Get Small Business Success

 Steps for a Business  Foundation:  ​​  “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive with some passion, compassion humour and style” – M. Angelow ​3 Ways For Small Business Success Results:​ ​​ Foundational Steps  + plus promotion Let’s start with what do you want to get  out of your own business ​Financial securityMore time with familyFreedom […]

What is the Gig Economy & why it should matter to you?

_The Story of the Gig Economy ​ What is the Gig Economy?  It’s many things to many people. To most it is a way of earning income from homeIt consists of services that present a  new departure  of the traditionally employed worker to  individuals who can provide their services  and skills.  This is allowing a new […]

Marketing Strategies & Techniques to Attract More Customers

10 Marketing  Strategies & Techniques Small businesses need marketing strategies that help customers know like and trust you. Finding just the right marketing strategies is a challenge for small business. Today’s marketing channels make it even for difficult to find just the right methods… Marketing Business Opportunities There is no magic button for sending a […]

Solopreneur The Do-All-The-Things – Tired Entrepreneur

  If you are a solopreneur I am sure you know all the different hats you need to wear to market your business… This article appeared first on Marketing Offline Online in Sept 2016. To find out what the readers of your blog are interested in learning about there is one way to find out. […]

Are You A Passionate Entrepreneur?

What is an entrepreneur? A Passionate Entrepreneur is: “Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and as the decision maker decides the what and how much of a good or service will be produced.” ~ 10 characteristics that set entrepreneurs apart: Passion and Motivation Not Afraid to Take Risks Self-belief, Hard Work, […]

More Than Just For Fun – Fantastic WordPress Quiz Plugin -Thrive Quiz Builder

  With this WordPress Quiz Plugin, you can learn easy ways to create quizzes that generate leads to help grow your mailing list and your business! A Quiz encourages your current readers to participate in a fun way on your site. But it also entices new customers to find out more as well. They have the ability to draw a large audience […]

Do you have a Successful Self-Hosted WordPress Blog?

Do you run a  self-hosted WordPress blog? There are other types of sites. Square Space, Blogger etc. What type of site do you use? Professional marketers and bloggers generally use a self-hosted WordPress blog with a domain. You OWN that property and you need to have a paid hosting service. As a blogger,  I was very lucky […]

Women Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurs – Women in Business Let’s see if your website is promoting you & your business or do you need a new website? Women Entrepreneurship or Women in Business. I am changing my website to reflect what I offer to my target audience, women in business or women entrepreneurs. Here are a few questions to […]

Social Media Business Goals -5 Key Steps

  What are your Social Media Goals? A  business CEO of a company always talks about the future of their company. They have a vision of where their company is going. They have a mission statement for their business. They want to supply what their customers or clients are searching for so they do market research. They […]

What do you want in 2017?

 What do you want ? Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs…. The future can be better than the present and I HAVE TO POWER to make it so. It  may take many years to figure out  “what do I want?” Is the time wasted while you are searching for that “what I want […]

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