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Do you have a Successful Self-Hosted WordPress Blog?

Do you run a  self-hosted WordPress blog?

There are other types of sites. What type of site do you use?

Professional marketers and bloggers generally use a self-hosted WordPress blog with a domain. You OWN that property and you need to have a paid hosting service. As a blogger,  I was very lucky to find a hosting service that I have been pleasantly surprised with. Which Host do I recommend? SiteGround! I have tried all the major hosting companies, and  I love SiteGround.

SiteGround was founded in 2004 by friends in University. Thirteen years later SiteGround has grown into a leading web hosting service provider.Today the company has more than 400 employees and is in constantly growing.

Site Ground

Why Host a Blog with SiteGround?
Start your Blog with SiteGround or Move an Existing Site to Site Ground. It’s very easy to do. I know because I have moved this site to SiteGround from a hosting site that I really did not like at all!
Fastest Customer Support – Really?? Really!!!

SiteGround has been an amazing host for my website  Marketing Offline Online. Notice how fast it is?
The customer support at SiteGround is truly quick and offers great personal support. You’re talking to an actual human being, not a computer or just email!!! They are also available 24/7. So if the only time you can build your blog is at 1:00 AM in the morning, you will be able to reach them. Their amazing customer support is in itself worth $ BIG $ – although it’s free and included in your hosting!

And they help you with technical questions like  -how to install WordPress or  -a problem with a plugin.
When I accidentally broke my blog by trying out new things, (plugins not playing nicely together)  they restored it for me within minutes. They do daily backups of your blog – for free! So you can blog without the stress!

They Have Great Uptime
Not once has my site been down since I’ve started hosting my blogs with SiteGround.
That is a big deal! You want amazing uptime for your blog. After all, it’s your business and your lifeline. If it goes down, you’ll lose readers and potential sales.

Do the  math:  365 Days x 24 Hours x 60 Minutes = 525,600 Minutes in a Year

525,600 Minutes x 0.001% Downtime = 5 Minutes of Downtime Per Year!

Yup, that is amazing! With my previous hosting provider, my site was down for one reason or another for almost an hour every month! 🙁

Start a Blog with SiteGround. ( Click the  image)

Site Ground Hosting



Hyper Speed Power

Most hosting companies do not offer this for free, but SiteGround does, which is really amazing!
The SuperCacher makes your site load extremely fast (which helps you get better rankings in Google btw) Did you notice the speed of my site? It also increases the number of visitors your blog can handle. Your blog or website will be 4x faster, have multiple caching levels and will be able to handle 100 times more hits to your site.

Set up your site like this because you never know when one of your posts will go viral! Wouldn’t that be great?  You want to be prepared. If you need any help with traffic, I’d be happy to share with you for free, how I  can help you grow your site with my strategies! Just send me an email after you sign up with SiteGround.

Blogs are getting to be commonplace today,  though it really has only been the last 5 to 10 yrs or so that they have been in existence as we know them.  They started out as online diaries. Today they have good advice on many different subjects. My blog is about Women who are in business online or who have businesses offline.

The first thing a blogger usually thinks of is who will be reading the blog. Your target audience or niche category. Mine is women like me, with a business to run who may need help with marketing. My business is an attraction or pull type marketing, social media campaign creation as well as website creation for the women’s blog niche.

Blogs are not the same as say a newspaper article. A blog is written in the individual’s voice, of the author, the personality of the author is what keeps you reading, letting the reader get to know you. Branding with your personal content and style.

Generally, it’s your personality that shines forth from the style of the site. The images you use, even the layout and the fonts and the colors you choose. Creating sites has been a passion of mine for several years. I really enjoy it. If you would like help setting up a site, contact me.

Site Ground

 Self-Hosted  WordPress  Hosting .  Start your business  like a PRO with SiteGround hosting.



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Women Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurs – Women in Business

Let’s see if your website is promoting you & your business or do you need a new website?
Haute Choclate

Women Entrepreneurship or Women in Business.

I am changing my website to reflect what I offer to my target audience, women in business or women entrepreneurs. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you think maybe yes  -you might need a new blog or website.

-Do you have a particular affinity for your site, after all, you designed it and for most small business owners, or those in Women Entrepreneurship,  you picked all the elements that went into creating it. So admitting it needs a major overhaul may be difficult to come to terms with.

