheduling? The invoicing? Managing your inbox? The life of an entrepreneur… right…but it doesn’t have to be all […]

Your Morning Schedule Builder For Your Business

You are busy! I get that. It’s  just so easy to get  lost in the whirlwind of daily online  interruptions  that stop you from​ reaching your goals.You sit down to write a blog post and an email notification pops up so you peak at it quickly ….​​Working on a  project and you remember a post you ​forgot to share, so you log […]

7 Social Media Business Blogging Goals

 7 Steps To Help You Achieve Your Blogging Goals Productivity can be a frustrating thing…This post was first published  on Marketing Offline Online Dec 27 2018  When your system becomes your habit your blogging goals are easily achieved.You wanted to be focused, you had all these goals and you had a vision of what your ideal […]

Big Business Ideas for Small Business Success

Business Ideas – Small Business SuccessEveryone has daydreamed about what they want their life to look like. “I want to visit a warm beach in the winter time.” My dream. Your own small business ideas can make that dream come true! Especially when you hear in the news every day that people are losing their jobs […]

Do You Need To Make A Website?

Make a Website, or re-do an existing one ?That depends of what you need  to make a website for really. There are all types of sites available and all kinds of reasons to  have one.  How to choose the best blogging platform for your particular business?      How to Start A Website or Blog Recently I was […]

Types of Business Organization

 People are looking for types of business organizationEspecially in January! But really all year long. I hope that this is YOUR year to shine with your business online.  My husband asked “How was your day?”  I replied  “I don’t know, but it sure was busy though” Ok he said…. Can you relate to that?  Sometimes owning […]

5 Ways To Do Content Marketing Successfully

Do you know what Content Marketing is? “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” – Google’s  quote. The term “content marketing” means different ideas to many people. Some people […]

Your own 4 day work week with Subscription Production Solutions

  It’s about having income come in on a regular basis. You may or not be familiar with the book by  Timothy Ferriss “The 4 hour work week” but just to say it is the way that the future of work is going.  In his book he mentions …  ( link is below) “Here are some of […]

10 Steps Setting Up Google My Business

 Google My Business -Is your business listed on Google?  What do I mean by that? Are people able to find your business on Google by using Google Search or Google Maps? Google Local Search results offer the most relevant business information in your area about you and your local business. Google’s Knowledge Graph utilizes verified Google […]

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