I hear you, I design sites for others and still, I ask myself if my ( three websites could be better.) Now only one site. It doesn’t make sense to spread yourself so thin trying to run more than one site, I know this!

Women Etrepreneurship

Here are some items to look over to help you decide….

Let’s talk about small business for a moment.

  • Are you branding your marketing to YOU  and not to your business? You should be!
  • Do you brand through your logo, do you add your logo on all your own images?
  • Do you participate in events locally, use newspapers, radio or word of mouth?

Branding is more than just the visual, it’s how you represent your company or business. It’s the core functions, – it’s your message that you put out into the world.Today it’s your “message that is your brand.” The visual representation of your brand such as a logo just reinforces your brand, it is not your brand per se.

When someone sees your website or your landing page/squeeze page, blog article, social media post or whatever, it should give them the feeling that you are someone who can help solve their problem or help with a need that they have.

Your message defines you, as that it is what people are searching for. In the offline world, you identify with a person’s brand when you ask them –  so “What do you do?”

Messaging and branding are now about building in the mind of each prospect,  -how you can make a difference for them because they have related to you online. It is your message that attracts them.


This is Creative Market by Bluchic click to visit the site.





Here is the process that clients go through
What specific problems are you looking to solve?

What is your major objective? – money – traffic – exposure. Only work on one of these at a time.

  • How is your product or service a solution – what outcome is perceived?
  • Is your website responsive? People want a seamless optimized experience today on all devices.
  • Do you feature a clear call-to-action above the fold? Don’t make them look because they won’t.

So do you need a website? Answer these questions for yourself

  1. Are your social profiles easily accessible? Y / N
  2. Is your content easily shareable? Y/N
  3. Do you share content about your business? Y/N
  4. Are you building an email list? Y/N

If you went through these questions and answered -No to the majority, it might be time to start considering a website redesign or get a new website launched, or have a look at your business model.

Wonderfelle Looking for feminine stock photos for your blog or biz?

This is Wonderfelle Style Stock Society -Stock photos don’t have to break your budget
Beautiful  stylish stock photos for Women in Business– Join the #StyledStockSociety today! I did!

Here are some Beautiful Site Themes you may consider for your business blog.

I have a Facebook group for Women in Business that you are invited to join, something new every day.

The web moves at lightening speed, it can be hard to keep up. What works today may not tomorrow. If you are interested in Women Entrepreneurship and would like to discuss the development of a new website or would like to know more about building a new site yourself, feel free to contact me today. See the “about me page” or the “contact page”.

About Kathryn R. Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign Specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as: Expert Author & Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club

What do you want in 2017?

 What do you want ?

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs…. The future can be better than the present and I HAVE TO POWER to make it so.

What do you want in the new year?

It  may take many years to figure out  “what do I want?” Is the time wasted while you are searching for that “what I want to do with my life?” No, it brings you closer to finding out -what you don’t want to do!

I spent many years in sales. I  learned to be good at selling. However it just wasn’t something I really wanted to do.   I spent many  years  as a cosmetician, esthetician, doing home parties or  standing in high heels for hours -all day. I even trained and worked as a cook, because I liked cooking.  It ended up to be the worst job experience I ever had.  Very hot kitchens in summer, managing a kitchen staff on 12 hr shifts! Extremely hard work. Also very low pay!

Do you have  goals that you want to achieve?  You  will do  better  if you are happy now, not trapped in  a job that you hate. Life can be short, we are not promised a long life, any of us. If you do not enjoy what you do, you are wasting your time there. If you have to start a business while working outside the home, you should do so. Many people suffer in a job but also start a business on the side and that makes such a difference.

What You Can Do To Start Your Own Business.
All those paths I mentioned led me to what I love to do now. When you love what you do, the future can be amazing. I am now a  successful small  business owner with a 10 year business as a property management company manager – owner. I also have an online  business  for small businesses who want to connect their businesses to the internet.  I named my company  Marketing Offline Online.

“You might be in the right place at the time, but if you don’t grow quickly as a person to that higher level, your income is going to come back down to the to the level of who you really are. In the end you only get to make what you are.”  – Eric Worre  (A top marketer  online.)

After listening to many successful marketers, for several years. I have concluded that the way to be successful in business is to first be successful as a person. Are you a prisoner of your mind? Have you have been there for some time? You need to break free. You need to do it NOW.

Your Vision Of What You Want Your Business To Be.
It begins with what your vision is for the life you want. Goals alone are not enough. They won’t get you past the tough days. Yes there will be tough days!  The same for your “why”. Your vision of who you truly want to be is what makes all the difference in the world to your attitude.  This is what will keep you going when the going gets tough and you feel like giving up.

Start a vision board, this makes it real for you. Either an actual board or something online such as a Pinterest board. Add all the things that you want in your life onto the board. Where you want to go in the future. What you wish to obtain for yourself and your family. When you have fully understood this, and truly believe  it. This  WILL totally change your life.

First Step
 1.You have to believe that your life can be better  -than where you are currently.

Second Step –
2. Is something holding you back?

Third Step –
3. Lack of knowledge?

You can learn whatever you need to learn online today. There are so many training courses, webinars,  helpful groups. Training for whatever you need to know, for personal growth, education, business know how, spiritual enlightenment.

Fourth Step –  
4. You can get there despite any excuses as to why you haven’t have made it – yet.

Excuses like:  why you haven’t have made it – yet.
no money – people in worse situations that you have found the money they needed to buy what was necessary to move forward.
no time – we all have the same 24 hrs. You will make time for something that is vital to your future.

What Kind Of A Person Do You Want To Be?

  • It will never happen if you don’t see it first
  • Tell yourself where you want to be in the future
  • What do you want?


Do you want a new car?


( My new car! A  White Toyota Corolla) I really love this car!!

What color is it?

Where will you go in it?

  • Do you want to loose weight? Put a slimmer YOU pic on the refrigerator. Join a weight loss group.

Do daily exercises at a gym. What will the loss of weight enable you to do? Better health.

  • Do you want to retire? What will this enable you to do?

What would your Mondays look like? Would you travel? Where?

How Do You See Yourself  In your minds eye?
Imagine your dreams first. Know what you want in your life.  When you know what you want,  then work hard, put all your heart into what ever you do.

You will get what you want.  You will be successful.

“You must expect great things of yourself.”
Micheal Jordon

You have greatness within you. Allow yourself to show it.
I AM the type of person that can succeed!
I AM someone of value!
I HAVE a story that needs to be shared.

The 3 most important questions to ask yourself
How do you want to grow?

  • Experience
  • Growth
  • Contribution

Tony Robbins says that without Growth and Contribution Experience doesn’t count for much. He also says…
“If you find yourself saying ‘I can’t do something,’ but you know it in your heart of hearts that if you do it, you’re going to grow, you’re going to be a better person, it’s going to contribute to your family or to your kids or to something that matters, and you keep saying ‘I can’t do it,’ there is no question — you MUST do it! You don’t discuss it anymore. You just take immediate action… You do what’s necessary.”

Sometimes you need to take a drastic leap to do something that you know you have to do. Anything that seems difficult is probably going to be worth it. – Tony Robbins

In conclusion

It’s not about goals, or how you are going to meet them. It’s really about growing to become the person that can accomplish the goals that you see and actually meet them.

If you would like to chat about your goals for 2017. See my contact page for 15 mins chat, free with me  to discuss “what do you want” in 2017 concerning business online. I use Facebook to contact you. All the best in 2017!


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Long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources such as:  The Power Affiliate Club – Expert Author & welcome coordinator for PAC.


Having A Mentor

 Mentor Relationships that are Effective

The role of a mentor is basically to aid people looking for guidance in reaching their goals. This usually pertains to business goals. The decision to move forward getting support with your business you should hire a business coach.


Most business coaches are life coaches not with any or little training or experience in business improvement, that shows results.


I recently hired a business coach for the first time. The mentor or coach can certainly learn a lot from teaching and leading others. The relationship between the mentor and the people she is mentoring is mentee-centered. The mentor/coach should listen, guide, and even challenge the mentee’s to do their best in their job. Mine did just that.  I had not completed an exercise.She told me ” we can not move forward until you get this done”.


The mentorship program requires frequent contact between the mentor and the mentees for the communication lines to remain open.  My teaching sessions were an hour every two weeks with supplemental 20  min sessions in between. Mentoring is an interactive relationship, where both parties can contribute to each other’s growth as a person.

Note: Mentoring is far different from counseling  because mentoring is a tool that is used for personal and professional development.

Formal and Informal Mentoring

Anyone can be a mentor or a mentee without joining any mentoring type of program. For example, just chatting online with a stranger can be a form of mentoring if you learn something important from him or her; this type of mentoring is known as informal mentoring. Informal mentoring usually just occurs even if you don’t plan it, this can be just as important as a formal mentoring program.

Formal Mentoring

On the other hand, formal mentoring is having an acknowledged relationship between the mentor and the mentee. Formal mentoring would require the commitment of time and effort between the two parties so that they can share and learn from each other. This type of mentoring program can be for a specific project or for a specified time period.

Finding a Mentor

Having the wrong mentor can be even worse than having no mentor at all.  Some are just  not a good fit for the two involved. For this reason, everyone should take the time and effort to look for a mentor that will suit their needs, personality, and learning style.

You need to look at yourself and the environment around you and ask yourself what you really want to learn. You  may need to consider the following questions before deciding on a mentor:

• Would this mentor provide me good  accurate information?
• Would she support me in reaching my goals and objectives?
• Would she respect my dreams and my goals in life?
• Would she challenge me when it is necessary?
• Can the mentor actually be trusted?
• Am I willing to listen to this mentor’s ideas and suggestions?

Fact Marketing, profitability and conversion optimization turning views into customers – are specialized, learned skills that take years to understand and apply in real time. Especially in business.

Ask Questions

Asking these questions before you commit to a mentoring program is essential to reap the best possible benefit. It is also important to have a clear communication line between you and the mentor.

Even at the start of the mentoring program, you need to specify your expectations and your goals so that the mentor will know which direction to take. She or he can then help you attain those goals.

One of my mentors sent me this in an email and I loved it.

“I’d love for this to be a game changer for you because I’ve spent 7+ years helping literally hundreds of small business owners, bloggers, coaches, photographers, and creatives build stronger businesses that jump out to their best customers. But I haven’t got that experience because I’m special, or I was an overnight success.” – Kyla Roma

I struggled to create a business that was profitable and balanced, I worked 60+ hour weeks (don’t recommend this!) and went down what felt like a million dead ends trying to figure out wondering how anyone really made the business work.

As I figured out the answers that worked for my business and for my clients, I fell in love with figuring out exactly what really moved the needle for business owners and bloggers. I’m going to share all of that with you here, in short, and actionable emails.”

 5 big questions everyone should ask to make sure they hire the right  business coach for them
My business coach  Kyla Roma her article.

Ending the Mentoring Program

All good things must come to an end. You cannot continue with the mentoring program forever, you can still communicate with your mentor from time to time but being in a commitment to be each other’s mentor and mentee can become more like a burden rather than a privilege after the mentoring program ends.

Both parties should acknowledge what they have learned and thank each other for the time and effort that the person has spent for another’s well-being. Even after the mentoring program ends, the mentor can still support the mentee and be there for the mentee when she is needed.

Relationships such as these are a good way to build a business for both the Mentor as well as the mentee.



About Kathryn Maclean
I am a long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting for web development. I am a certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Google + Also an Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources such as Power Affiliate Club   I am the welcome coordinator for PAC


Harmful Stress In Your Life Now And What To Do About It

Stress at work


Have you ever felt so much stress at work that you just wanted to scream?

Occupational stress is stress related to one’s job. Occupational stress often stems from unexpected responsibilities and pressures that do not align with a person’s knowledge, skills, or expectations, inhibiting one’s ability to cope. Occupational stress can increase when workers do not feel supported by supervisors or colleagues, or feel as if they have little control over work processes.  -From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many people experience different types of stress at work, at home, with certain situations.  Like when you are driving and someone cuts you off, dangerously close. Your hands sweat, your heart suddenly pumps , you feel the  adrenaline. You know that feeling,  probably very well.

I experienced stress in the workplace.

An example would be having to deal with a crowd of people at my desk all talking at once, wanting my attention. I was doing flight scheduling for a government office of military officers. I yelled at them  and told them  -one at a time!  I drew numbers on some post-its and had them come to me one  at a time to book their flight plans.  I was working as a temp for an agency and had come into the department as a replacement clerk during a strike.  So things were rather up side down, and they needed someone to book back logged flights asap.

I experienced quite a lot of stress being an agency temp.

Every office I stepped into, I had to quickly learn my way around.  I do recall one of my very first jobs,  I was not too familiar with computers.  I remember going home and being scared to go back, because I was not sure if I turned off the computer correctly, and may have lost all the days work? Another time I was working in the evening and the owner of the business had to come in because I wasn’t sure if I had set the alarm properly. It went off of course.

In another job I had back then was I worked as a baker.

I had to go in to work at 4:30 am to get started making the bread and opening up the store.  The restaurant has an alarm system that you had to put a code in. If I didn’t remember the code exactly, the alarm system when off and it was LOUD!!!  I had to try and talk to the alarm company as the sirens went off. It would shake me up for the rest of the morning.

All the different types of jobs I have had have been stressful. Having to get up every morning and pick out what to wear for the job,  pack a lunch,   commute on a bus usually, or some times drive and find parking down town. Not to mention dealing with office politics. I finally said enough.

Does the  idea of skipping the morning commute, sitting at your laptop and having tea breaks  when ever you please appeal to you? Those are  some of the obvious perks when working at home. But according to a  new study,  remote working can be good for your health and productivity as well.

I found  in some separate research that those who work from home do say that they get better work satisfaction and that they suffer less from “work exhaustion”. They enjoyed better sleep too. When it comes to gender, studies have found that  women were the workers who were likely to perform better in a  work at home environment, but it depends also on the person’s personality as well. Working from home can be a lonely existence.

To find out more about what you can do about stress in your life.

Now I work from home and my life has changed.

I am a blogger and a small business owner.  I am also connected to a blogging community, which is a great way to not be a lonely working at home. If I wish to not work for a day, I can take the time off. I don’t have to ask anyone for permission. My change of  lifestyle works for me.  I can’t say that I experience  the  stress that I was used to working outside the home,  working at home definitely has reduced my stress.


About Kathryn R. Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google + & Instagram. Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources as: Expert Author & Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club. Also the welcome coordinator for PAC.




The Road Not Taken


The Path not taken

The road less traveled brings innovation – (something original and more effective) – Wikipedia

The Road Not Taken
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost


Direction in Life

The path I took led from a love of drawing and painting in art in high school. I  enrolled in a very prestigious commercial Art course that I had to apply to attend by showing my portfolio of artwork. I really loved it, as it was such a change from the secretarial course I started out with in grade 9.

Unfortunately, I never was able to finish the 4 years. I was very ill and had to leave school.  I later went back to school as an adult but it was not the art course I loved, only plain academics.

From there I ended up taking secretarial jobs for agencies, working all over town. It was a job, and it paid the bills, but it was not the path I had chosen for myself. I had a new computer and thought I could find a job online. I only found work as a transcriptionist after taking college courses for medical transcription. Another path I wished I had not taken.

My husband had started a business and I agreed to help him with it. We owned and operated a  Property Management business and I worked with him for 10 yrs. Currently, I am working part-time with this business.

I still had not found my path in life. I decided to take a different direction. The road less traveled…

The path that I have chosen was perhaps not one that most would have chosen.  Rather than a safe job with a guaranteed pay cheque, I chose to invest in myself and I  learned something new. This has made all the difference to me.  How will my life grow article

I started taking lessons about marketing. This was something I loved, so I learned all that I could for several years, taking many online courses about creating websites,  social media platforms. One at a time until I had a real understanding of each platform. I invested in a 4-month course on social media with a very well known marketer. I graduated with a certificate of  Social Media Campaign Specialist.  Instagram article 

Web Design

I  had learned marketing over many years,  I started a website and called it  Marketing Offline Online. I  created websites, several for myself and I started doing them for family members, three wedding sites and a business site for my brother’s gas station business and then for some clients. Marketing Definition article


Blogging Community

I joined a blogging community to learn all that I could about blogging. After getting to know the owner Lesly Federici, she asked if I would like to join PAC as an admin. It will be a year in Aug that I have been the welcome lady and a coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club, with three other admins. (Update – going into 4th year in 2018)

The Future

I am taking another road less traveled, a new direction soon, and will be working with a business coach to make my brands irresistible, profitable & simple to run. I will get help with building my social media, marketing, business growth and digital strategy. This will give me confidence, so I’m not just successful, but authentic. I will be able to measure my business success path.

Taking the road not taken is perhaps not for everyone, but it is your own path that includes new discoveries along the way.that makes all the difference.  It is the only way to be certain you took “the road less traveled, and it will make all the difference.”

To visit other Bloggers articles click the banner below. (This was a contest with PAC. I was the proud winner!)

PAC Blog Carnival


About Kathryn Maclean
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club – PAC Welcome Coordinator.